I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 19

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If the other tried to commit a rotten trick against him then that would be even more great. The corner of Xu ZiRong’s mouth tilted upwards in a treacherous manner. Ultimately, the strength of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra also depended on the amount of energy found in the obtained blood. And what could be better than the spiritual energy-rich blood of cultivators?

“Alright, today’s training ends here. Tomorrow is a real-combat drill, so everyone should prepare,” Xu Mo spoke loudly.

Everyone in the martial arts training hall put away the moves they were practicing and clumped together in twos and threes to chat. However, from their eyes it was possible to tell that most of the topics they were discussing had something to do with Xu ZiRong.

In a corner of the martial arts training hall, a youth who looked at least a third like Xu ZiYan unwillingly looked in the direction of Xu ZiRong. “Hn. It’s only a bastard, Xu ZiYan has really become stupid. Being that good to a bastard, he’s really lost a lot of his dignity.”

Hearing that, the man and woman behind him made a disdainful look. That young man arrogantly said, “It’s probably because the Master doesn’t have many sons. After all, he doesn’t even have a concubine.”

The youth who spoke before frowned. “It was said before that the woman was someone who was kept outside, so she can’t even be worth as much as a concubine. What kind of goods would a child born from a woman like that be? If his mother didn’t die, he would never have the qualifications to enter Xu family’s doors.”

“What’s the problem with that?” The girl’s face was one of indifference. “In the end, it’s still a problem of strength. If you had the ability to match the cultivating speed of Xu ZiYan, by then, let’s forget about bringing a bastard to the martial arts training hall. Even if you broke apart the martial arts training hall, your father would probably still protect you.”

“You!” The boy’s face became cold. “Xu ZiXuan, stop trying to sow dissension. My strength isn’t great, but my father is still a Meridian Condensation Stage cultivator while your father is a Foundation Establishment cultivator. What kind of thing are you considered?”

The girl raised her eyelids, the corner of her mouth curving into a sneer. “Xu ZiHuan, why does it matter if your father is a Meridian Condensation Stage cultivator? My talent is better than yours, and my cultivation speed is faster than yours. Today we have the addition of Xu ZiRong, this comprehension genius. Presumably, your share of resources has become smaller yet again.” When she finished talking, she turned around and left.

Left behind, the young man from before gloomily stared at her back as he cursed her out. “Lowly woman, don’t you only have a dual spiritual vein. What’s so remarkable about that! If Xu ZiYan is wholeheartedly partial towards that Xu ZiRong, won’t your share be reduced as well?”

The youth standing behind him couldn’t help but shrink back his neck. Whether it was this boy or that girl, he couldn’t afford to offend either. He was only a child from a vulnerable branch family. With his status, entering this martial arts training hall meant he needed to help flatter these young men and ladies and do some bootlicking.

After Xu Mo announced the end of today’s training session, Xu ZiYan took Xu ZiRong with him and then descended the mountain.

The classes of the martial arts training hall were all decided by Xu Mo. Since he said there would be combat tomorrow, then there would for sure be combat.

The so-called combat was naturally a real battle, but this fight wouldn’t be between the children. Rather, they were to enter the mountain-back to cultivate.

The rear end of the Xu family house was a very expansive forest, and the so-called ‘mountain-back’ of Xu family was just the most peripheral edge of this woodland.

This part of the forest was extremely strange and inside, a variety of different creatures lived there. Within those creatures were some extremely powerful spiritual beasts.

Nobody knew why, but this part of the forest was separated into three strange parts by big rivers. In addition, the beasts living in the forest were well-behaved and lived in certain parts of the forest according to their own cultivation levels. They never dared to surpass a single step above their own limits.

The parts of the forest that surrounded Xu family only had some Qi Condensation stage spiritual beasts. The closer you got to Xu family, the lower their cultivation levels. As long as they didn’t go too deep into the forest, these children from the martial arts training hall could fully achieve the purpose of having real combat.

The area between the second river and the third was populated by spiritual beasts that had cultivation levels from Foundation Establishment stage to Meridian Condensation Stage. And only people with Core Formation cultivation would ever dare enter the other side of the third river.

The deeper you went the stronger the spiritual beasts were. It was said that after crossing the second river, a Godly spiritual beast lived in the centre of the forest.

Of course, with Xu family’s strength, the furthest they’ve explored was the middle of the two big rivers. Regarding the rumor of a Godly spiritual beast, it was just some easily dismissed hearsay.

Xu ZiYan knew that tomorrow’s combat practice wouldn’t be too hard on him. After all, with his cultivation level at the sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage, as long as they didn’t go in too deep it wouldn’t be any danger to him.

Now the only problem was how he was also responsible for protecting Xu ZiRong, this child from a previous woman. Right now he had only just stepped through the threshold of cultivating, and hadn’t even reached the first layer of Qi Condensation Stage. If he entered the forest……

“Big brother……what are you thinking about?” Xu ZiRong had a face of curiosity.

“Nothing much,” Xu ZiYan habitually rubbed the other’s head.

Although Xu Mo didn’t think Xu ZiYan was pleasing to the eye, he would never take his anger out on Xu ZiRong. In that case, it was certain that he knew that based on Xu ZiRong’s current abilities, going into the forest was simply looking for death. In addition, the first martial arts technique Xu ZiRong picked was a Wood Element Supporting Arts one, so unless someone protected him…..


Both of Xu ZiYan’s eyes brightened.

If it was only him, he really did not dare to guarantee that Xu ZiRong wouldn’t receive any injuries. But he had almost forgotten that Xu Mo never said anything about doing tomorrow’s test alone. In other words, Xu ZiYan could find other people and team up with them.

It made sense if he thought about it. Based on the cultivation levels of everyone, it would be simply impossible to accomplish the task of cultivating in the forest if people did not work together. Not to mention, other than Xu ZiRong, there were a lot of other Xu family children who studied supporting martial arts.

Understanding all of this, Xu ZiYan suddenly felt very determined. Thus, he turned his head and told Xu ZiRong: “We’ll have to team up with others in tomorrow’s battle. Have a good rest today. Your mission tomorrow would be to properly protect yourself.”

Xu ZiRong nodded his head. The Blood Sea Heart Sutra was his hidden trump card and naturally couldn’t be revealed here. On the other hand, his Silent Running Rain was something he had just started learning, and it was impossible for him right now to order plants to attack. For any other tasks, it was completely okay to give them to his older brother to complete. Anyway, wasn’t this Xu ZiYan repeatedly saying he’ll protect him? It would be good to evaluate the other’s performance tomorrow.

Xu ZiRong’s response was very normal so Xu ZiYan didn’t think much about it. After he returned his younger brother to that pink room that almost blinded him, Xu ZiYan decisively and quickly escaped.

Xu ZiRong stared at that room full of pink, before there was a split second where his expression was sinister. Then, he silently scratched down another note in that little book in his heart……

Early next morning, after Xu ZiRong woke up he used the fastest speed possible to wash up before he rushed out of his own room.

After he stepped out of his room, he released a big sigh of relief. Xu ZiRong had never thought about it before, but a room that was decorated in all pink actually had such a ruthless destructive power……

Striding toward the neighbouring room, the maid who was guarding the door had already changed. This new maid looked very ordinary, but when she smiled she looked extremely cute. It gave others an unconscious feeling of closeness with her.

But Xu ZiRong knew just how treacherous and murderous this woman was. Before he himself was deceived by her appearance and stupidly followed her to the snake valley. The result was naturally being pushed down the cliff by Xu ZiYan.

When he came back later, this woman could actually put on an innocent look and wanted to keep deceiving him. Unfortunately for her, although he was quite stupid back then, he wasn’t stupid to that degree. After being dealt a lesson, just once was enough for him to understand.

The first time she saw Xu ZiRong, a moment of alarm appeared in this woman’s eyes. However, it was quickly suppressed by her before she gave Xu ZiRong one of her most innocent smiles. She was extremely clear about how, for a newly arrived child, the influence a kind but approachable maid would be.

“Who are you?” Xu ZiRong pretended to be puzzled as he asked.

“This servant is called Ruo Shi,” Ruo Shi saluted him.


“Oh,” Xu ZiRong nodded casually. “Big brother hasn’t gotten up yet?”

“Yes, Young Master ZiRong. Young Master is still sleeping,” Ruo Shi answered in an honest tone. The gaze she used to look at Xu ZiRong was in a loving manner.

“Uh…why are you looking at me like that?” Xu ZiRong saw the gaze that had once made him feel warm and suddenly felt displeased. Thus, those words escaped his mouth.

Ruo Shi hesitated for a moment before quickly reacting. “Please forgive me Young Master ZiRong. At home, this servant has a little brother around Young Master ZiRong’s age. This servant only remembered her own brother.”

Xu ZiRong sneered in his heart. Back then, he was also deceived by this lie. It was only later did he find out that Ruo Shi never had a little brother.

“Impudent!” Xu ZiRong’s face sank. “You actually dared to compare the little brother of a servant to this young master, you are very bold!”

Ruo Shi froze. It seemed like she had never expected to receive such a scolding from Xu ZiRong.

“Young Master ZiRong……” She could not help but feel a bit flustered. This was completely different from what she had previously expected!

“I am the great second young master of the Xu family, what use would I have for your love?” Xu ZiRong asked in an aggressive manner.

“Young Master ZiRong, this servant doesn’t dare……” Ruo Shi was completely terrified. With a thump, she knelt onto the ground as her whole body shivered.

Now, who in the Liu Shang Court didn’t know how much the Young Master loved this second Young Master? If Ruo Shi angered him, it was certain she wouldn’t have a good end.

“Hmph!” Xu ZiRong coldly snorted before he turned around and pushed open the door to enter Xu ZiYan’s room. He left behind Ruo Shi who knelt beside the door and trembled, scared to the point she didn’t even dare raise her head.

The situation inside the bedroom was the same as what Xu ZiRong had guessed……

A giant blanket roll was on the surface of the bed. From head to toe, Xu ZiYan was completely wrapped up in it. In fact, there was only a single corner that exposed a few strands of black hair that helped people determine his position. Otherwise, with such a big and round package, trying to find the position of his head would also be a problem……

“Big brother, it’s time to get up!” Xu ZiRong had a face full of gentle smiles as he reached over to shake Xu ZiYan’s shoulders.

“Ah……let me sleep for a bit more……” Xu ZiYan dazedly replied as he squirmed a bit in his blankets.

Upon seeing this, Xu ZiRong couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow. This was the first time he saw someone who could dawdle in bed to this degree.

“Big brother, today we have to practice real combat.”


The author has something to say: Xu family……in reality wasn’t that peaceful……to outsiders they might seem united, but to the inside ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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