I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 31

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Time flowed like water. Therefore, three years’ time passed in a flash. In the blink of an eye, Liu Guang Sect’s widespread disciple recruiting day came.

Although the Xu family was affiliated with Liu Guang Sect and could enjoy a certain degree of preferential treatment, their children still could not be directly taken in. However, with Xu ZiYan’s natural talent, being accepted as an inner sect disciple was simply not a problem. If he was lucky, it was even possible for him to become the Succeeding Disciple under some Elder or perhaps even the Sect Leader.

Xu ZiYan’s astonishing perseverance and innate talent allowed him to successfully finish cultivating the Qi Condensation Stage in just three short years. Even if he possessed the Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein, his achievements at the age of fifteen were already enough to prove his hard work.

All Sects favoured hardworking disciples. Their attitude towards someone like Xu ZiYan, who had both godly innate talent and was willing to bear hardships, would be self-explanatory.

But in the three year time period, if one said that Xu ZiYan’s improvement was surprising, then Xu ZiRong’s cultivation speed simply astonished everyone.

At the eighth layer of the Qi Condensation Stage, the gap between finishing Qi Condensation Stage was merely two layers. Moreover, Xu ZiRong was a child who had only been in contact with cultivating for three years.

When he saw how talented Xu ZiRong was, Xu Xiao felt some rare regret. Back then, if he had brought this child back earlier, would there be two Xu family children who had finished cultivating the Qi Condensation Stage participating in the disciple recruitment?

Apart from that, what also made Xu Xiao feel a bit regretful was that, perhaps because of his original neglect, Xu ZiRong practically didn’t have any feelings for him. Normally, when the two met, Xu ZiRong would only lightly call him ‘Father’ once. Their relationship was only slightly better than what one would expect between two strangers.

Xu Xiao did not like Xu ZiRong. Although Xu ZiRong was also his son, every time he saw the other’s dark eyes with hidden depths, he would always feel inexplicably unhappy. Those pair of eyes were too dark and profound. Xu Xiao would always feel the illusion that Xu ZiRong hated this father of his.

Fortunately, although this brat didn’t have any strong relationships with anyone in the Xu family, including himself, Xu ZiRong loved sticking extremely close to his older brother. As long as someone wasn’t blind, they would be able to see that the relationship between this pair of brothers was practically more intimate than one between two completely blood-related siblings.

The only thing that made Xu Xiao feel dissatisfied was that Xu ZiYan was really too good to that brat. He was so good to him that even Xu Xiao, their father, felt a bit uncomfortable.

But no matter what, Xu ZiYan was the Xu family’s child. It was impossible for him to do anything to harm the Xu family. In addition, that brat was very dependent on Xu ZiYan. Thus, Xu Xiao didn’t feel many misgivings about sending both of them to the Liu Guang Sect.

In reality, Xu Xiao’s mindset was correct. Perhaps Xu ZiYan felt some disdain for Xu Xiao’s misdeeds and conduct, but he still genuinely and earnestly accepted the other’s nurturing. As for his thoughts toward the whole Xu family, although Xu ZiYan could not regard the family as intimately as his family before he had transmigrated, he didn’t hate them either.

Nowadays, Xu ZiYan had already acknowledged and approved of how he belonged to the Xu family. As long as the Xu family didn’t betray him, he would do everything within his capabilities to protect the family’s growth.

As the Liu Guang Sect recruiting day neared, Xu Xiao and some branch family Elders held a meeting before selecting ten children from this generation’s martial arts training hall disciples. These ten people were to leave for Liu Guang Sect.

However, not everyone was to enter the Liu Guang Sect. Other than Xu ZiYan and Xu ZiRong, who were already designated as future Liu Guang Sect disciples, the others would soon part with them to try their chances at the recruiting assessments of other Sects.

For example, at the Ying Yue Valley that only accepted female disciples, or perhaps at the Yu Shou Sect that was best at controlling and raising spiritual beasts.

The Xu family party that prepared to leave for the disciple recruiting consisted of twelve people. Included among these were the ten disciples and two group leaders. The captain was precisely the Xu Mo who had successfully built his Foundation last year. Nobody knew how the other had attracted Old Luo’s attention and gained his favour, but after Old Luo gave him a few pointers, Xu Mo successfully entered the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Xu Mo’s deputy leader was a reticent, middle-aged man. His strength and cultivation were higher than Xu Mo’s. However, he did not like interacting with people. Thus, the captain position of their squad fell onto Xu Mo’s head.

In the Xuan Yu region, the fastest, most convenient method of travel was by transmission array. Just within a blink of an eye, one could arrive thousands of miles away. Although the land controlled by the Xu family was a bit remote, they still had a transmission array. It was just that the price to use the transmission array was quite costly, so it was only used when necessary. Ordinary, lower-leveled cultivators of the family wouldn’t use it.

This time, the twelve-man squad dispatched by the Xu family naturally wouldn’t be miserly about the spiritual rocks needed for this array. Even if Xu family wasn’t a huge cultivation family, it wouldn’t be stingy in situations like this.

Within the Xuan Yu region, Liu Guang Sect could be considered one of the best and most influential sects. There were tens of thousands of cultivators who would try out for the disciple selection. Among these, more than fifty-percent of them would fail to be chosen. Out of the remaining people who are chosen, forty-percent of them could only become Outer Sect disciples.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the difference between an Outer Sect disciple and an Inner Sect disciple was literally poles apart. Thus, Xu Xiao didn’t want Xu ZiYan to be despised or laughed at before the child even entered the Sect’s doors.

The squad finally set off. After transferring at several stops, the group eventually arrived at the Fa An City protected by the Liu Guang Sect.

Fa An City was very big and it was at least ten times larger than Mo New City. With bright, spacious streets, roads full of walking people, and glittering stores filling up the entire place, the disciples who were used to the bustling people of Mo New City suddenly felt as if their eyes were going blurry after seeing the colourful Fa An City for the first time.

Only Xu ZiYan, who was already used to the hustle and bustle of the cities in modern times, didn’t feel much for Fa An City compared to Mo New City. Xu ZiRong was also expressionless. He had already seen the flourishing Fa An City in his previous life and therefore didn’t feel the slightest bit of excitement.

After the dozen people from Xu family walked out of the transmission array, they blanked for a split second because of the bustling of Fa An City. Originally, this was but a trivial matter. However, there would always be a discordant voice……

“You herd of country bumpkins, don’t block the way,” a sharp and thin voice spoke up behind everyone, one that seemingly carried some evil intentions.

Xu ZiYan turned around to take a look. Within the transmission array stood a bit over ten cultivators who wore the same golden-coloured chang paos.

Golden chang paos, or a type of ancient Chinese robes.

The person who seemed to be their captain was a teenager Xu ZiYan’s age. That person’s expression was very cold, and the gaze he used to look at Xu ZiYan and his group made it seem as if they didn’t exist.

The one who had spoken was the middle-aged man who stood behind that teenager. Xu ZiYan was unable to see through his cultivation level, but from the other’s sharp voice and his over-emphasized chin, Xu ZiYan was able to deduce his identity……

“What are you looking at, I’m talking to you guys,” that middle-aged man’s voice sounded arrogant: “Quickly make way for our Young Lord. Can you guys take responsibility for wasting our Young Lord’s time?”

Xu ZiYan frowned slightly. This person’s arrogant attitude was one he really disliked. However, following the thought of not making trouble outside his family doors, combined with how they were really in the wrong, Xu ZiYan only rubbed his nose as he backed up a few steps.

Upon seeing this, the other Xu family disciples also followed him and backed up a few steps, getting out of the way. That party of people wearing golden chang paos thus walked boldly and ostentatiously in front of the Xu family squad.

An episode like this would happen who knows how many times everyday. Xu ZiYan didn’t care about them at all. However, the affairs of life were always this coincidental. When they proceeded toward the Liu Guang Sect’s disciple recruiting reception, they actually met the golden chang pao wearing group once again.

Perhaps some people in their group were assigned with finding a residence, since their party was smaller than before, but that cold-looking boy and that eunuch were still there.

Xu ZiYan didn’t notice them at all. One must apply in person to the Liu Guang Sect’s disciple recruiting assessments. Thus, he only brought Xu ZiRong and that reticent middle-aged man with him to sign up.

This was the line-up specifically designated for inner sect disciples. Everyone capable of being there was extremely confident with their own abilities. However, people with astonishing innate talent like Xu ZiYan were still a minority, so there weren’t many people in the line. Thus, it hadn’t been long before it became his turn to sign up.

That cold-looking boy and the eunuch entered the line at this point. Behind Xu ZiYan, there were about seven or eight more squads of people.

When that icy and arrogant teenager saw the line that couldn’t be considered long, the space between his eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Upon seeing that, the eunuch immediately began looking around in all directions. The moment he saw Xu ZiYan, his eyes revealed pleasant surprise as he walked over.

“You, yes you, country bumpkin. Give your place to our Young Lord. Here are ten spiritual rocks, consider them a reward from our Young Lord,” the middle-aged eunuch pointed at Xu ZiYan before saying in a sharp tone.

Xu ZiYan gave him an indifferent glance without a single expression on his face.

“Did you not hear my words?” That eunuch’s face sank slightly. “Are you deaf or something? Oh, I know, the bumpkin resents how the spiritual rocks aren’t enough. Then we’ll give you two more, that’s enough right?” That eunuch took two more spiritual rocks from his interspatial bag before placing it onto his palm. His face was full of ridicule as he looked at Xu ZiYan, seeming completely assured that he would give his position to them because of these few spiritual rocks.

Xu ZiYan’s expression looked slightly angry. His previous concession at the transmission array was because they were indeed in the wrong, but if these people thought he was soft and easy to be bullied, then they were wrong.


“Youngster, what are you talking about?!” The eunuch’s complexion changed as he glowered at Xu ZiYan.

“I told you to scram. Did you not hear me? Perhaps you’re deaf?” Xu ZiYan said with a sarcastic smile.

He had never been a person with a good temper. If he was in the wrong, he would concede. However, if the other person was the one who was being unreasonable, then he could become even more unreasonable.

“Very good, wow! You are very brave, you even dare to scold me!” The eunuch said in a hateful tone. “Do you know who I am?”

Xu ZiYan didn’t even give the other a single look. A dog leg like this who only knew how to bark was a type of person he saw many times before he had transmigrated. You couldn’t be polite to these people, otherwise they would stick their nose into your face and believe you were easy to bully.

This place was the line-up for the inner sect disciple applications. It could be said that there was a big chance this generation’s inner sect disciples would be selected from the people in this line.

Xu ZiYan wasn’t eager for these people to get the idea that he was easy to be bullied, or else his and Xu ZiRong’s future days wouldn’t be very pleasant.

“You……You…….” That eunuch seemed to be angered till he was half-dead as he trembled while pointing a finger at Xu ZiYan.

Xu ZiYan expressionlessly gave his application to the Liu Guang Sect disciple who was responsible for their registration. The other, from start to finish, had a completely business-like attitude, as if he simply could not see that eunuch.

“Alright, Eunuch Wan, return,” that icily arrogant teenager gave Xu ZiYan a look before he called the eunuch back.

That Eunuch Wan seemed to have done a magic trick as his expression suddenly vanished. Putting on a flattering smile, he stood behind the teenager.

The several people who stood behind Xu ZiYan and those who had already registered but hadn’t had a chance to leave all watched this show with interest. Many of these people revealed ruminating smiles.

To be able to stand here, they had to be the elites from each of their families. From an early age, they would have started an elite-like training. That Eunuch Wan’s probing ability couldn’t be considered excellent, but that teenager’s way of handling things was extremely good.

The author has something to say: Look! They grew up a bit! Xu ZiYan is now 15, Xu ZiRong is 11……OTL, it looks like if they want to do something, they still have to wait for a long time……

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