I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 18

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Eyebrows frowning gently, Xu ZiRong knew that the best owner for this martial arts book was naturally Xu ZiYan. However, to increase his enemies’ strength, that was something the Blood Devil Lord would never do.

Although the current Xu ZiYan didn’t reveal any hostility towards him, Xu ZiRong still didn’t intend to take the initiative and tell the other of this matter.

Actually, he had the heart to take this jade book with him, but unfortunately the old man outside wasn’t an opponent he could oppose right now. If he took this thing out, it would inevitably be found by other people.

After all, the books in the library couldn’t be actually taken away. For the so-called picking a martial arts book event, it was only picking a book from there before getting the old librarian to copy the contents of the book into another empty scroll.

Thus, Xu ZiRong casually took a Wood Element martial arts book and walked out. In any case, these things only served the purpose of being a disguise for him. With his Blood Sea Heart Sutra, any other martial arts techniques were trash in his eyes.

“Finished picking?” When Xu ZiYan saw Xu ZiRong leave the library, he couldn’t help but open his mouth to ask.

Xu ZiRong nodded with a smile, and then handed the book in his hands to Old Luo.

Old Luo gave the book a glance before his eyebrows slightly rose. “Are you sure you want this?”

Xu ZiYan heard those words and curiously took a look. When he saw the words ‘Silent Running Rain’ engraved on the book, he suddenly frowned.

“ZiRong, this Silent Running Rain is a supporting arts, right? Are you certain you wish to choose this?” Xu ZiYan asked quietly.

“Big brother……is there a problem with it?” Xu ZiRong asked with a face full of confusion.

Xu ZiYan thought for a moment before he dragged the other to the side. Then, he started to earnestly speak: “ZiRong, if it was someone else I wouldn’t have said anything. But you have to know, the martial arts book you selected isn’t good for combat. In the future, if you have to fight with others you will suffer.”

“You just came in contact with cultivating so you might not understand everything yet. Once you embarked on the road to cultivating, the thing that you will never have a shortage of is fighting. You have to fight for good martial arts techniques, you have to fight for precious treasures. Although you can learn other martial arts techniques in the future, the first technique you choose will set the tone for your future developments. I know that perhaps you don’t like to fight but as long as you walk this road, no one can choose not to.”

Hearing that, Xu ZiRong felt his heart stir. He never thought that this Xu ZiYan would actually tell him something like that.

He long knew all the points Xu ZiYan had told him. After all, the first martial arts technique he came in contact with in his last life was the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

Blood Sea Heart Sutra used blood as a medium to raise his cultivation. The more blood he had, the higher his cultivation became and the stronger he was.

It could be said that this method of cultivating would only be successful if you trampled over countless corpses. Although in the beginning he only used beasts to increase his cultivation, the more his cultivation increased the heavier his desire to kill became.


Silent Running Rain was an extremely gentle type of Wood Element Supporting Arts. In general, all the people who used this technique to cultivate had a very calm personality.

In reality, according to Xu ZiRong’s nature he definitely wouldn’t like something like this. However, he was worried that if he learned some aggressive types of martial arts techniques, then his aura of killing intent and his desire to kill could no longer be suppressed.

His decision to choose a Wood Element Arts technique was because he had no other choice,  but he did not think that Xu ZiYan would explain things to him in such a detailed manner.

If Xu ZiYan really wanted to be two-faced and play the game of praising him yet putting him at a disadvantage, he should not have reminded Xu ZiRong of all these points. However, the other party had said everything so unexpectedly, this only made it even more impossible for Xu ZiRong to see through him.

But no matter how he couldn’t see through Xu ZiYan, choosing the Wood Element Arts was still absolutely necessary. Xu ZiRong could only lower his head as he used his toe to draw circles in the ground. “Big brother……fighting and killing…….I don’t like it.”

Hearing that, Xu ZiYan frowned slightly before his face quickly reverted back to normal.

Forget it, he was just thinking too much. The Xu ZiRong of today was only an eight years old child. He had never experienced the bullying and teasing he did in his past life, so naturally he wouldn’t be that eager to become powerful. If he didn’t learn the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, Xu ZiRong also lost a lot of events where he had to fight. With things like that, Xu ZiYan just had to work a bit harder with his godly talent. Then, protecting Xu ZiRong wouldn’t be that big of a problem.

Xu ZiYan had read that novel another time and noted down any parts that had anything to do with Xu ZiRong. Coupled with the memory of his host body, there was a great chance of helping Xu ZiRong escape all those crises.

Thus, he gently rubbed Xu ZiRong’s head. “Alright then, ZiRong doesn’t like fighting and killing. If that’s the case, you can rely on big brother to protect you in the future. Okay?”

Xu ZiRong raised his head. The gaze he was using to look at Xu ZiYan was very deep. This was the second time Xu ZiYan swore to always protect him. He just didn’t know, to what extent this protection would be?

Being stared at with that gaze, Xu ZiYan’s heart felt indescribably startled. However, when he observed the other carefully, the eyes of Xu ZiRong only had a touch of soft admiration.

“Big brother has to always protect me ah,” Xu ZiRong laughed very happily. He was smiling so much his two pretty eyes had practically become moon crescents.

Xu ZiYan patted his own chest. “There’s absolutely no problem with that! In the future ZiRong just has to always follow big brother, and big brother will for sure protect you!”

The smile on Xu ZiRong’s face became even more brilliant. “Then okay, in the future I’ll specially use the Wood Element Supporting Arts to support big brother!”

Xu ZiYan couldn’t help but laugh at that. After laughing however, he began to worry about how he needed to work harder in the future. Otherwise, if Xu ZiRong was more powerful than his big brother in the future, then he was afraid that he would have lost all his dignity.

After the martial arts book was copied, Xu ZiYan and Xu ZiRong followed Xu Mo back to the martial arts training hall.

In the afternoon, Xu ZiYan once again started practicing the basics while Xu ZiRong was placed into a corner as he tried to ‘feel the spiritual energy’.

The first step of cultivation was letting the spiritual energy enter his body. Xu ZiRong had long completed this step during that day when he had been infuriated. But he could not practice the Blood Sea Heart Sutra here, so with nothing better to do, he could only start learning that Silent Running Rain martial arts technique.

Silent Running Rain was one of the most basic techniques of Wood Element Supporting Arts. He could create a thread as thin as rain to nourish an injured place, achieving the same effects as medical treatment. At the same time this kind of spiritual energy had a strong affinity with plants. If you were to use it to command different types of plants to do your bidding, then that would be the method of attacking for Wood Element users.

The special characteristics of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra was that it completely ignored the spiritual vein of the cultivator. No matter what kind of spiritual vein you had, you could all cultivate using the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

In his last life Xu ZiRong never had any contact with other types of martial arts techniques. So while this Silent Running Rain was very simple, he was surprised to find that it was extremely useful.

In the very least, he could now heal himself when he was injured. Moreover, now that he had the Wood Element Supporting Arts name hanging over his head, even if he were to secretly do things in the future it would be easy to get rid of the suspicion of others.

Borrowing the Silent Running Rain’s cover, Xu ZiRong circulated his spiritual energy as a light green light appeared near his fingertips.


“Wow! Zi Rong is so amazing!” Xu ZiYan said in surprise. He had walked over just in time to see that green light near Xu ZiRong’s fingers.

Xu ZiYan had the godly talent of the Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein, and even he used about three days before he finally started feeling spiritual energy. Unexpectedly, Xu ZiRong only used an afternoon before he succeeded, showing just how high his comprehension skills were.

Xu ZiYan’s cry was successful in attracting Xu Mo’s attention. When he realized Xu ZiRong only used an afternoon to feel spiritual energy, he was also extremely shocked.

There were two ways to determine if one had a gift in cultivating. One was their innate spiritual vein, the other was their comprehension skills. Out of these two points, people having extraordinary comprehension skills were even rarer than people with amazing spiritual veins.

In his point of view, although Xu ZiYan was a bit domineering in personality, both his spiritual vein and comprehension skills were at the level of a genius. But he would never have thought that though this Xu ZiRong who was just brought back had a normal spiritual vein, his comprehension skills were even better than Xu ZiYan’s.

Xu ZiYan’s voice wasn’t only heard by Xu Mo. The other girls and boys in the martial arts training hall also noticed it.

In addition to Xu Mo’s shocked look, there were many different gazes mixed together. Their eyes already had obvious hostility as they stared at Xu ZiRong.

Xu ZiYan was the Master’s son, and both his talent and status were already decided. The children of the branch families could only look up to him.

However, Xu ZiRong was different. As a bastard who was found and brought back, his position was already extremely embarrassing. If it wasn’t for Xu ZiYan’s performance today in which nobody could figure out his attitude toward his new brother, Xu ZiRong would never had the opportunity to sit and practice quietly and undisturbed.

To nurture the cultivating children, Xu family had to use up a lot of resources. However, the total amount of resources was limited. Therefore, the better your talent, the more resources you would get.

Xu ZiYan had always been entirely worthy of getting the biggest share, but Xu ZiRong’s talent appearing now meant that he would seize the resources of other people.

Embarking on the cultivating road meant fighting against natural order every step toward immortality, and cultivation basically meant trying to struggle against fate. Between disciples that cultivated, it was a very normal occurrence to see people fighting over precious treasures or martial arts techniques. Xu family also set down a Xu family rule: regarding the children of Xu family, any resources you want to pursue must be achieved by relying on your own strength.

Today Xu ZiRong displayed this kind of innate gift for comprehension, so it was almost certain that the family elders would attach significance to him.

The hostile eyes in the martial arts training hall were already noticed by both Xu ZiYan and Xu ZiRong, but neither of them felt that they were important.

For Xu ZiYan, the strength of these people were really not strong enough for him to worry about. With his current cultivation of the sixth layer of Qi Condensation stage, sweeping up the trash here was no problem for him. In addition, he did not think that the people here had enough guts to challenge his status, so naturally they wouldn’t have enough courage to challenge the Xu ZiRong under his wing.

And for Xu ZiRong, the hostility of these children was a complete joke in his eyes. The most formidable part of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra was how it allowed one to skip levels in combat. This martial arts training hall was only the starting point for Xu family cultivators, and among all the disciples, the one with the highest cultivation was Xu ZiYan’s sixth layer of Qi Condensation Stage.

Give him half a month’s time and as long as there was enough blood, he was completely capable of rushing toward the third layer of Qi Condensation stage in one breath. By then, even including Xu ZiYan, there would be no one here who could be his opponent.

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