I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 3

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It could be said that if Xu ZiYan did not look favorably upon this Xu ZiRong, even if it was Xu Xiao who spoke out, they still wouldn’t let Xu ZiRong enter the Xu Clan’s family tree1.

And this — was also the fate of Xu ZiRong’s last life.

The people in the hall were all observing Xu ZiYan, yet Xu ZiYan’s gaze was firmly situated on the middle-aged man sitting on a chair in the middle of the hall — at least, on the child beside him.

That little child looked to be only six or seven. He had white and clean skin, looking as tender and supple as water.

His tiny delicate face was filled with tension, and a pair of lovely and vivid eyes stared pitifully at him. Xu ZiYan swore he absolutely saw the childish admiration that emanated from them.

An arrow struck the middle of his heart!


Xu ZiYan looked at this child who should probably be his younger brother and immediately felt his heart melt.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!! So adorable ah ah! Fuck, this was such a cute child, back then how did that Xu ZiYan be willing to lay down his hand??!!!

Even if you wanted someone to hate you should have hated your father and that ‘true love’, how could it concern the child ah!!

Xu ZiYan roared in his heart, the expression on his face slightly fierce.

Perhaps he had been intimidated by his expression, but that child shrank back, his little face turning red as he lowered his head.

Xu ZiYan was again struck in the heart by an arrow. To a person with a younger brother complex like him, with such a shy and cute little brother, it was simply poking all of his meng2 points!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he still remembered how he couldn’t act too weirdly, he would have rushed straight up there to hug that white and tender child and give him a strong smooch!

“Father……” The word ‘father’ stayed festering in Xu ZiYan’s mouth for a while before he finally managed to utter it. If it wasn’t for how he had practiced saying it so much when he was still in the mountains, it really would have been difficult for him to do it.

After all, in his point of view this Xu Xiao was really terrible in the emotional field, and as a father he also failed!!!

“En.” When the Xu Xiao who sat on the chair in the middle of the room saw Xu ZiYan, he coldly nodded his head.

The relationship between him and Xu ZiYan’s mother was purely a business contract to promote both of their interests. So obviously, he didn’t hold much affection for Xu ZiYan, this son of his. However, because Xu ZiYan’s talent was so godly, he still regarded this son as an important person.

Xu ZiYan mentally curled his lip, inwardly criticizing Xu Xiao. If you compared him to his real father, wouldn’t this Xu Xiao be like the dirt to his dad’s heaven? Wouldn’t you think so?

During the time when he used to go to school, every night after he returned home he would always be greeted with a hug from his father. Later at dinnertime, his dad would also chat with him about his school things. He didn’t expect Xu Xiao to be as enthusiastic as his real father, but with this kind of a cold attitude, no matter what it wouldn’t pass the dad test ah……

His gaze once again returned to that seemingly timid child and Xu ZiYan’s heart, like before, softened into a mess. “This is my younger brother ZiRong ah?”

Practically everyone in the hall were so shocked by Xu ZiYan’s words, their jaws all fell down. In the past, because of his excellent talent, nobody dared to offend Xu ZiYan. His father also rarely disciplined him, leading him to develop a very domineering personality.

In addition, not long ago his mother had, because of this illegitimate child, turned to devil arts cultivation and passed away. Before he had even been gnashing his teeth as he said he would thoroughly ‘teach’ this bastard, so why was it that after they met, he on the contrary completely changed his attitude?

Those with quick minds immediately thought of other aspects. For example, this Xu ZiYan could have been given orders, so on the surface he was very good to this little brother. After all, fighting with his own brother, that kind of thing, if it got outside it wouldn’t be that great for his reputation.

All the people of the branch families were each turning over different ideas in their minds. Everyone was pondering what Xu ZiYan’s current attitude really meant.

Xu Xiao sat in the middle of the hall. Watching his own eldest son, his expression looked inexplicable.

It wasn’t like he didn’t know how Xu ZiYan was completely dissatisfied with Xu ZiRong’s existence, but he still deliberately brought Xu ZiRong back. This was because there was no need to let the children of Xu family wander outside, but on the other hand, it was also to hone Xu ZiYan.

Xu Xiao didn’t have much affections for Xi ZiRong. The so-called ‘true love’ he experienced before, after being ground away by the passage of time, had long fade away for him.

After all, this Xu ZiRong wasn’t raised by him. He didn’t even have much feelings for Xu ZiYan, so how could there be any fatherly love for Xu ZiRong?

In his eyes, Xu ZiRong’s existence just amounted to being Xu ZiYan’s whetstone. He wanted to use Xu ZiYan’s hatred for Xu ZiRong, and use it to hone his patience.

As for what will happen to Xu ZiRong in the end, he wasn’t at all worried. The child was merely a boy with average talent, so he would never be able to go beyond the heavens.

Seeing what was happening now, it seemed like the effect of what he had done was very good. At the very least, on the surface Xu ZiYan’s current performance made him feel very satisfied. As a cultivator, if he didn’t have any subtlety, he would be destined to become someone’s stepping stone in the future. Xu ZiYan’s personality was a bit domineering. However, looking at his attitude towards Xu ZiRong, he already knew to conceal his real intentions under a different face.

Watching Xu ZiYan’s gentle manner as the other looked at Xu ZiRong, Xu Xiao mentally praised him. However, he could still tell that those pitch-black eyes were flashing with flickering hostility (the biggest misunderstanding!).

Not bad, knowing to hide his own hatred. A Xu ZiYan like this was what you called a good son of Xu Xiao!

Xu ZiYan looked at that shy (?) little brother and forcefully suppressed the impulses of his heart.

Ah ah ah ah ah! How adorable ah! He was meng’d to death!

He was just as cute as when Xu ZiYu was his age! Wait, no! He was even cuter! A single look at him told you he was a cute and obedient child, and definitely not a naturally gay guy from birth!

At this moment, Xu ZiYan suddenly recalled the contents of that novel, and his complexion immediately changed.

Not good, at the end, the book said that after Xu ZiRong turned into the villain BOSS, he abducted Bai Hua. Locked in his devil’s palace, he ruthlessly abused him. The ending of the novel even talked about how male lead #1, male lead #2, and him, male lead #3, all murdered their way into the devil’s palace. After they killed Xu ZiRong, they rescued Bai Hua — it was this kind of HE (Happy Ending) kind of story.

Although the book did not specify what Xu ZiRong did to Bai Hua, from what Xu ZiYan could tell, being together with Bai Hua could not be a good thing. Even if he originally wasn’t gay, he would still be misguided into becoming gay!

The moment he thought of this, Xu ZiYan immediately rolled up his sleeves and prepared for battle, intending to raise Xu ZiRong well.

In the original’s memories, this Xu ZiRong was awfully unpopular in the Xu family. Normally they would be no one who tended to him. Not talking about his father, who didn’t even care about his son from the first wife, let alone this Xu ZiRong who wasn’t loved by his grandmother or cared for by his uncle3.

If no one cares about him, I will!

Xu ZiYan remembered his own little brother Xu ZiYu and immediately made a face of grief and indignation. He was obviously so cute when he was a child, but when he grew up he became so dark and two-faced. In the end he would even lie to his older brother, he was really too much of a bastard!

Looking at that child who was still hiding behind Xu Xiao’s back, Xu ZiYan’s aspirations were all aroused.

It was rare to get another chance to raise a little brother, so he must raise Xu ZiRong into an upright youth with an open mind! Ah, another goal must be added: he must be straight!

Xu ZiYan’s fighting spirit was flaming and he had already started visualizing his plans to raise his little brother. Thus, he completely did not notice that the seemingly shy child who hid behind Xu Xiao had a ruthless flash flit through his dark eyes……

Seeing how Xu ZiYan did not express any disgust toward Xu ZiRong and was on the contrary extremely kind, there wasn’t much opposition when Xu Xiao brought up the matter of adding Xu ZiRong into the family tree.

This was because Xu Xiao had already said in advance that Xu ZiRong would not have the right to inherit the family. So for taking in one more bastard child, nobody would really mind.

It was only a single child, so how much food could they waste? Their Xu family was this big, could they not afford to raise another child?

When the matter of the family tree was settled, all the members from the branch family left one by one.

Xu Xiao beckoned Xu ZiYan over to his side and gave him a satisfied nod. “ZiYan, your performance today was very good.”

“Many thanks for father’s praise.” Xu ZiYan replied lightly. It wasn’t that he didn’t have manners, but within his memories, the original and his father interacted with each other just like this.

“En. This is your little brother Xu ZiRong. From now on, he will live with you.” Xu Xiao casually pulled out Xu ZiRong who was hiding behind him, his tone of voice completely commanding.

Xu ZiYan wore a very gentle face as he looked at Xu ZiRong, before he lightly rubbed the other’s head. “Hello ZiRong, my name is Xu ZiYan. From today, I will be your older brother.”

Xu ZiRong’s half-drooping eyes hid the doubts in his gaze. By the time he had lifted his head again, his limpid eyes overflowed with admiration. Whispering, he tentatively called out, “Big brother.”

“Good child.” Xu ZiYan’s heart trembled hard. He affectionately patted Xu ZiRong’s shoulders before he twisted his head and asked Xu Xiao, “Father, does ZiRong have anywhere to sleep?”

Xu Xiao felt somewhat astonished. He had always thought that this son of his had a straightforward personality, so he never thought that the boy would develop a mask so perfect even he couldn’t see through it.

He pondered for a bit. “I had originally arranged ZiRong’s bedroom to be in the Zhu Xin Courtyard……”

“Father.” Xu ZiYan interrupted him. “Zhu Xin Courtyard is too remote. Let him live with me at the Liu Shang Courtyard, ah.”

Xu Xiao nodded his head. “That’s fine.”

Xu ZiYan turned his head to look at Xu ZiRong with a smile. “ZiRong, is living together with your older brother alright?”

Xu ZiRong was bewildered. The expression on his face was completely sincere. “It’s okay.”

“Good child.” Xu ZiYan’s heart felt overjoyed. Unable to resist it, he kissed the boy’s forehead before pulling his hand and leaving.

Xu ZiRong felt startled. Even if he was cool-headed, he was still unable to cover his heart’s shock. He raised his hand to touch his forehead, and then took another look at the not-quite-grown figure in front of him, his heart brimming with doubts that puzzled him.

Undoubtedly in his past life he was killed by the three lovers of that slut Bai Hua, his soul scattering. Yet the moment he opened his eyes, he saw the father he killed himself standing in front of him, telling him with a cold voice to gather his belongings and leave with him.

The author has something to say: Hahaha……transmigration vs. rebirth. An already bent seme…just how do you plan to raise him straight again~~╮(╯▽╰)╭)

1. Like, the family genealogy. In my understanding its basically saying, oh yeah, this person existed.”

2. Meng is the Chinese slang for cute or adorable. Basically what our MC is saying is that Xu ZiRong was the spitting image of what he thinks is cute lol. Meng is kind of the Chinese’s term for the Japanese moe.”

3. The grandmother and uncle Xu ZiYan mentions is from his mother’s side. Basically he’s saying that although Xu Xiao doesn’t care either way, at least he has his maternal family while Xu ZiRong had nobody.”

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