I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 17

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“Mm, ZiRong is very obedient. Do you still feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Xu ZiYan found a chair and sat down beside the bed.

Xu ZiRong shook his head. “I’m fine now.” After he finished speaking he got up and jumped off the bed.

“That’s good. Later big brother will bring ZiRong to pick out a low level martial arts book, alright?” Seeing Xu ZiRong’s liveliness, Xu ZiYan began to smoothly tidy up the bed. Folding the blankets three times, he finished with a tofu block.

Because of how soft the blankets were, his tofu block didn’t look like a standard one. But looking at the skill of his own technique, Xu ZiYan still nodded in satisfaction: even if he transmigrated into a book, even if he had retired from doing this years ago, his ability to fold blankets was still perfect!


Xu ZiRong’s pupils slightly shrank as he watched Xu ZiYan’s actions. As far as he knew, Xu ZiYan was Xu family’s important Young Master. Although he wasn’t that bad off and didn’t live like a parasite, him doing such a thing like folding blankets was still very inconceivable.

And also, looking at Xu ZiYan’s behaviour, he was obviously very experienced as if he had been practicing this for a long time. Xu ZiRong could not help but note down this doubtful point in his heart.

After he folded the blankets, Xu ZiYan brought Xu ZiRong to Xu Mo.

The children of Xu family who came to the martial arts training hall for the first time could all choose a martial arts book of their choice. The Xu ZiRong who had successfully gotten to the top was of course not an exception.

Xu Mo did not deliberately embarrass them at this point. He brought the two of them off the mountain and into the library.

Their library was not built inside of Xu family’s main house, and was rather in a very remote corner. If you looked at it from afar, it looked extremely awkward as there was a three-storey building in the middle of nowhere.

It was quite strange. If outsiders entered the Xu family grounds, they would definitely be surprised that they would put their library filled with martial art books in a place that was very inconvenient to defend.

But Xu ZiYan knew that the real goods Xu family owned were simply not located there. All the things here were the ordinary things you could find from the mainland and even then the defense here wasn’t as weak as it looked.

Who did not know that the old man who guarded the doors was actually a genuine Core Formation cultivator?

The real truth of Xu family was never what it seemed to be on the surface……

Xu ZiYan was deeply moved by the long-term foresight from the Xu family ancestors. But for him right now, this didn’t have much to do with him. Although he long knew from the original Xu ZiYan’s memories where the secret treasure room of Xu family was, right now Xu family had not been wiped out. Unless he was stupid, he wouldn’t go and dig up other people’s ancestral graves.

Oh, that wasn’t correct, now those were his own ancestral graves……

A bunch of stupid and random thoughts sprouted in Xu ZiYan’s mind as Xu ZiRong stuck close behind him. But although Xu ZiRong looked calm on the surface, his body and nerves were already stretched to their limits.

Xu family’s library of martial art books, of course Xu ZiRong knew about them. Back when he had wiped out the family, it was the old man that guarded the library who gave him a great deal of injuries.

If it wasn’t how the Blood Sea Heart Sutra had the ability to bypass ranks, perhaps the one who would be wiped out was him.

His lips pursing together tightly, for once Xu ZiRong felt a bit nervous. He finally got this opportunity to start over again, so he didn’t want to experience any kind of accidents!

Once they got to the front of the library, Xu Mo bowed toward the elderly man who was dozing in front of the door. “Old Luo.”

The old man who looked dead asleep opened his eyes fuzzily. When he saw Xu Mo, he squeezed his lips into a smile, “Little Mo ah, is there anything wrong?”

Xu Mo respectively answered: “Today there is a new disciple who entered the martial arts training hall. We came here to help him pick out a martial arts book.”

“Oh,” Old Lao nodded his head as his gaze fell onto Xu ZiRong’s body. “Not bad, you’re only eight and you got to the martial arts training hall. Go in, ah.”

Once he finished talking, he waved his sleeves and the grand door of the library opened, a cloud of dust appearing at the entrance……

“Cough cough……I’ve grown old, my bones aren’t what it used to be, so it has been a while since I cleaned.” Old Luo looked a bit embarrassed. His sleeves waved around again and the dust on the ground all blew away.

Xu Mo’s gaze didn’t change as he stayed silent. Old Luo was Xu family’s high-ranked guest. If he could become their guest, his strength was certainly not weak. How could a little cultivator who only cultivated to the ninth layer of Qi Condensation stage dare mock a guest? He naturally closed his mouth.

Xu ZiRong looked at the opening door of the library. Although his heart felt dull, he revealed an interested expression on his face. After all, an eight year old child who found out he could cultivate, would for sure be extremely happy.

But for him who had practiced the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, his pickiness with different martial arts has increased to a certain extent. He didn’t think that the insignificant library of Xu family had any good things. You have to know, even if Xu family possessed a top-notch martial arts book, it was unlikely they would put it here.

“Haha, little child, what is your name ah?” Old Luo was already a ninety years elder, and his eyesight was naturally very extraordinary. Although Xu ZiRong had been trying his best to display his excitement, the dullness hidden in his eyes were still picked up by Old Luo.

“My name is Xu ZiRong,” Xu ZiRong replied softly. Although he lived some years in his last life, compared to this Old Luo, he couldn’t say anything against being called a small child.

“Oh, so you’re called ZiRong ah,” Old Luo amiably smiled. “Why are you so nervous? Are you very afraid of me?”

Xu ZiYan and Xu Mo both stared at Xu ZiRong in surprise, but Xu ZiRong could only put on a very sincere look. “N…….No.”

“Haha……” Old Luo smiled heartily. “If you’re not afraid, then why are you so stiff?”

Xu ZiRong lightly bit his lower lip. “It’s just……it seems like Grandfather Luo is very strong.”

Xu ZiYan did not think Xu ZiRong was so sensitive. He was obviously a child who had not yet started cultivating, but he still managed to detect the real strength of Old Luo.

You have to know, if he did not have the original Xu ZiYan’s memories, he totally would not have thought that that this very normal-looking old man would be a Core Formation cultivator.

“Oh?” Old Luo was also very surprised. “You think grandfather is very strong?”

Xu ZiRong lightly nodded his head.

“How strong?” Old Luo humoured him with interest.

Xu ZiRong hesitated a bit. “It seems like……you’re stronger than Father.”

This time, Old Luo was really surprised. He knew Xu ZiRong’s identity, so the child’s act of comparing him to Xu Xiao wasn’t something strange. What made him bewildered was, how exactly did this child deduce he was stronger than Xu Xiao?

Xu ZiYan’s face was calm, because he had long known that this old man was a Core Formation cultivator. However, the shock Xu Mo received in his heart became clearly written all over his face.

The strength of Xu Xiao wasn’t a secret in Xu family. But he would never have thought that this guest Old Luo would actually be stronger than Xu Xiao!

Didn’t that signify……

When he thought there, Xu Mo’s heart began to flare up. If he managed to get pointers from a Core Formation cultivator, perhaps he would be able to enter the ranks of a Foundation Building cultivator. The advice didn’t have to be much, even a tiny bit may help.

“Haha, ZiRong’s feelings are very sensitive, ah,” Old Luo laughed very happily. “Go ahead ah. Although most things in the library are quite common, there are still a few good things. Go and try looking, perhaps your luck will be good enough and you would find them.”

“Many thanks for Grandfather Luo’s advice,” Xu ZiRong respectively replied. He still didn’t believe that Xu family’s library would have any martial arts better than the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, but since Old Luo said something like that, he didn’t mind spending more time to take a thorough look.

The martial arts Xu ZiYan was currently practicing was the Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein Entry Level Arts. It was something his father Xu Xiao had specially brought back from Liu Guang Sect. This martial arts book was only an ordinary good in the Liu Guang Sect, but in Xu family it was already an extremely good thing.

At the very least, Xu family didn’t have any martial arts suitable for Xu ZiYan to learn. Though this Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein Entry Level Arts wasn’t very powerful, using it to build his foundations was already very good.

Xu ZiYan wasn’t qualified to enter the library, but there wasn’t any harm in pulling Xu ZiRong to the side and giving him a detailed explanation of the library’s structure.

In any case, all of these things were in Xu ZiYan’s mind. If he introduced the place thoroughly  enough, then it would save Xu ZiRong quite some time when he went to pick something. After all, Xu ZiYan absolutely didn’t mind giving Xu ZiRong special treatment. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After listening to Xu ZiYan’s explanation, Xu ZiRong basically knew the structure of the library like the back of his hand. He quietly thanked Xu ZiYan and simultaneously gained a hard noogie before he turned around and entered the library.

There were three floors to the library. According to the different cultivation levels, you could choose a different floor.

But right now Xu ZiRong only just came in contact with cultivating, so he could only choose a book from the first floor.

Old Chinese ‘books’ were more like bamboo scrolls.

The books on the shelves in the first floor were basically all books with the most basic of techniques. Mysterious Water Art, Fire Shield Art, and so on. Xu ZiRong only casually glanced at them before recovering his gaze.

These kind of goods, he felt that even looking at them once was wasting his time. Don’t even mention trying to thoroughly look through them.

He casually slid his finger across the bindings of all those books, one after another. Xu ZiRong originally had no intentions of choosing anything when his finger touched a darker book and caused a slight reaction.

His fingertips tingled with some pain. Surprised, Xu ZiRong took a look at that book.

Dark and dull, the top was covered with a thick layer of dust. The introduction on the front cover said it was a type of Wood Element Supporting Arts, but the feeling this book gave Xu ZiRong was definitely not the gentleness of Wood Element techniques.

He gently took down the book and brushed off the dust on the top. While his fingers touched the book, there was again that slight feeling of pain.

Full of interest, Xu ZiRong’s eyebrow quirked up. It was rare for Xu ZiRong to feel some fascination, and even with his Blood Devil’s eyesight he still couldn’t see the origin of this book. That alone was already enough to evoke his interest.

He tried probing the book with a thread of his soul but he would never have expected that the moment he entered the book, his subtle soul thread was crushed into dust. Xu ZiRong’s face immediately paled to a white.

“Such violent power,” he stared at the book in his hands with a grave expression. What was hidden in this book was an extremely violent lightning element power. Unless it was a genius with the Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein, anyone else who tried to entering the book with their soul would end up with their soul being crushed into smithereens.

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