I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 24

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This person who saved him, who risked his life to save him……the moment he thought of this, Xu ZiRong felt happy, extremely happy.

This person was not Xu ZiYan. Why would Xu ZiYan risk his own life to save him?

He was Xu ZiRong’s older brother, someone who belonged just to him!

God must have seen his miserable first life, and therefore they intentionally bestowed a good older brother to him this time.

The blood splatters on Xu ZiRong’s face practically made it indistinguishable. It already looked very scary, and coupled with his current strange smile it would make anyone shudder.

Unfortunately, at this moment he had buried his face into Xu ZiYan’s arms, and nobody could see how a creepy and strange smile was on that delicate little face.


“Big brother, you’re still bleeding.” Xu ZiRong tidied up his emotions before he raised his head and stared at Xu ZiYan in concern.

Right now his concern wasn’t faked because he had recognized that this ‘Xu ZiYan’ was the ‘big brother’ God had given him. He did not care who this person used to be, but since he had succeeded in stealing Xu ZiYan’s body, the other must fulfill his obligation as Xu ZiRong’s older brother.

All the affection he didn’t get in his last life, he finally had the chance to make up for it now.

“It’s fine, it doesn’t hurt at all,” Xu ZiYan’s face was stark white, and large droplets of sweat beaded his forehead.

Xu ZiRong bit his lower lip before revealing a guilty expression. “It’s all my fault. If big brother didn’t need to save me, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

“Nonsense!” Xu ZiYan laboriously used his uninjured hand to rub Xu ZiRong’s head. “Isn’t it natural for a big brother to protect their little brother?”

Something flashed in Xu ZiRong’s eyes. He slightly lowered his face before uttering a quiet ‘yes’.

Xu ZiYan smiled before he accidentally moved his injured shoulder. He couldn’t help but hissing in pain.

Xu ZiJing gave the Brain-Devouring Rat mess to Xu ZiXue and Xu ZiLuo to handle before walking over to Xu ZiYan herself. Giving him a look, she started to speak in a faint tone. “Your emotional brotherly scene has ended by now, right?”

Xu ZiYan laughed ‘haha’ as Xu ZiRong lowered his head even more in embarrassment.

Xu ZiJing only raised her eyebrow. “If you don’t treat your injury now, all your blood will probably leak away.”

Only then did Xu ZiYan take out his medicine from his interspatial bag. He handed it to Xu ZiJing, because the place of his injury wasn’t one that was easy for him to handle. Who knew that Xu ZiRong would intercept that medicine before it got to Xu ZiJing, and then he went over to apply it onto Xu ZiYan himself.

Xu ZiJing shrugged before she turned around to help Xu ZiXue clean up the Brain-Devouring Rat. Naturally she didn’t mind putting on medicine for her teammate Xu ZiYan. However, since other people were happy to do it, she was also happy to give them the job.

Xu ZiRong very carefully cleaned Xu ZiYan’s wound before he evenly spread on the medicinal powder. Right now he was like a very obedient little brother, completely devoted to treating his brother’s injuries.

Xu ZiYan felt moved. He still remembered how before, when he had gotten injured, Xu ZiYu also helped him bandage his wounds. Only Xu ZiYu kept giving him wordy and long-winded scoldings as he tended to him, contrarily to Xu ZiRong’s increasingly lovable actions.

When Xu ZiRong finished treating the wound, the first thing he saw when he lifted his head was Xu ZiYan’s expression as he immersed himself in his memories.

His face sank slightly before it reverted back to normal. Then, Xu ZiRong pretended to be casual as he asked the other: “Big brother, what are you thinking about?”

Xu ZiYan returned from his thoughts and saw that face that was completely different from Xu ZiYu. It was hard for him to not experience a sense of disappointment as he shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

Xu ZiRong suddenly clenched his hands into fists before he forced himself to relax. He felt that the violent feeling in his heart seemed to want to rise up again. Xu ZiRong just realized that this ‘big brother’ he had acknowledged had a lot of secrets, and he didn’t like it.

He didn’t like it at all!

In the end, he didn’t care who had replaced Xu ZiYan’s existence, and whether it was possession or something else he didn’t mind it at all. What he cared about was that since this person was here for him (or so he believed), then Xu ZiYan’s heart shouldn’t think of anyone else. No matter who it may be, it wasn’t okay.

Xu ZiYan was the gift God had given him. He was the gift that was to compensate all the hardships he had suffered in his previous life. No one else had suffered like he did, so what right did they have to get a share of his gift?

Yes, in Xu ZiRong’s eyes, Xu ZiYan was the present God had given him. He only belonged to him!

“Hiss, it hurts it hurts. ZiRong, please be more gentle ah,” unconsciously, Xu ZiRong began to use more force. Xu ZiYan suddenly found himself unable to bear it and could only cry out.

“I’m sorry big brother,” Xu ZiRong had a look of guilt on his face, but his eyes glowed with a touch of pleasure.

“Hiss……it’s fine……” Xu ZiYan gently shook his head. After the medical treatment, the blood had already stopped flowing. The medicine he was carrying was something Xu Xiao had given him. It’s effects weren’t normal and just in a few minutes, his wound became a bit itchy as it actually started to scab over.

Xu ZiYan got up from the ground but suddenly felt very faint and thus he almost fell back down. He thought this was a normal effect of blood loss, and did not notice how the Xu ZiRong standing behind him swallowed a bright red droplet of blood behind the cover of his sleeve.

Xu ZiRong tilted his lips into a smile. The incident before had very easily allowed him to collect some of Xu ZiYan’s essence blood. With this drop of blood, no matter where Xu ZiYan went Xu ZiRong would always be able to track him down. In the future, even if Xu ZiYan wanted to escape from him it would definitely be impossible.

Cultivators were always very careful with their own essence blood, because there were many evil martial arts techniques that could use one’s essence blood to affect their bodies. Only, Xu ZiYan was quite young and naturally didn’t know the importance of his essence blood. It was also precisely because of this that Xu ZiRong would be so easily able to get the other’s essence blood.

The others sorted out the Brain-Devouring Rat mess. Although Xu ZiYan’s injury made this harvest a bit not worth it, just thinking about how this Brain-Devouring Rat was a spiritual beast at the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage made Xu ZiYan unable to stop grinning.

In this part of the forest, it wasn’t like there weren’t spiritual beasts at the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage. However, most of them were difficult to deal with. For example, this Brain-Devouring Rat. If it didn’t take the initiative to mount a sneak attack, Xu ZiYan was afraid that with their abilities they would have never noticed it.

With this Brain-Devouring Rat, the most difficult part of their trip was now taken care of. After all, although Xu ZiYan was very strong, the prey he had to hunt had the highest difficulty as well.

During their break time, Xu ZiYan luxuriously took out a piece of spiritual rock to recover his strength.

The spiritual energy that would usually take at least one shichen of mediating to recover, with the help of the spiritual stone, restored his dantian in the short time it would take to steep half a cup of tea. And, though he didn’t know if it was because he had suddenly used up all of the spiritual energy in his body, Xu ZiYan actually discovered that his dantian had slightly expanded. It could really be considered as a blessing in disguise.

After the Brain-Devouring Rat, although Xu ZiYan’s injury affected his skills a bit, their team still smoothly obtained the other prey they needed. Other than exerting a bit more effort for the Double-Tailed Scorpion that was at the fifth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, something Xu ZiJing needed, the rest of their journey was extremely relaxed.


Before nightfall, they followed the markers they left behind and walked out of the forest before returning to the bottom of the cliff. However, looking at that completely empty cliff, everybody couldn’t help but feel a bit speechless.

Using the Dragon Rope Loop to go down was quite convenient, but if you wanted to go back up——haha!

Rubbing his nose, Xu ZiYan couldn’t help but feel fortunate about how they had Xu ZiJing, that careful woman. If she had not brought a map, finding the way out of the forest really would have been quite difficult……

Xu ZiJing’s team could be considered as an extremely lucky one. Not only were they the earliest to return to the martial arts training hall, they also had a full harvest.

They hunted a total of four Rock Cats, one Brain-Devouring Rat, one Double-Tailed Scorpion, two Cauliflower Snakes……don’t laugh at that name, it was actually a proper spiritual beast at the fourth layer of Qi Condensation Stage. The reason they were named that was because they had a sarcoma that looked remarkably like cauliflower growing on top of their heads. The venom of Cauliflower Snakes weren’t in their fangs and were rather in these cauliflower sarcomas. If one weren’t very familiar with these beasts, it would be easy to be tricked by them.

After handing over their prey, the team successfully passed this real-combat test. The extra prey they had brought were directly sold into Xu family’s shop, and each of them got five low-level spiritual rocks. Of course, Xu ZiRong didn’t get a share. →.→

After placing the spiritual rocks into his interspatial bag, Xu ZiYan started returning to Xu family with Xu ZiRong. On the way back, the road was filled with people who had returned from the forest. Most of these people were wounded, but unfortunately it was impossible to tell how well their haul today was.

Tomorrow they didn’t have classes at the martial arts training hall, so Xu ZiYan intended to take Xu ZiRong and go strolling in Mo New Town.

The pellet medicine and spiritual stones on his body were mostly given to him by the Xu family, so he didn’t have to worry about it. However, Xu ZiRong didn’t receive such good treatment. Thus, Xu ZiYan planned to buy him some pellet medicine in hopes that the other would cultivate faster.

After three years he would have to leave for Liu Guang Sect. He could not make sure that after he left, Xu family would still be kind to Xu ZiRong. To be honest, he really had no confidence in that ‘father’ of his.

After the two brothers arrived at Liu Shang Court, they each returned to their own rooms. Xu ZiYan also specifically reminded Xu ZiRong that the other must wake him up early tomorrow……

_(:з」∠)_ Alright. Since this bed dawdling bad habit of his was already discovered by Xu ZiRong, he’ll also no longer try to hide it. Xu ZiRong could even conveniently become his humanoid alarm clock. Xu ZiYan even started pondering if both of them should just live in the same bedroom……

On the next morning, Xu ZiRong woke up extremely early.

After yesterday’s hunt, he already collected a lot of essence blood from the spiritual beasts. Compared to how he had originally used chicken blood to cultivate the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, his conditions now were already levels better than before.

After a whole night of absorbing the blood, he successfully entered the first layer of Qi Condensation Stage. If it wasn’t how levelling up too much would arouse other people’s suspicions, he could rush up into the third layer of Qi Condensation Stage with one breath in just seven days.

The only slightly regrettable thing in yesterday’s hunt was that from start to finish, Xu ZiYan never let him out of his sight. Therefore, he was unable to vent out the increasingly dangerous ball of anger in his body.

The blood tint in his eyes was more thick than it had been yesterday. Xu ZiRong spent a lot of effort before he was able to suppress that desire for violence.

Licking his lips, Xu ZiRong couldn’t help but recall that fragrant and sweet blood from yesterday. Unfortunately that was from the ‘big brother’ he had acknowledged, so he couldn’t eat him.

After the red tint in his eyes completely disappeared, Xu ZiRong got out of bed and put on his clothes before walking into Xu ZiYan’s bedroom.

Spending some effort, he managed to get Xu ZiYan out of bed. After they both ate a simple breakfast, Xu ZiYan excitedly brought Xu ZiRong to go shopping.

Saying that was a bit shameful, but although Xu ZiYan had the memories of his predecessor, walking around in such an old ancient town was really a new and fascinating experience for him. It was hard for him to cover up his excitement as he wandered everywhere, so he looked just like a country bumpkin that had recently entered a city.


The author has something to say: first point……the Xu ZiRong right now hasn’t regarded Xu ZiYan as his lover. He only thinks that Xu ZiYan’s appearance was to compensate for his ‘I want an older brother’ desire in his past life. So now Xu ZiRong doesn’t have any intentions to ‘kill’ Xu ZiYan, and naturally he doesn’t have any love for him either. ╮(╯_╰)╭

We still need to let them slowly develop……

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