I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 25

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After they walked around in a few shops, Xu ZiYan bought some pellet medicine Xu ZiRong could use. The spiritual rocks in his bag was pretty much used up, so the both of them returned to the Xu home.

Xu ZiRong was extremely surprised when he received Xu ZiYan’s gift, because he realized that Xu ZiYan had practically fulfilled his fantasy of what an ‘older brother’ was supposed to be like.

He gently rubbed the pellet medicine he completely thought was worthless, his heart feeling exceptionally pleasant. Being doted on like this felt too wonderful, to the point it gave him the feeling that continuing like this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The sweet smile on his face slowly dying down, Xu ZiRong looked at the not quite tall figure in front of him as a fretful feeling suddenly emerged in his heart.

The feeling of anger in his body suddenly exploded as both Xu ZiRong’s eyes became tinted with a thick red.


Xu ZiRong cursed in his heart. He would never have expected that the ball of anger would suddenly erupt now. If Xu ZiYan found out about his other side, then that wouldn’t be fun.

“ZiRong? Did something happen?” The way Xu ZiRong suddenly stopped naturally attracted Xu ZiYan’s attention.

“Big brother……I want to eat sesame seed candy,” Xu ZiRong lowered his head, completely not daring to expose both of his eyes.


Hearing that, Xu ZiYan smiled. He looked around and sure enough, there was a store selling candy right across from them. Turning back, he told Xu ZiRong: “Wait a little bit for me here, I’ll go and buy it for you.”

Xu ZiRong nodded his head, and after watching the leaving back of Xu ZiYan, he immediately escaped into the alley behind him.

He can’t vent out this feeling of violence in front of Xu ZiYan!

The only thought in Xu ZiRong’s mind at that moment was that idea. If this ball of anger he had suppressed so many times was released, it would result in such tragic consequences that even he couldn’t predict.

He looked for an alleyway that seemed as deserted as possible, avoiding the places with a lot of people. Very quickly, Xu ZiRong found an extremely secluded corner.

He quietly shrunk into the corner, repeatedly trembling with his blood-red eyes. There wasn’t any smells of living things around him, which made him even more desperate for blood.

“Yo, such an extremely beautiful little brother. Are you lost?” A frivolous-looking man asked in front of him.

Xu ZiRong slowly raised his head. When the man saw Xu ZiRong’s face, he was immediately startled to death as his face revealed a greedy and lustful look.

Xu ZiRong looked at this man as the corner of his lips tilted up. The hint of his smile made this man stare at Xu ZiRong harder, and even his breathing became heavier.

It was really……timely……Xu ZiRong didn’t expect to meet this man here……

The blood-red colour in Xu ZiRong’s eyes became more and more thick as the smile on his face became more attractive. He opened his cherry red lips to say: “Uncle……I can’t find my way home……”

The obscene look on the man’s face was impossible to be covered up as he asked in pants: “Then can Uncle bring you home with him?”

“Okay ah……” Xu ZiRong smiled sweetly as he reached toward him……


After the time it took to burn a single fragrant incense stick, Xu ZiYan found himself in front of a small face. He finally found Xu ZiRong.

Xu ZiYan’s serious face plainly said the four big words: I am not happy.

Xu ZiRong lowered his head in guilt. “I’m sorry, big brother……”

“Why didn’t you say anything before leaving? Do you know how worried big brother was?!”  Xu ZiYan was extremely angry. You have know, when he came out of the candy shop and realized Xu ZiRong was missing, he was scared to the point his soul had flown away.

Although this Mo New Town could be considered as one under Xu family’s control, there were still many places in this town that were dirty and bad.

Not talking about other things, but just the fact of how the original him had managed to hire a pedophile in this town to corner Xu ZiRong was enough proof. If the other really met that kind of disgusting man because of his carelessness, then his treasured baby brother might be scared until he twisted.

Xu ZiYan knew that a lot of homicidal maniacs became the way they were because they had experienced some sort of shock when they were young. Xu ZiRong already had the inclinations to become a maniac. If he really encountered something and became completely crooked, then it would be too late for Xu ZiYan to even cry.

“Big brother……” Xu ZiRong pitifully grabbed a corner of Xu ZiYan’s sleeves. “I’m hungry……”

It was as if Xu ZiYan’s extreme anger was like a popped balloon as it completely disappeared.

He looked at the food stalls, looked at Xu ZiRong, and then suddenly felt very guilty. Xu ZiYan was already at the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, so eating one meal was enough to let him persist for some time. However, Xu ZiRong was only eight and only at the first layer of Qi Condensation Stage. He was afraid that the little things they had eaten in the morning were completely digested by now, and Xu ZiRong becoming hungry wasn’t strange at all.

“ZiRong, do you want to eat noodles?” Xu ZiYan asked.

Xu ZiRong nodded his head gently. Actually, he completely didn’t care about what they were going to eat. He had passed his time in Xu family with so much suffering, so going hungry wasn’t a big deal to him. Only, he discovered that the more pitiful he acted, the more his ‘good older brother’ would dote on him, so of course he had to take advantage of that point.

Sure enough, the moment he said he was hungry, Xu ZiYan immediately looked guilty. What was most interesting was that the other actually planned to cook for him himself. That was really something one wouldn’t expect to see in ten thousand years.

Kindhearted, affable, and capable of assessing the situation——in Xu ZiRong’s little mental book, he added the point ‘can cook’ to his list of Xu ZiYan’s characteristics.

Bringing Xu ZiRong back to Xu home in the quickest speed he could use, Xu ZiYan blamed himself as he walked for not being careful enough.

It was the time when a small child grew. What could he do if the other didn’t grow tall because of a lack of nutrients……ah, saying that, he really was too careless. Xu ZiYan even forgot to make nutritious meals for Xu ZiRong.

Xu ZiYan was thinking about how to match foods when they passed the opening of an alleyway. He only gave it a glance when he discovered that there was a lot of people inside.

“What happened?” He felt a bit curious and was going to go in to take a look, but he stopped when he heard the words of the people around him.

“It’s truly a sin! I just knew that scum would get retribution,” a middle-aged auntie with a basket full of vegetables said.

“Ah, hearing what the people inside said, that prince died in a pretty terrible way. Who knew what kind of person he had offended,” an old lady who had the face of a horse commented as well.

The middle-aged auntie laughed loudly. “Hn, that piece of scum, even dying is well-deserved! Last time I saw him bring back a pretty young girl to his court. Afterwards, I never saw that child again. Although he had said he sent her to her relatives, who would believe that!”

The old woman with the face of a horse also looked disgusted. “People like that, it’s good that they died! But I heard the others say that his body was ripped into shreds. That ground there is covered in blood, it really scared people to death!”

Hearing that, the middle-aged auntie also had a face full of fright. She asked softly: “How much hatred did they have ah. They didn’t even let off a corpse.”

“Who knows, it might even be a victim of that prince,” the old woman with the horse face replied loudly.

The two people sighed with emotion before parting ways. The Xu ZiYan who didn’t stand too far away from them also pulled on Xu ZiRong and led them out of there.

With the help of the two women’s words, he had pretty much determined the identity of the person who had died. However, with scum like that, it was a good thing he died. Xu ZiYan’s curiosity from before was also completely extinguished. He didn’t want his own little brother to see such a bloody and gory scene. If it shocked his little brother then that would be bad. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Xu ZiYan hurriedly rushed home with Xu ZiRong, and completely didn’t notice how his good little brother was currently bowing his head. Xu ZiRong had a treacherous smile as his eyes shined with exhilaration.

The taste of blood, the smell of fear, and the look of horror in that man’s eyes truly made him feel incomparably invigorated.

This was just the first one……all those people who had humiliated him, he wouldn’t let off a single one!


When the two of them returned to Liu Shang Court, Xu ZiYan told Xu ZiRong to return to his bedroom. Xu ZiRong’s face changed subtly, before the other plastered on a look full of hope as he stared at Xu ZiYan. “Big brother, can I watch you do it?”

Xu ZiYan was startled. “You have an interest in cooking?” This was the trick his father had used to obtain his mother, and the thing both he and his brother ZiYu was taught! His old man had told them that, if you wanted to have your lover’s heart, then you must first conquer your sweetheart’s stomach! As a good man of the new century, you must make sure your cooking skill was completely maxed out!

However, Xu ZiYan knew that in the ancient times, noblemen who stayed clear of the kitchen was still quite the fashion. He did not care about what others might think about him, but Xu ZiRong saying he wanted to watch him cook still made him feel slightly surprised.

Xu ZiRong smiled in embarrassment. “Big brother is cooking for me today, so I hope that in the future I can cook for big brother.”

Xu ZiYan was once again extremely touched by this lovable little brother, to the point he became a mess. He fiercely hugged the other and cuddled him. Although this child wasn’t ZiYu, he might really be much more sweeter than ZiYu.

ZiYu that smelly brat…… =皿=

Xu ZiRong smiled as he stayed beside Xu ZiYan, but the hand under his sleeve was clenched into a tight fist.

It came again……the other once again revealed that look of nostalgia!

When all was said and done, who was it?! Who would make Xu ZiYan so concerned about them? Was it again that person ZiYu?

Xu ZiRong’s eyes became chilly as a tint of blood-red appeared in them. When he found out the identity of that ‘ZiYu’ person, he’ll send him back to be reincarnated!

The people his brother could be concerned about, just him would be enough. There shouldn’t be room for other people!

Xu ZiYan didn’t notice the shadow that flashed over Xu ZiRong’s face. As he walked toward the kitchen, he explained some basic cooking tips to Xu ZiRong.

Xu ZiRong quietly listened to him, but his mind was moving at a quick speed. As long as cultivators had cultivations higher than Foundation Establishment, they could abstain from eating. Even if they did eat, all they ate would be some spiritual mushrooms or grass. The things Xu ZiYan talked about were all ordinary foods. If you ate a lot of food like that, then there would be an accumulation of impurities in your body, something unconducive to cultivation.

He stared at Xu ZiYan’s look of delight as he talked about cooking and felt his doubts become deeper. This Xu ZiYan was becoming someone he couldn’t see through even more.

Xu ZiYan’s appearance in the kitchen made all the Xu family chefs scared to death. They were all ordinary people, so toward Xu families cultivators they all felt some innate fear.

The head chef in the kitchen was a tall and strong man. He grabbed a piece of cloth to wipe the sweat off his forehead as he foolishly asked: “Young Master, why did you come here?”

After he finished talking, he glared at all his cooks as he scolded them: “Say it! Are you guys not caring for the brat with utmost care?!”

All the chefs didn’t say a single word. They were all slaves of Xu family, and their whole lives were in the hands of Xu family. Unless they didn’t want to live anymone, who would dare to not be hardworking?

The author has something to say: :╮( ̄▽ ̄”)╭~ Xu ZiRong is such a pervert, he doesn’t even want to share his big brother with others!!!

PS: Since he vented out that ball of anger, for a short while Xu ZiRong is safe……at least he won’t be exposed……╮(╯▽╰)╭


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