I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 22

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“Xu ZiXing? Why are you here?” Xu ZiJing asked in surprise. It turned out that the person who was hidden in the grass was actually a Xu family child.

Xu ZiXing’s cultivation level was only at the fourth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, but he had a lot of courage. He was one of the first people who had slid down using the Dragon Rope Loop.

With his abilities, being able to get in front of them wasn’t something surprising. What everyone was puzzled about was why he was currently in such a sorry state.

Xu ZiXing replied gloomily: “I had a lot of bad luck. The moment I entered the forest I encountered a group of Red Eye Wasps. That resulted in me being chased all the way here. If I hadn’t just found a cluster of Polarized Grass, I still wouldn’t have shaken them off.”

Red Eye Wasps was a type of low-level spiritual beasts. Their individual attacks wasn’t strong, but they always appeared in a group. For them, as cultivators who were neither strong nor weak, they were the most annoying. On the other hand, Polarized Grass had a specific kind of scent. For Red Eye Wasps, that scent was extremely unbearable for them, so thus Xu ZiXing was able to escape.

He hadn’t even set off yet before he was chased until he was in such a disarray, so Xu ZiXing’s mood was obviously very low. He resentfully bid farewell to Xu ZiYan and them before leaving to find his own team.

“Do you have any ideas?” Xu ZiJing turned around to look at Xu ZiYan, her tone still having that hint of flavour.

Xu ZiYan’s eyebrow rose slightly. “Polarized Grass is a favourite of Rock Cats. I remember that on the map you had taken out earlier, you’ve written that there has been Rock Cat hauntings around here. Do you wish to try it out?”

Having heard that, Xu ZiJing quietly laughed. Before she had always felt that Xu ZiYan was only a pampered Young Master, who completely did not understand the suffering of ordinary people. Normally she didn’t have much contact with him, but she had heard a lot of rumours. What bossy and domineering, what unruly and uninhibited. From their contact today that didn’t seem to be the case at all.

As one of the martial arts training hall’s outstanding disciples, Xu ZiJing actually didn’t lack a competitive attitude. The corners of her lips tilted up slightly as she asked with a hint of provocation: “Are you scared?”

The corners of Xu ZiYan’s lips also hooked up, but he did not respond. He only held Xu ZiRong’s hand before walking in the direction where Xu ZiXing had first appeared.

Xu ZiJing turned around to gesture for the two little brothers to follow them. She did not forget to leave a sign under one of the big trees.

The place Xu ZiXing had talked about wasn’t far from where they were, and Xu ZiYan saw the huge patch of Polarized Grass not even two hundred meters away. The lush green Polarized Grass looked similar to blades and grew extraordinarily tender. Walking just a bit closer made them able to smell their light fragrance drifting in the air.

After observing the edge of the patch, Xu ZiYan very quickly discovered some plum-shaped footprints. If it wasn’t an accident, it ought to be the traces left by Rock Cats.


Rock Cats were fond of feeding on various kinds of rocks, but this Polarized Grass had a special material they needed. Every Rock Cat had to consume a certain amount of Polarized Grass almost every day. In general, as long as it is a place with Polarized Grass, there is never a shortage of Rock Cat silhouettes.

This patch of Polarized Grass was extremely dense while the area was very big. In particular, there were many trees and plants that surrounded it. If they only kept to one side, it would be very easy for the Rock Cats to escape.

Rock Cats were a type of spiritual beast that was at the fourth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, but of all the spiritual beasts that were at the fourth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, Rock Cats had the most quickest speed.

Among the five of them, Xu ZiXue and Xu ZiLuo were both at the fourth layer of Qi Condensation Stage. As long as they could hunt down more than two Rock Cats, their mission could be considered as half-complete.

In addition, the fur of the Rock Cats was extremely beautiful. Even if they didn’t hand them in, they could still sell them for quite a profit.

The five of them split into four corners and surrounded this patch of Polarized Grass. Unless the Rock Cats who came here could sprout wings and fly away, there wasn’t any chance of them escaping.

As his first hunt, Xu ZiYan couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. This could be seen as his first encounter with an enemy, so if something unexpected happened…… =.=

No! It won’t happen!

Seeing how the Xu ZiRong at his side had a completely worshiping gaze as he stared at him, Xu ZiYan silently pumped his fist. In front of his little brother, a big brother must be invincible, and seem as if he could even support the heavens and the sky!!

Inexplicably sensing that Xu ZiYan’s will to fight had ignited, Xu ZiRong could not help but feel puzzled. It was only a few small Rock Cats. Based on Xu ZiYan’s abilities they didn’t pose a single problem, so why did the other’s fighting spirit suddenly started flaming?

“If any spiritual beasts appear later, you definitely can’t make a sound. Do you understand? Today just watching everything is good enough. The reason you’re here is mostly so we can increase your courage,” Xu ZiYan said seriously.

Xu ZiRong nodded hard to show he had understood, but his heart felt rather dumbfounded: the lord blood devil needed to rely on hunting Qi Condensation spiritual beasts to increase his courage? This was definitely an insult to him!

(A note was silently recorded on that small book……)

Xu ZiYan lay onto the ground gently and increased his sensitivity to the max. Although he wasn’t capable of pushing his spirit out of his body yet, using this method allowed him to become accustomed to using his soul.

He clenched his fist before releasing it, and then Xu ZiYan seemingly wiped his hands onto his pants carelessly. The sweat on his hands made him feel a bit uncomfortable, but if he seemed too nervous if front of his little brother he would again feel a bit shamed.

Actually, every movement of Xu ZiYan was noted down by Xu ZiRong. To him, this degree of hunting was the same as playing around. Instead of focusing on the prey that would be dead soon, he might as well put his concentration on this ‘strange’ Xu ZiYan’s body.

“They’re here,” Xu ZiYan quietly said, not knowing that Xu ZiRong said the same thing in his heart.

Shortly afterwards, a branch not too far away from them shook slightly. After that, a ink-blue cat came out.

The Rock Cat was extremely cautious and did not immediately jump down. Instead, it observed its surroundings on its branch for quite some time.

Xu ZiYan even lightened his breathing in fear of scaring that Rock Cat. His eyes stared at his target closely, his face looking bizarrely fierce.

Seeing that, Xu ZiRong felt a bit surprised. From the time he had first met this Xu ZiYan till now, this person had always gave him a strange feeling of warmth. It was the first time he had seen the other have this kind of expression, thus he was inevitably shocked.

The Rock Cat observed the place for a bit and, not seeing any enemies, he sounded the place out by leaning forward in an imitation of a cat jumping down. However, the Rock Cat didn’t actually jump.

Xu ZiYan held his breath as he cursed in his mind. What a cunning spiritual beast. If he hadn’t been assured of victory before, he might have been deceived by this beast and opened fire.

As if it was assured that nobody was waiting to ambush it, the Rock Cat stared at the lush Polarized Grass and exposed a red tongue as it licked its lips.

It gracefully leapt and landed onto the ground. The Rock Cat sniffed the place and looked a bit hesitant, but in the end it’s craving for the Polarized Grass suppressed the doubts in it’s heart and the spiritual beast slowly walked toward the patch of Polarized Grass.

The Rock Cat slowly neared Xu ZiYan’s hiding spot, but the pace of its footsteps became increasingly slow. It tried its best to sniff the scents in the air, but the smell of the Polarized Grass here was too strong and covered up all the other scents.

Hesitating a long time at its current place, the Rock Cat slowly walked forward a few more steps.

Just then, the sound of light footsteps came from a far. This Rock Cat suddenly puffed up all its fur as it turned around in an attempt to escape.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Xu ZiYan released a ray of lightning, suddenly barbecuing that Rock Cat so the outside was crispy while the inside was tender, until it was burned into a black ball……


Xu ZiRong: ……

“What’s the matter?” Realizing Xu ZiRong was using a very strange gaze as he stared at him, Xu ZiYan puzzledly asked.

“Big brother……the most valuable part of a Rock Cat is its fur.”

“I know ah,” Xu ZiYan nodded, before appearing as he suddenly realized something. Stiffly turning around, he stared at that piece of burned charcoal: ……

Xu ZiRong silently turned his head as his shoulders shook slightly. He swore that this wasn’t a place to laugh, but for some unknown reason, seeing this big brother’s stupid expression made him almost unable to restrain himself from laughing.

You have to know, after he turned into a blood devil it had been many years since Xu ZiRong had last laughed. This person alone made him want to laugh so cheerfully, perhaps he would even leave him alive.

“Cough cough, my hand slipped,” Xu ZiYan’s face looked completely embarrassed as his heart became depressed. His tall, mighty and handsome appearance ah……it totally collapsed……

“It’s okay, I know big brother is very powerful,” Xu ZiRong softly told him.

Xu ZiYan’s face suddenly looked comforted. Having such a well-behaved little brother was really a joy ah! This child was even more considerate than the Xu ZiYu at his age!

The other three who had heard the noise from Xu ZiYan’s side also walked over. When they saw that piece of charcoal on the ground, everyone fell into a weird silence.

Xu ZiJing gave Xu ZiYan a meaningful glance, “If you think the distribution of goods is unfair, you can just say it.”

Xu ZiYan was practically unable to show his face. He rubbed his flaming cheeks and sincerely said: “I really didn’t do it intentionally.”

Xu ZiJing responded in a voice as light as a feather. “Whatever you say, but this loss of prey will be deducted from your share.”

Xu ZiYan nodded without any hesitation. This was his own fault, so naturally he wouldn’t refute her words.

“Alright, come out then,” After Xu ZiJing finished taking care of Xu ZiYan’s affairs, she turned around to face a big tree in the distance before slowly speaking.

Very quickly, a group of people walked out beneath the big tree, headed by a teenager boy who looked around fifteen to sixteen. That teen had a very arrogant demeanor, and the gaze he used to look at Xu ZiJing and them was one filled with naked contempt.

This was clearly written on that face that was at least a third like Xu ZiYan: you flock of stupid mortals!

Xu ZiYan rubbed his chin. He felt Xu ZiYu had really rubbed off on him. That kid read a bunch of weird books online and when he was bored he would go and complain to Xu ZiYan. The results were that now, even he was using this unreliable way to describe people.

However……saying it like that was really quite amusing. →.→


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