I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 28

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Xu ZiRong originally had some hesitation, but the moment he saw Xu ZiYan’s nostalgic look once again, the look in Xu ZiRong’s own eyes sank as he replied with a smile: “Then many thanks to big brother.”

Xu ZiYan’s laughter came to an abrupt end. What? What many thanks? Thanks for what?

He realized after he thought for a moment that Xu ZiRong was thanking him for his invitation to live together.


Xu ZiYan was startled for a bit before he smiled. He rubbed Xu ZiRong’s head: “If you want to live there then live there ah, it isn’t a big deal. You can move over there tomorrow.” But though his mouth said this, his heart couldn’t help but say: ZiRong and ZiYu were truly different from each other……

Xu ZiRong slightly squinted his eyes. Although there was a smile on his face, his gaze was lacking a smiling intent. In his small notebook, he silently recorded the thirteenth point in Xu ZiYan’s section. Xu ZiRong could already guess that the Xu ZiYu from before was probably big brother’s past younger brother……he just didn’t know where his older brother was originally from, and if that bastard called Xu ZiYu was still alive.

If he was alive, Xu ZiRong didn’t mind sending him onto the road. Big brother could only be his big brother. No one else was entitled to occupy a position in Xu ZiYan’s heart. Even his original younger brother couldn’t!

Xu ZiYan didn’t know Xu ZiRong’s thoughts. The two brothers chatted for a while about cultivation problems before they prepared to rest.

But when Xu ZiYan’s feet brought him back to his room, Xu ZiRong boldly followed him back as well.

Xu ZiYan looked at him in puzzlement when Xu ZiRong innocently said: “Big brother, it’s already past midnight.”

So, today’s already the tomorrow you were talking about before, right?

Xu ZiYan stared at Xu ZiRong with a head full of black lines. Alright, a well-behaved younger brother being naughty occassionally was also cute ah!

Silently lifting the corner of his blanket, he left enough space for the other. However, Xu ZiYan didn’t realize that every concession he made to Xu ZiRong was the same as writing down these profound words in place of his destiny: to show the wolf in sheep’s clothing into the house……

The two siblings acted as if they were playing follow the leader (a big misconception!) and slept hugging each other. Early the next morning, Xu ZiRong regretted his hot-headed words from last night……

He wore two extremely large dark circles around his eyes as he looked resentfully at the Xu ZiYan who slept so soundly, the other was even drooling. Xu ZiRong’s brain was full of only two words.

He was someone with style and grace, even if he was a slightly somewhat deranged blood demon. Last night could be considered, in every kind of way, the first time he had shared a bed with another.

Perhaps it was because he had never slept with another person in the same bed before, but it was impossible for him to imagine how a normal person could somersault and thrash around when he was sleeping. Rolling from the top of the bed to the bottom, and then rolling back to the top……


What was even more excessive was that the unusual sleeping posture of Xu ZiYan could actually accommodate him. After being retaliated by an angry him (in which he ruthlessly jabbed the other’s rib), the other rolled Xu ZiRong into his blankets in a half-asleep manner and then took him along with him to roll around the bed.

Xu ZiRong had absolutely no idea how he should describe his own older brother. Obviously two brothers sleeping together should be a very heart-warming event, so why did it become a disaster when it came to Xu ZiYan?

He secretly grinded his teeth and stared hatefully at the big brother who had once again rolled into the blankets. Xu ZiRong secretly swore in his heart that sooner or later, there would be a day where he would also let Xu ZiYan try tasting this kind of flavour. He would also let him experience what it felt like to be hugged by another person before they started rolling around in bed with them! (There seemed to be something wrong with that thought!)

Taking a few deep breaths and suppressing the resentment in his heart, Xu ZiRong squeezed out a smiling face before using some force to push Xu ZiYan.

“Mm……” The grown-up big brother turned around, covering himself with the blanket and lay sprawled on the bed.

Long accustomed to the other’s state when he dawdled in bed, Xu ZiRong had a calm face as he switched directions and continued to push him. “Big brother, if you don’t get up we’ll be late.”

“En……let’s sleep for a bit longer.” Xu ZiYan turned around again as well.

Xu ZiRong continued to expressionlessly jab the blanket roll on the bed until he was suddenly at his wits’ end. He suddenly tore open the blankets and glowered at the other. “Big brother, get up.”

Xu ZiYan scratched his head, finally seeming to be awakened from his half-asleep state. He embarrassedly patted Xu ZiRong on the shoulders and said: “ZiRong, I made you work hard.”

Xu ZiRong nodded his head as if he didn’t mind it. Towards Xu ZiYan’s peculiar sleeping habit, he already thoroughly understood it.

The Xu ZiYan who woke up immediately restored his able and efficient big brother image. He washed up and took care of his affairs in an extremely short period of time before he pulled Xu ZiRong toward the martial arts field.

Today was the day they granted gifts and resources. In addition to this, they would also reward the Xu family children based on their performances.

Xu ZiYan managed to break through into the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage because of his moment of insight. According to the Xu family rules, he would be granted the right to enter the library.

Actually, there weren’t many books in the library that could be used by Lightning Vein users. In addition, he had already learned the ones that were there with the help of his memories.

However, if Xu ZiYan couldn’t find a legitimate way to enter the library, he wouldn’t dare to actually use and expose those martial art moves. That kind of thing where one secretly stole and learned the library’s secrets, even if he was the family Master’s son, he would still be punished.

This time, as long as he had the chance to go in, he could pick a suitable martial arts book. This way, even if he encountered some danger in the future, he wouldn’t be so badly off that he would become unable to do anything.

Thunder Jolt was but one of the most basic lightning martial art techniques. He had already discovered the last time he entered the forest that this martial art technique’s control over lightning spiritual power was way too crude and basic. If one was not careful, they would release all the spiritual power in their body just like what he had done last time. As a result, the lethality of the attack would of course increase. But if you did not defeat your opponent, then the consequences would be extremely terrible.

Xu ZiYan pondered over which martial arts book he should pick, but he did not know that the Xu ZiRong beside him was also wondering if he should tell Xu ZiYan the existence of that lightning martial arts book.

If this person was still the original Xu ZiYan, no matter how good he was to him, Xu ZiRong still wouldn’t do something to increase the strength of his enemy. But since the other was here by possessing Xu ZiYan, he also lost any reasons for his hostility.

Xu ZiRong saw things very clearly. This person was truly very good to him and loved him as his little brother. Perhaps some of it was because of Xu ZiYan’s feelings for ‘ZiYu’, but Xu ZiRong didn’t care about that at all. Sooner or later, one day he would murder that guy called Xu ZiYu and monopolize Xu ZiYan. Big brother could only be his big brother!

Increasing the enemy’s power was something Xu ZiRong wouldn’t do, but helping his own big brother was a completely different story.

He had the memories of his previous life. Last life, Xu ZiRong had deliberately made trouble for Xu ZiYan, but unfortunately that bastard’s luck was pretty good and he escaped many times. He also learned from other people that although Xu ZiYan had encountered a lot of danger, the other was at most seriously wounded and never lost his life.

The original Xu ZiYan had really good luck, but that might not be the case for the big brother who possessed him. Xu ZiRong ‘loved’ this elder brother now and enjoyed the other’s pampering and adoration. Naturally, he didn’t wish for the other to meet any unfortunate situations……so with things like this, enhancing Xu ZiYan’s strength became his top priority.

After all, although Xu ZiRong had the confidence that he would be able to restore his previous power in the future, currently he didn’t have the confidence to protect Xu ZiYan.

If it was like that……then there was no harm in giving the other that martial arts book. In any case, the speed of his cultivation using the Blood Sea Heart Sutra did not lose out to Xu ZiYan’s Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein. Adding on the experience he had accumulated in his last life, Xu ZiRong was confident that the other party completely didn’t stand a chance in escaping from his grasp.

As long as he had the strength, if he wanted Xu ZiYan to become his big brother, then Xu ZiYan must take that role and be his older brother!

Tidying up his emotions, Xu ZiRong pretended to carelessly mention how during his last visit to the martial arts book library, he encountered a Wood Element Supporting Arts martial arts book and felt his fingers turn numb. Xu ZiRong then ‘accidentally’ revealed how it was only after he saw Xu ZiYan fight did he realize that the Wood Element Arts book was probably not for the Wood Element Arts.

“A book with a Lightning martial arts technique recorded?” Xu ZiYan suddenly straightened his ears.

After the library was destroyed by Xu ZiRong’s hands, the original Xu ZiYan didn’t find any Lightning martial art books. Actually, he was afraid to say that there was probably no one in Xu family who knew about it.

After all, in this life, the martial arts Xu ZiYan studied was from a book retrieved from Liu Guang Sect. If there were Lightning martial art books in their library, then Xu Xiao would never pay such a heavy price to go to Liu Guang Sect only to bring back something that was not good enough to be high quality, nor bad enough to be considered low-level.

Interest ignited by Xu ZiRong, Xu ZiYan began to look forward to that martial arts book. Although he still wasn’t too sure about how he could evaluate a martial art book’s grade, it was certain that anything capable of conducting Lightning spiritual energy wasn’t some commonplace item.

“ZiRong really is my lucky star!” Xu ZiYan said with a face full of smiles.

Xu ZiRong smiled gently, seeming slightly embarrassed as he lowered his head.

When the two brothers arrived at the martial arts training hall, Xu Mo still hung a dead look on his face. Although his opinions of this Young Master Xu ZiYan had changed a lot, Xu Mo didn’t know why, but he still felt the other was displeasing to his eyes.

As there was no training scheduled for today, there were only the matters of testing everyone’s cultivation and calculating their accomplishments. But although there were many children there, it only took about one hour for the tasks to be done.

Undoubtedly, Xu ZiYan, the one who raised his cultivation to the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage using a moment of insight, was the one with the most achievements. Converting those merits, it was enough for him to enter the library once.

The rest of the teenage boys directed gazes filled with envy at him. These youngsters could only go into the library to choose their favourite martial art techniques once for free the first time they entered the martial arts training hall. Afterwards, if they wanted to learn other martial art skills, they had to work hard to raise their cultivation. Only then could they convert their achievements to obtain the eligibility to enter the library.

If one just tried raising their cultivation one step at a time, the speed they would receive merits and achievements would be extremely slow. But if they used spiritual rocks or pellet medicine to raise their cultivating speed, those things also required the same amount of merits to obtain. In short, entering the library was not an easy thing to do. Unless one made a sudden and huge breakthrough like Xu ZiYan, they could do nothing more but dream and sigh about it.

After the martial arts training hall class finished for the day, Xu ZiYan followed Xu Mo with Xu ZiRong toward the library in high spirits.

The Old Luo who sat in front of the library door was quietly meditating. When he saw Xu ZiRong and Xu ZiYan coming, he gave the two a smile.

After Xu ZiYan entered the library, he quickly found that particular martial arts jade book. That seemingly humble book sat quietly on the shelf, a layer of dust blanketing it.

The author has something to say: NO ZUO NO DIE1 little brother, why don’t you understand this concept……╮(╯▽╰)╭

1. NO ZUO NO DIE is basically half English half Chinese lol. Chinglish? ZUO = do in English, so it can be translated to, ‘if you don’t go looking for death, you won’t die’.”

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