I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 2

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Raising his head to look at the encompassing but unfamiliar surroundings, Xu ZiYan had a face full of black lines. Even though he had just said that he would never go and look at those memories again, it turned out that he had to break his vow this quickly.


With a helpless face, he again went back into his head to do some research. Involuntarily, the corner of Xu ZiYan’s mouth twitched a bit. It turned out that today was the day Xu Xiao brought back Xu ZiRong. In addition, (past) Xu ZiYan’s mother had died not long ago, thus (past) Xu ZiYan had blamed this matter onto Xu ZiRong.

Thinking about it, that was understandable. Who would expect that a younger brother four years his junior would suddenly pop out from nowhere? It could be presumed that nobody would be in a good mood. After all, this little brother’s existence was practically a heavy slap on the face of the (past) Xu ZiYan’s late mother.

Regarding the case with the ‘true love’, there were not many people in the Xu family who knew about it. Xu Xiao had hid her very well, and even after he had married they still secretly rendezvoused. Afterwards, it was Xu Xiao’s father who found out that Xu Xiao was still meeting with his ‘true love’, and thus he furiously ordered Xu Xiao to send his ‘true love’ away. Xu Xiao was unable to do anything, and only then did he say goodbye to his ‘true love’.

From the beginning to the end, (past) Xu ZiYan’s mother had never known about this matter. By the time she finally realized that her husband lord actually had another woman and furthermore had a child with her, she was so angry she turned to devil arts cultivation before dying a terrible death.

When (past) Xu ZiYan received the news that his father had gone to retrieve Xu ZiRong, he, suddenly indignant and in a pique of fury, visited a grove at the mountain back to vent his emotions. Xu ZiYan took a look at his surroundings filled with broken branches and felt the corner of his mouth twitch again. The Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein was really too great, ah! Even though he was just eleven or twelve years old, he was already at the fifth layer of Qi Condensation Stage. The places where those big trees had broke still had traces of charred flakes, and just by looking at it you could tell how powerful he was……

Sighing deeply, Xu ZiYan stared at both of his own hands, once again feeling melancholic. He was clearly an adult man who about to turn thirty, but now he had to act youthful. This was truly a formidable task.

Although he did not know how the former Xu ZiYan had disappeared, this body now belonged to him. Thus, he could only take the famous former’s place and continue to live his life.

Casually putting back that novel into the mysterious space, Xu ZiYan patted his body to get rid of the dust and decided to go back to Xu family’s main house. Taking a look at the colour of the sky, it was already practically noon. His father Xu Xiao was a Meridian Condensing Stage cultivator. If he flew on a sword to travel, he could bring back Xu ZiRong extremely quickly.

Thinking about how the original character, a soft, sticky and cute child, was forced to become a devil arts cultivator, Xu ZiYan just couldn’t suppress the fiery anger in his heart. Even abusing someone shouldn’t be to this degree!

Along with his movements, that mysterious space always floated in front of him. Unable to resist it, Xu ZiYan took the piece of jade hanging by his waist and put it inside. Looking at it from the outside, there were no abnormalities.

The corner of his mouth reluctantly jerked. Alright, this could also be considered a golden finger1. At the very least, whenever you put something into it, he’s afraid that it would be impossible for someone else to steal it away.

Although he was inside this novel where cultivating was real and storage space wasn’t something scarce, those things were something that could be stolen away. As for him — it could be reckoned that even if the opponent was a heavenly immortal, they still wouldn’t have the skills to steal anything from him.

Storing the things on his body into the box and seeing so much money and little trinkets floating in midair, Xu ZiYan suddenly had the inexplicable urge to laugh.

Reaching out to take the things on his body all out before storing them inside the heavenly bag, he saw how this mysterious question mark of a high-end and trendy good thing suddenly held so much random scraps. It really made a person feel apologetic.

After that, he had only taken two steps before Xu ZiYan stopped again. Making a bitter face, he reached up to knock on his own forehead.

The original Xu ZiYan was a cultivator at the fifth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, yet the current Xu ZiYan was but one of the most ordinary businessman. Though he had seen in his memories how the former Xu ZiYan and others fought, that was basically the same thing as watching a movie. If you asked him now to use those techniques, he would immediately be going in blind.

Thus, offhandedly sitting down in a lotus position, Xu ZiYan held his chin and started to meditate. Although he did not want to flip through those memories in his head, in order to live, he must completely master the things the former Xu ZiYan had learned.

Fortunately, his current cultivation was not high and the techniques he knew could be counted on one’s fingers. Or else Xu ZiYan was afraid that it would have really been impossible to master everything in such little time.

Closing his eyes and becoming focused, it was perhaps because the former Xu ZiYan’s habits still lingered in his body for it was extremely easy for Xu ZiYan to inspect his inner self. He was able to check all the meridians within his body.

Attempting to circulate his energy with a heavenly technique, Xu ZiYan slowly opened his eyes. This type of practicing had already been remembered by his body, so now that he was doing it the technique was effortless to complete and there was not a single lick of difficulty.

After spending approximately two hours, he finally managed to completely remember the mishmash of spells, techniques, and even the little habits the former Xu ZiYan had.

Xu ZiYan once again celebrated the fact that the former Xu ZiYan was currently only twelve years old. As long as he changed little by little, nobody would discover who he was even if his personality did not match up with the future Xu ZiYan’s of his memories.

Add onto how the former Xu ZiYan’s personality was a bit domineering, in this way even Xu ZiYan’s violent temper could also be changed.

“Dad, Mom, even though I do not know why I have come to this world, since I already came here, I will live a good life. However, your son can’t be filial, and there’s no way for me to provide for you in your old age. Later, we can only depend on ZiYu to take care of you.” Xu ZiYan knelt onto the floor and firmly kowtowed a few times.

He did not know why he would appear here, but he instinctively realized that he could no longer go back.

The people of Xu family all had good adaptability. In those days where he and his parents traveled away from home to live in the United States, he also quickly adapted to living there.

Even though he has now entered a strange world, he still had the confidence that he will live very well.

His sole regret was that he could no longer do his filial duty, and that with how his younger brother Xu ZiYu was a gay guy, it seemed to be the end of the Xu family.

“Ah, forget it. In any case the population of the world is about to explode, so let’s just pretend that it is a contribution to the Earth.” Xu ZiYan said faintly with a sigh.

Standing up from the ground and making himself look presentable, Xu ZiYan relied on his memory to find a small creek, intending to take a look at himself.

Borrowing the water’s reflection, Xu ZiYan finally saw his current appearance.

He looked pretty much the same as he did when he himself was twelve2 , and he could be considered as a little handsome big brother. Slightly raising an eyebrow, the reflection in the water ended up doing the same motion.

“As expected, I really look exactly the same ah.” Xu ZiYan touched his own face and murmured.

But comparing this to the mature appearance of his adult self, the current pretty boy look was really not pleasing to the eye!!!

Silently turning his head away, Xu ZiYan somewhat gloomily followed the trail that brought him back to the Xu family’s main house.

“Young master, young master!” A teenager wearing the attire of a servant’s was anxiously waiting at the gate of the rear court. When he saw Xu ZiYan walking down the mountain from afar, he quickly ran over.

Xu ZiYan took a moment to retrieve this servant’s name from his memory before he displayed an ugly face. “Ruo Zhu, why are you shouting?”

Ruo Zhu’s heart felt a shock, before he quickly explained. “Young master, that person was brought back by the Master, Master is waiting for you in the front hall.”

Hearing Ruo Zhu’s words, Xu ZiYan felt his heart jump. In the original’s memories, in order to vent the depression in his heart, he stayed in the mountains for a complete day. He only returned to the Xu family’s main house on the next morning. At that time, he did not actually see his father, and instead ran into Xu ZiRong. Thus Xu ZiYan cursed him out with no restraints, and even gave him a fierce slap on the face.

Because of this matter, Xu Xiao lightly scolded Xu ZiYan a bit, which resulted in making Xu ZiYan hate Xu ZiRong even more. From then, he would always give him troubles for no reason.

Had he still been the original Xu ZiYan, even if he came back in advance, in front of his father he’s afraid that he still wouldn’t give Xu ZiRong any face. Cursing him out was probably still unavoidable. But now Xu ZiYan didn’t bear any hatred for Xu ZiRong, so naturally he wouldn’t try tearing into him the moment they met.

Moreover, the original Xu ZiYan was only twelve years old, so bullying his own younger brother could still be explained away by saying the child hadn’t learned rights from wrongs. But now the person living inside of Xu ZiYan was a nearly thirty years old adult man. Even if it was to prevent others from noticing something wrong and just an act, he would never go and hit a child who was only eight.

“Okay, I know.” Xu ZiYan waved his hand and sent away Ruo Zhu just like that. He lifted the train of his robe, and took his sweet time as he walked in the direction of the front hall.

He pondered even as he walked. Later, how should he act, so that others could not see through him and notice that the person inside has now changed……

The distance from the rear court to the front hall was quite substantial, but Xu ZiYan was already a cultivator of the fifth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, his skills better than the normal populace. Even if he walked slowly, it couldn’t be slow to the point of being ridiculous. So after only half a teacup’s worth of effort, he could already see the front hall’s door.

Unhurriedly walking into the front hall, it became apparent that all the chairs in the front hall were already occupied by people.

Xu family was a cultivation family of a middle rank. Although it wasn’t possible to compare with those super families, but relying on the relationship between them and one of the nation’s top five sect families, there weren’t many people who dared to fight against their ideals.

The clan is flourishing so naturally the population is large. Other than the head family, the Xu Clan’s direct descendants, there were still more than twenty side branches of the clan.

In the whole Xu family, precisely because there was the main head family of the Clan’s direct descendants, the children of the side branches had to prop them up. Therefore, when out popped a new child of the head family who had the power to inherit the clan, these side branches of course had to send people out to take a look.

The moment Xu ZiYan entered the room he became the target of everyone’s gaze.

As the son of the Xu Xiao’s, his amazing talent has drawn the attention of the whole family.

The single vein Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein, this talent, even if he was in a large sect he would have been a carefully taught elite disciple.

With a body that had this kind of talent, it had been long decided that he would not be the one to inherit the Xu family. This was because as long as he developed and cultivated well, in the future Xu family would obtain a solid mountain of support.

Thus, even those who were eyeing the seat of the family head were all falling over themselves to please him, and nobody would ever offend him.

Although it was originally a noisy hall, in the moment Xu ZiYan entered it suddenly became silent.

Almost everyone wanted to know what attitude Xu ZiYan would have toward this ‘little brother’ of his that had popped out of nowhere.

1. ‘Golden finger’ AKA cheat.”

2. MC was always Main Lead worthy???!!! He must be very handsome…he must have fangirls….”

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