I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 29

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When Xu ZiYan saw that jade book, he inexplicably became a bit excited. He had originally thought that in accordance with the normal development of the storyline, he could possess stronger moves only after he had entered the Liu Guang Sect. He had not expected to find this good thing so much earlier.

Yes, Xu ZiYan was fully capable of recognizing that the martial arts technique recorded in that jade book was at least a high-grade one. It could even be one of the best. Not because of the technique itself, but because he recognized the jade book used to record the martial arts.

Don’t look at how gloomy this jade book seemed to be. Although it looked as if it was inferior goods, in reality it was Xuan Yu’s exceedingly rare Dark Light Jade. It could even be said that it was priceless, and that won’t be just an exaggeration.

This type of jade possessed an extraordinarily large carrying capacity, and all of the high-grade martial art skills had a lot of energy. So, this Dark Light Jade was the perfect object to record those skills and their energy.

In other words, although not all high-grade martial art techniques were recorded on Dark Light Jade, any technique recorded on it would at least be something above upper-ranked skills.

Holding that Dark Light Jade, it was difficult for Xu ZiYan to control his excitement. Although he already knew the concept of how being strong was the way to protect everything in his old life,  this idea was even more prominent in the cultivation world. If one wasn’t strong, even their life couldn’t be guaranteed……_(:з」∠)_

What killing to steal treasures, what killing to silence someone, what killing for revenge……in short, murdering people here was truly a simple matter.

Xu ZiYan did not want to die. He also didn’t want to live a life like the original Xu ZiYan’s. Even if in this life he didn’t die, he really couldn’t accept things like sharing his lover and abusing children.

If one didn’t want to die, then naturally they wanted to live. The safest way for someone to live here was of course just being stronger than everyone else. In order to achieve that goal, Xu ZiYan was much more hardworking when he cultivated compared to the original Xu ZiYan. This was because the original him had encountered many lucky opportunities with Bai Hua, and even more lucky breaks that helped him escape life-threatening situations. However, since Xu ZiYan didn’t intend to follow Bai Hua in this life, naturally he could only rely on himself.

Touching that jade book, Xu ZiYan didn’t feel the painful tingling Xu ZiRong had felt. He wiped the dust off the top of the book before entering a strand of his soul into it.

After the same action, Xu ZiRong’s soul strand was crushed into smithereens. However, Xu ZiYan had absolutely no misgivings despite what Xu ZiRong told him. Within the jade book was a world made out of crazy thunder and lightning, but Xu ZiYan’s soul strand was capable of detecting a friendly feeling.

“So it was like that……” Xu ZiYan opened his eyes. The gaze he used to look at the jade book was subtle.

It turned out that this jade book was left behind by a Xu family cultivator who had a Lightning Spiritual Vein. However, he wasn’t a Xu family cultivator from their family, but a Xu family main branch member from a huge region thousands of years ago.

Within that large region, the Xu Family’s main family was also an extraordinarily large cultivation clan. The family even had a Mahayana stage old ancestor1, and there was a greater number of cultivators with Nascent Soul cultivation as well. Thus, they could be regarded as one of the most powerful families in that region.

If the family was big, naturally there would be a lot of branch families as well. However, some weaker branch families did not receive enough support in the family, and thus had no other choice but to go out and seek other opportunities in the region.

The Xu family of today was created by one of the Xu family members of that time. He had been on bad terms with one of the main branch disciples and could only leave indignantly. Afterwards, he wandered into the Xuan Yu region and set down his roots, which gradually developed into the Xu family of today.

And this jade book was precisely a gift that cultivator had received from a close friend. Just, nobody would know how it got placed in the library, or how it came to be considered a low-level Wood Supporting Arts.

Xu ZiYan thought back for a moment. The original him never met anyone from what was considered the actual main branch from that Xu family. However, that made sense. The setting of that novel only consisted of Xuan Yu region. After all, most of the content was about a man named Bai Hua, and how he had gracefully and elegantly took over the whole Xuan Yu region. And then, with a type of ‘universal love’ attitude, he hooked up with the most powerful men in Xuan Yu. Finally, he slaughtered the final BOSS who was the only one not seduced by him——that kind of small yellow book!

Yes, that was Xu ZiYan’s review of the novel. In his opinion, the plot of that novel and any tasks that happened were all fleeting. Everything that happened seemed to be a service to Bai Hua. All the treasures he obtained seemed to only have the use of making him more attractive, thus making it easier for him to lure men to himself.

Oh right, he had forgotten to say that other than the three fixed main leads, there were still X number of men who had loved Bai Hua. They were even willing to die for him. When Bai Hua and his gang attacked the Blood Demon Lord’s palace, even the Blood Demon’s general became moved by Bai Hua’s ‘innocence and kindness’. He actually released him from the dungeon before cooperating with Lin XiaoTian and the rest of the gang. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so easy for them to enter the Blood Demon Lord’s lair.

As Bai Hua ‘reformed’ the Blood Demon Lord’s general, the two had an episode on a bed. If it wasn’t for how the general had died later under the Blood Demon’s hands, perhaps he would have become the book’s fourth little male lead.

Toward this novel’s terrible and melodramatic plot, Xu ZiYan just wanted to go ‘haha’. However, this jade book just reminded him that if he isn’t able to live well in the Xuan Yu region, he could always think of something and go to another area to live.

Although Bai Hua did become quite powerful by the end of the novel, he only dominated the Xuan Yu region. Since he had already decided not to follow them, whether the rest of the three would get powerful to that degree was truly food for thought.

In any case, it was just a few words. If he couldn’t beat them, then couldn’t he still run? If this world was truly modeled on the one in the novel and if he brought Xu ZiRong beyond the novel setting boundaries, he didn’t believe that Bai Hua would be able to kill Xu ZiRong once again.

As he held that jade book, Xu ZiYan suddenly began to hesitate. If he just took out that jade book like this, it could be estimated that Xu family would for sure find out about it. Actually, he didn’t mind sharing this martial arts technique with the Xu family. However, just looking at this book told someone it wasn’t a commonplace good. Even if Xu family didn’t have any other cultivators with the lightning spiritual vein, it would be impossible for them to give this jade book to him. Instead, they would put this jade book into that treasure room and then engrave a copy for him to use.

Xu ZiYan did not want to cultivate using a copy. Although there wouldn’t be any problems with the copied techniques, it wouldn’t be like the martial arts engraved on the Dark Light Jade. Not only did it have the techniques, it also had that cultivator’s imprint.

Although this imprint was not very strong, Xu ZiYan could go into the Dark Light Jade book and have that imprint take a humanoid shape. He could then cultivate with the imprint as a guide. That would create incalculable effects for his understanding of the Nine Changes of Violet Heaven.

As Xu ZiYan held that Dark Light Jade, strands of lightning spiritual energy that escaped from it began entering his body. When Xu ZiYan realized what was happening, he became even more reluctant to hand that book in.

The lightning spiritual energy of this jade would gradually transform his body. Currently he was just a twelve year old teenager, one still in the process of growing up. Over time, his body would be able to hold more spiritual energy as he broke through different cultivation realms. If people had the same cultivation level but he had more spiritual energy; what that represented was self-explanatory.

Playing with the jade book in his hands in a manner that suggested how he loved it too much to part with it, Xu ZiYan frowned worriedly. Although he was the disciple with the best talent in the Xu family, this type of thing was not something he could have. He actually wanted to steal it, but the Old Luo at the door wasn’t some vegetarian. If people said he was only there to guard the door, others could believe it, but Xu ZiYan absolutely didn’t believe something like that.

“What should I do ah……” Xu ZiYan lightly rubbed his right hand’s thumb and forefinger together. This was his habit. Whenever he found himself in a difficult situation that needed to be solved, he would unconsciously perform this action.

Time passed bit by bit, but the time he could spend in the library was limited. Though the time he had to leave by was nearing, Xu ZiYan still hadn’t found a way to bring out the book without being detected by Old Luo.

There was simply no need to mention the interspatial bags. With his cultivation, even if Old Luo didn’t dig out everything in his bag, he would still be able to find it.

Hiding it on Xu ZiYan’s body was even more like a joke. In reality, in front of Golden Core cultivators and as a child with cultivation at merely the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, he really didn’t have the ability to hide secrets.

His brow wrinkled and became increasingly more tight. Xu ZiYan almost could’t stop himself from raising his face toward the sky and hissing: obviously after transmigrating he should have gotten a golden finger! So why didn’t he have anything?


Uh……Golden finger?!

Both of Xu ZiYan’s eyes brightened. 囧囧 He spiritedly watched that thing that had been suspended in front of him from beginning to end and had always been ignored by him —— the floating room.

Cough cough……Xu ZiYan felt a bit ashamed. He had always felt that his golden finger was a waste and didn’t have much use, and this thing had been unfailingly floating in front of him. At first he hadn’t been used to it, but after he got used to it, he would automatically hide it. That was why, for a moment, he had completely forgotten he actually had this thing.

Silently placing the jade book inside, Xu ZiYan’s heart apologized to the floating room. So sorry, Brother Golden Finger. My sense of your existence is way too low, in the future you must exercise more to strengthen it ah!

(Floating room: ……)

Toward this floating box, Xu ZiYan kind of knew what he was doing. After all, it had been this long since he transmigrated, but nobody ever realized he had a floating cube right in front of him.

Right now, there was only a novel that would make a dog go blind and that Dark Light Jade within the floating room, though……

Xu ZiYan rubbed his chin. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Today, he carefully examined this floating room because he used to habitually ignore it. But why did he feel that this floating room……became bigger?

Forget about it, why would he care about that? It was only a floating room like this, so even if it became bigger, what could you fit into it? After he became stronger in the future, he would naturally be able to buy interspatial rooms that could guard its contents from other cultivators and the like. When that time came, this floating room would probably become something that was of little value.

Xu ZiYan took out a jade book from his interspatial space and placed it in the Dark Light Jade’s original space. He even carefully blew a layer of dust onto it. This jade book had been there so long without anyone finding it, which only goes to show how few people came over to this area. Currently he had just swapped one book, but he wasn’t afraid of people finding it. After all, almost all the people who could enter this library were Xu family children. Even if someone found this empty jade book, at most they would think that something had gone wrong during the engraving process.

Cleaning up the traces he had left behind, Xu ZiYan once again selected a Wood Supporting Arts jade book. The technique recorded in that jade book was one that allowed someone to extract the essence of plants in order to heal someone. Paired with Silent Running Rain, this would increase Xu ZiRong’s ability to heal by a bit.

The author has something to say: Golden Finger Ability, GET!

You’ve worked hard, Brother Floating Space! In the future please continue to increase Xu ZiYan’s sense of your existence!

1. Here are the stages this novel uses! It’s a bit different from some other books: Qi Condensation Stage, Establishing Foundation, Congealing Channels, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Return to Nothingness, Mahayana. I believe Xu Xiao is almost at Golden Core, which is why they call that guy the Mahayana Ancestor. One, he probably lived for quite some time to get to that cultivation level, and two, because he’s so powerful.”

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