I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 33

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“Hey! Little brother, talking in this manner ain’t good,” the young lady said with a face full of smiles. “Then, let’s become acquainted with each other, ah. I’m called Xiahou Lian, you should call me Big Sister Lian.”

Xu ZiRong snorted disdainfully, his gaze ice-cold. Big Sister Lian? Did she really think everyone had the opportunity to be his older sister?

“Tut tut, a little child being this fierce isn’t very good, ah,” Xiahou Lian wasn’t scared of Xu ZiRong’s eye daggers at all, and seriously advised him instead.

Xu ZiYan’s face was filled with black lines as he stared at Xiahou Lian. Where did this little girl come from? What was up with her over-familiarity?

From the start, Xu ZiRong didn’t intend to care about this Xiahou Lian. He pulled on Xu ZiYan’s sleeve before saying: “Big brother, let’s go eat now.”

“Uh……” Xu ZiYan was a bit startled before he nodded his head. “Alright, let’s go.”

“Hey, hey, don’t leave, ah! You can’t ignore a big, living person standing right in front of you,” Xiahou Lian immediately yelled.

Xu ZiYan looked helpless. “This young lady, I don’t believe we are acquainted?”

“Haha,” Xiahou Lian chuckled. “Didn’t I just introduce myself? My name is Xiahou Lian, how about you?”

Xu ZiYan was practically speechless. He casually saluted before replying: “My name is Xu ZiYan.”


“Look! Aren’t we acquainted now?” Xiahou Lian spread out her hand.

Xu ZiYan: …… He silently held his forehead. This kind of bubbly, over-familiar and super outgoing personality, Xu ZiYan had the sudden premonition that it would bring him a lot of problems……

Xu ZiRong’s face sunk like water. He despised this woman although he didn’t know why he loathed her; it was a sudden instinctive dislike. A ball of killing intent emerged in his heart, causing Xu ZiRong to suddenly become startled. He forced down that feeling and began to continuously use the Wood Element Supporting Arts to appease the blood in his body.

In reality, Xu ZiRong had completed the Qi Condensation Stage far earlier than Xu ZiYan. However, he could not build his foundation before his older brother.

During Liu Guang Sect’s disciple recruiting day, the disciples at the Qi Condensation Stage and the Foundation Establishment Stage were assigned to different places. Xu ZiRong didn’t want to be separated from his brother, so he could only suppress his own cultivation.

Nowadays, he could be compared to a pot of boiling water. The water was clearly hot to the point it was bubbling, but he still insisted on covering the top with the lid. If Xu ZiRong did this for a short while, there wouldn’t be any big problems. However, should he persist in doing this for a long time, then this would inevitably cause some hidden wounds.

Moreover, because his blood was in a continuously flaring state, that ball of anger began emerging more and more frequently. He last vented out these feelings only three days ago. He would have never imagined that after just three days, he would once again feel that familiar emotion.

“Oh, little brother, what’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Xiahou Lian’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. She stared at the young boy in front of her with some misgivings. That feeling she felt just a moment ago, did it originate from this child?

Xu ZiRong lowered his head and didn’t speak. He just continued pulling on Xu ZiYan’s sleeves, refusing to let go.

Xu ZiYan laughed. “Sorry about that, my younger brother is a bit shy.”

Xiahou Lian felt the corner of her mouth twitch. How the heck was this child ‘shy’? Just now, the eye dagger he threw at her was really nimble and sharp, alright……

“Big brother, I’m hungry,” Xu ZiRong raised his head. He stared at Xu ZiYan with watery and big black eyes.

Xu ZiYan affectionately rubbed Xu ZiRong’s head before turning around to talk to Xiahou Lian. “Miss Xiaohou, my little brother is hungry. We’ll take our leave first.” The moment he finished speaking, Xu ZiYan turned around to leave.

Xu ZiRong followed him slowly. Before he left, he gave Xiahou Lian a glance as the corner of his mouth curved up in a cold smile.

A light flashed by in Xiahou Lian’s eyes. Her arms hugged her chest as she watched the two brothers walk farther and farther away. The corner of her mouth curved up lightly as she murmured in a quiet and low voice: “This batch of new people are really quite interesting.”

After saying goodbye to Xiahou Lian, Xu ZiYan quickly pushed that weird girl to the back of his mind. Next, he rolled his sleeves up for battle before bringing Xu ZiRong to that street full of snacks. They started eating everything from the street as they walked from the beginning of the road to its end. Afterwards, the things they bought when they were too full were all packed up by Xu ZiYan and placed into his interspatial bag.

As he rubbed his round and bulging stomach, Xu ZiYan had a face filled with obvious satisfaction. Although the snacks here didn’t have as much seasonings as the ones in the modern times, they equally had their own particular flavours. Many exotic things were matched together to create extremely charming gourmet food.

Xu ZiYan was incomparably joyful that this world wasn’t lacking in the culinary aspect. Although he was alright at making food, something like looking for seasoning wasn’t his speciality.

Compared to Xu ZiYan’s satisfaction, Xu ZiRong’s response was very ordinary. Although each of the snacks here could be considered to be distinctive and special, the Blood Devil Lord wouldn’t be deceived by them.

In reality, for him, everything that wasn’t ‘handmade by Xu ZiYan’ lost its splendor. Thus, Xu ZiRong pledged that after he built his foundation and began abstaining from food, unless it was something created personally by Xu ZiYan, he didn’t intend to eat anything.

And as for whether or not Xu ZiYan would make food for him? This point wasn’t something he was worried about at all. This person Xu ZiYan usually had his principles. However, in front of Xu ZiRong, all of those principles became empty talk unless he stepped on Xu ZiYan’s bottom line. Thus, when he faced Xu ZiRong, Xu ZiYan granted practically all of his requests.

Within the past three years, Xu ZiRong tragically suffered several more spanking sessions. However, through his persistent observations, he had more or less figured out all of Xu ZiYan’s bottom limit.

Although the other boy’s personality was upright and honest, he wasn’t stubborn to the point he was inflexible. In addition, when he confronted an enemy, he was able to become ruthless should it be necessary.

However, the first time Xu ZiYan killed someone, he ended up locking himself in their room for two shichen1. Back then, Xu ZiRong had felt somewhat disapproving. It was merely killing someone; it was nothing much. In the cultivation world, if you didn’t want to kill anyone, then you could only wait to be slaughtered. If a person wanted to walk on the road of cultivation, they would always end up creating piles of white bones.

With regards to how Xu ZiYan actually had such a reaction to killing someone, Xu ZiRong had felt somewhat impatient. But when Xu ZiYan came out afterwards, his thoroughly red eyes and his deathly pale complexion made Xu ZiRong’s heart suddenly ache. Despite his thoughts before, now he began to feel painfully distressed.

But, although he had been that deathly pale, Xu ZiYan still didn’t forget to comfort Xu ZiRong. He gently rubbed Xu ZiRong’s head before he tried his best to squeeze out a smile. “Big brother is fine. I’ve let you worry.”

Even now, Xu ZiRong could not clearly explain what he had been feeling back then. He could only stare at Xu ZiYan blankly. After a long while, in which Xu ZiYan had long dragged him back into their room and made him sit, did he finally wake up.

Xu ZiRong’s mood then had been quite fantastic. He had been somewhat in high spirits, but he had also been somewhat panicked. That person was obviously feeling unwell because of his first kill, but Xu ZiYan actually still remembered to comfort him.

This kind of feeling, where someone attached great importance to him, felt really nice. Actually, Xu ZiRong felt that his level of importance to Xu ZiYan was already at an unfathomable degree. In his last life, his subordinates had also attached great importance to him, their Blood Devil Lord. However, that kind of importance was different from this kind of importance. This was because, only with the Blood Devil Lord’s existence would those subordinates be able to live their days where they could stir up trouble with little repercussions. Without the Blood Devil, their endings wouldn’t be that good either.

However, his importance to Xu ZiYan was different. Xu ZiRong was unable to explain how he knew his importance to Xu ZiYan was different, he was only able to feel that difference.

That day, Xu ZiRong rubbed his chest before realizing his pulse was beating extremely quickly. His blood also felt as if it was boiling. Xu ZiRong knew that this was the first sign his ball of anger was about to appear again, but he didn’t expect that nowadays, his fluctuating emotions would actually have such a violent reaction.

Ever since that day, his possessive feelings for Xu ZiYan became even stronger.

Since they were all born in the Xu family, those other Xu children could also be considered as Xu ZiYan’s little brothers even if Xu ZiRong was the closest to him. However, Xu ZiRong began to completely monopolize Xu ZiYan’s attention.

No one else could take part on Xu ZiYan’s concern. No matter who it was, it wasn’t allowed!

Xu ZiYan was Xu ZiRong’s big brother. He was forever his only brother. If someone tried to steal his big brother, then Xu ZiRong would make that person die tragically without a burial site!

“Ah, I’m so full. Let’s return, Master Mo has probably become anxious by now,” Xu ZiYan hiccuped before he spoke, his mood pleasant.

While they were at the registration queue, Xu ZiYan’s protector ——the Meridian Condensation Stage cultivator—— was ordered to report back to Xu Mo. In any case, there was nobody who dared to do something in this Fa An City. Unless they were tired of living, or unless they were confident enough to escape the killing team sent out by Liu Guang Sect, nobody would do something that stupid.

That silent man probably also knew that there wasn’t any danger in this city, so he didn’t insist on staying before he returned. However, after eating their fill of an entire street’s worth of snacks, the sky had begun darkening. Thus, it was about time to go back.

As expected, after they returned to the inn, Xu ZiYan was ruthlessly scolded by Xu Mo. Xu ZiYan didn’t actually mind. Perhaps in the eyes of other people, this recruiting assessment by the Liu Guang Sect was very important and very hard. Even if his innate talent was excellent, he still couldn’t be careless as it was possible he wouldn’t be selected.

However, Xu ZiYan had long known the contents of tomorrow’s assessment, so much that he had the confidence to seize the top place of the inner-sect disciples’ test.

If he remembered correctly, the inner-sect disciple who was ranked first for the test could choose their own master. As he was well-acquainted with the novel and with (past) Xu ZiYan’s life, Xu ZiYan had already chosen an unremarkable but truly powerful master.

The Master of the original Xu ZiYan was also a Lightning Spiritual Vein cultivator. Although he was pretty good to the original Xu ZiYan, Xu ZiYan disliked his personality. Normal mortals had a very low status compared to cultivators, but Xu ZiYan couldn’t accept that type of mindset. One time this Master fought with a devil cultivator, he could have avoided damaging the villages and towns of the mortals if he had led the other away. However, the original Xu ZiYan’s Lightning Spiritual Vein Master completely disregarded whether or not those villagers lived or died. With his one attack, at least a hundred of innocent villagers died.

When his fight with that devil cultivator ended, the village below had long become a patch of scorched earth. Hundreds of innocent people had died tragically, yet that Master had just thrown the devil cultivator’s body onto his shoulders before leaving indifferently.

This scene was one Xu ZiYan found within the original Xu ZiYan’s memories. Back then, the original Xu ZiYan was only a cultivator in the late-stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, and thus had no way to participate in a fight like that. However, in the face of such a tragic situation, he only sat on the sidelines coldly with not a single strand of mercy in his heart.

Xu ZiYan didn’t consider himself to be a Holy Mother, but something like that completely exceeded his bottom line. Perhaps the original Xu ZiYan’s Master didn’t intend to target those villagers below him, but the fact that those villagers died was an indisputable fact.

The way the original Xu ZiYan just sat indifferently on the side made him feel uncomfortable as well. After all, although he was now a cultivator, before he had transmigrated, Xu ZiYan had also been a normal mortal.

Tired, Xu ZiYan made Xu Mo leave with a few words. In the past two years, this yellow-faced buff man was becoming more and more like the incarnation of his neighbourhood committee’s aunty. He didn’t mind the other being cold or strict with him, but this kind of long-winded scoldings that lacked real importance was truly something he couldn’t bear.

The author has something to say:

Xu ZiYan: Let’s change the Master, ah. The original one wasn’t kind enough.

Xu ZiRong: I’ll listen to big brother……

Xu ZiYan: Aiya ZiRong is so obedient. He is so much more obedient compared to that rascal ZiYu.

Xu ZiRong (gloomy face): Who is ZiYu?

Xu ZiYan: Ha ha ha……today’s weather is very nice……

Xu ZiRong: Big brother, should we do a count of those offenses in my small notebook once more?

Xu ZiYan: 囧 ……Don’t be like this…… 3801213fb80e7becaa914014242eb9389a506bf8

Xu ZiRong begins dragging Xu ZiYan to their room……

╮(╯▽╰)╭ I suddenly had this idea.

1. One shichen is about two hours.

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