I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 27

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A month’s time quickly flickered by. Like before, Xu ZiYan was still at the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, while Xu ZiRong made others feel amazed as he extraordinarily reached the second layer of Qi Condensation Stage.

For this practically flying upgrade of his, many Xu family elders changed the attitude they had toward him when they were unhappy with his entry into the Xu family. They also became even more polite to Xu Xiao.

To have two sons that were this talented, Xu family Master Xu Xiao’s position also became increasingly more stable.

But Xu Xiao didn’t care about Xu ZiRong’s performance much. In his perspective, even if Xu ZiRong had innate and high comprehension abilities, his Tri-Spirit Root doomed his cultivation to be extremely slow. Xu family had never lacked low-level cultivators, but only high-end cultivators with talent in combat decided a family’s status.

In Xu family, the only person who carried all his hopes was Xu ZiYan. After all, Xu ZiRong was just a bastard child he had reluctantly acknowledged.

Like this, Xu ZiRong began to gradually integrate himself into the Xu family, while Xu ZiYan worked hard on one hand and developed his own people on the other.

Although——his people right now only consisted of Mister Luo.

After he was tested, Mister Luo very luckily became a cultivator with a Tri-Spirit Root. His spiritual vein wasn’t that good, but for someone who had never thought he could become a cultivator, it was already enough to severely surprise him.

Because Mister Luo was not one of Xu family’s children, thus, all his cultivation materials were allocated to him by Xu ZiYan who took some from his own share. Xu ZiYan also did not ask him to immediately reach a superhuman level. In any case, he himself was only twelve years old, so slowly nurturing Mister Luo was completely fine.

All affairs went according to each of their intrinsic itineraries as things began to slowly develop. Xu ZiYan’s cultivation was constantly improving, and Xu ZiRong also collected a large amount of essence blood from various demonic beasts in their real-combat tests.

In his last life, Xu ZiRong had to control the pace of his cultivation because of the existence of that ball of anger. However, because he had enough experience now in this life, he could absorb the essence blood of the demonic beasts with no misgivings.

On the surface, Xu ZiRong was only at the second layer of Qi Condensation Stage. But in reality, he had already reached the fifth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, a level only one step behind Xu ZiYan.

On a tranquil night, Xu ZiRong quietly sat on his bed, a drop of bright red rotating in the middle of his palm.

This was the essence blood from a demonic beast he had hunted together with Xu ZiYan yesterday, one equal to the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage. As long as he could absorb and refine this drop of essence blood, he could enter the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage.

Xu ZiRong slowly closed his eyes. The drop of bright red started separating into thin strands that followed his veins and entered his body. When the blood in his body encountered these thin red strands, they started to crazily swallow them and digest them. After all the energy in the blood was squeezed out, Xu ZiRong’s blood collected it before bringing to his dantian.

A slight crisp sound came from his body. Under Xu ZiRong’s unceasing urging, his dantian was once again expanded to double its previous size. The spiritual energy around him began pouring into his body like crazy, as if his body had suddenly become a spiritual energy black hole.

The whole room was emptied of its spiritual energy. Xu ZiRong flipped his wrist, showing the pretty but lower-grade spiritual rock he was holding in his hand. He already placed a spiritual array spell in this room. As long as it was activated, none of the spiritual energy fluctuations inside the room would be noticed by anyone outside.

The spiritual energy of a lower-grade spiritual rock was quickly drained as it broke into a pile of dust. Xu ZiRong slowly opened his eyes, a flash of blood-red passing through them.

The sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage!

He lowered his head before clenching his fist and then releasing it again. This feeling of increasing his power really felt too great!

Xu ZiRong stood up and exercised a bit. ‘Crack crack crack’ were the crisp sounds that came from his body. Every time a cultivator raised his cultivation, his physical body also got refined. In addition, for the people who practiced the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, not only do they refine their body but they could even compress their spiritual energy into their blood.

With Xu ZiRong’s current cultivation, although he wouldn’t be their opponent if it was a frontal confrontation, with Blood Sea Heart Sutra’s special characteristics, he was now capable of killing early Foundation Establishment cultivators in a sneak attack.

After calculating the time it took him to break through, Xu ZiRong’s face changed slightly. Originally, he had thought that one shichen would have been enough for him to break through into the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage. However, he would never have imagined that the purity of the spiritual energy in that drop of blood was so high. Not only did he break into the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, but he also accumulated an excess of spiritual energy.

Originally this would be a good thing, but the amount of time he spent breaking through far surpassed his calculations, and that was anything but reassuring

Xu ZiRong took a spiritual rock from his interspatial bag, looking a bit pained. Although his relationship with Xu ZiYan meant he didn’t lack any spiritual rocks for cultivating purposes, trying to hide extra rocks from Xu ZiYan was an extremely difficult thing to do.

These two rocks were ones he had hidden after spending ridiculous effort. He never thought he would have to use them up so easily just because he broke through.

Xu ZiRong led the spiritual energy out of the rock and flooded it indoors. Then, he shut down his array and opened both the door and the windows to allow the spiritual energy inside and outside the room reach an equilibrium.

If everything had went according to his original plan, he could easily have just closed down the array and allowed the spiritual energy outside to slowly enter the room. But now, because of the lack of time, he could only use the spiritual rock to fill that spiritual energy deficit.

Not long after he had opened the door, Xu ZiYan came in with today’s late-night snack.

Because the both of them worked extremely hard as they practiced cultivating, having an extra meal at night became normal. Originally, Xu ZiYan could let the cooks in his court prepare the late-night snack, however, Xu ZiRong never had much interest in the things they made.

The three meals of the day were all prepared by the kitchen staff. You couldn’t say that they didn’t make those meals well, but the Xu ZiYan who was more used to his modern lifestyle and food liked doing things with his own hands.

As a twelve-year old teenager who was in his growing period, the training he did everyday used up a lot of energy. Add onto how he would train more after returning from the martial arts training hall, feeling hungry at night was something extremely normal.

As a result, the Young Master of Xu family gained yet another strange habit. That was, at night he would cook another meal for himself to eat.

When he first heard about it, Xu Xiao had been surprised for a moment, before he quickly pushed away this matter to the side. Xu ZiYan’s recent hard work was what held the most significance in his eyes. Although he wasn’t very keen on the idea of Xu ZiYan taking the initiative to cook himself, under the conditions where it didn’t impact his cultivation practice, Xu Xiao was still very generous toward this new little hobby.

Even the Master didn’t express his opinions, so no one else dared to say anything. Many servants actually felt happy over having less to do, and only the kitchen staff felt on edge all the time. They were worried about whether it was their own cooking skills that had offended the Young Master.

Xu ZiYan had no idea how depressed those cooks felt. Actually, even if he did know, it wasn’t like he could do much about it. He only wanted to satisfy his own tongue and taste buds. If the others read into his actions that much, it wasn’t anything he could actually control.

But there was another reason Xu ZiYan was willing to cook for Xu ZiRong. That reason was, no matter what, Xu ZiRong welcomed anything he made for him.

As a fine food cooking lover, meeting someone who wasn’t picky about what he was fed and would in addition gulp down three bowls each meal was practically the same as meeting an intimate friend. Seeing how Xu ZiRong would eat the things Xu ZiYan made himself with giant bites, that kind of feeling was really too beautiful!

“I’m full.” Xu ZiRong set down the bowl and rubbed his mouth. The things Xu ZiYan made might not necessarily be extremely delicious, but they all had a flavour of home. For Xu ZiRong who had never experienced that feeling, it made him extremely reluctant to part with it.

Even he didn’t understand that he was actually this fond of the warm feeling of home. However, he could instinctively absorb this warm feeling from Xu ZiYan.

From Xu ZiYan’s warm hugs, from the food he made him, and from the meticulous care Xu ZiYan had toward him……

Right now, Xu ZiRong was like a greedy beast who was drooling at the warm taste from Xu ZiYan’s body. Only now could he satisfy his need for warmth. But if he realized that this warmth would one day leave him, swallowing it, trapping it, those would remain his only options to retain that warmth!

“ZiRong, you don’t have to work this hard. Cultivating hard is the right thing to do, but you also have to strike a balance between work and rest. Understand?” Xu ZiYan asked in concern.

Xu ZiRong nodded. He did not feel disgraced at all as he acted like a well-behaved eight year old child, and instead completely enjoyed this feeling of being pampered. If he didn’t have to see those Xu family kids who had once bullied him every day, he would have even thought that continuing this peaceful life with Xu ZiYan would be very great.

Unfortunately, Mister Blood Demon Lord had always believed that only having enough strength yourself would enable one to fulfill all of their own wishes.

Although Xu ZiYan was dead and even his body was possessed by another, Lin XiaoTian, Mo ZiYuan and that Bai Hua. The three of them were still alive. He didn’t see them die tragically yet, so how would Mister Blood Demon Lord be satisfied with a peaceful life?

After the two finished their late-night snack, Xu ZiRong took the opportunity to tactfully express to Xu ZiYan how his love for ‘pink’ had already passed.

Previously, Xu ZiYan had still been worrying if the Xu ZiRong who loved pink would become too effeminate, and only now could he relax.

He patted Xu ZiRong’s shoulder enthusiastically. “Rest assured ZiRong, tomorrow big brother will ask someone to change the colour of your room. What colour do you like?”

Xu ZiRong smiled. “Something like big brother’s room would be good.”

“Oh?” Xu ZiYan’s eyes brightened before he asked with a smile: “Does ZiRong like big brother this much? You even want the decorations of your room to be like mine? Then wouldn’t it be better to simply live in big brother’s room?”

Xu ZiRong immediately felt excited. He liked the feeling Xu ZiYan gave him, so wouldn’t living together in close quarters with him also be great?


After he thought about it, Xu ZiRong still gave up on the idea. Now that his Blood Sea Heart Sutra cultivation had finally entered the right track, it was better to live separately. If he were to live in the same room with Xu ZiYan, he was worried that he would one day inadvertently reveal something.

Seeing Xu ZiRong’s tangled expression, Xu ZiYan couldn’t help but burst into laughter. When Xu ZiYan was younger, his home economic conditions wasn’t that good, so he could only share a room with his younger brother. After they switched to a bigger house and when Xu ZiYu learned he could get his own room, he practically flew away like a bird in glee. How could he be like Xu ZiRong, who was actually thinking about the possibility of living together with him?

Actually, Xu ZiYan didn’t mind sleeping on the same bed as his little brother. On the contrary, Xu ZiRong might be the one who won’t be used to squishing together with someone else. Although it had only been a short month, Xu ZiYan could still notice that though this little brother was very well-behaved and adorable, he was also very independent and won’t be easily affected by others.

The author has something to say: He he he he he……little brother is going to live with big brother ah!


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