I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 16

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Speaking up to there, Xu ZiYan was already feeling a bit embarrassed. Originally he only wanted to make it a small joke, because he always thought that between brothers it was good to laugh together. This was especially true for Xu ZiRong, a child who might develop to become one with such a gloomy character. Making a lot of jokes might make his personality more cheerful, and that could also be considered as another preventive measure to keep him from walking a crooked path.

Of course, the idea was good, but the results were contrary to his expectations. Although Xu ZiRong did manage to walk up the mountain, just remembering how he had just been holding that weak and sweat-covered body made Xu ZiYan be in a bad mood.


My little brother is this cute, this well-behaved, how could that guy Xu Mo be so heartless to set down such a heavy hand?! Did he not understand the idea of being flexible??!!

Hearing that, Xu ZiRong smiled slightly. “Big brother doesn’t have to apologize. Didn’t I get here?”

“Mm, as expected, ZiRong is very strong! Other children have to be ten before they can enter the martial arts training hall, yet our ZiRong is only eight and got in!” Xu ZiYan rubbed Xu ZiRong’s head in praise, not being the least stingy with his compliments.

An eight year old child who could bear the burden that a ten year old child would bore. In addition, he was someone who successfully entered the martial arts training hall. Even if Xu ZiRong’s talent was quite average, with his temperament, his future developments were for sure limitless!

Of course, according to his past memories and the contents of that book, Xu ZiYan knew that in the future Xu ZiRong was definitely not a person without talent. However, he believed that even without that damned Blood Sea Heart Sutra, his precious little brother would still succeed in life!

In addition, if he didn’t practice whatever that Blood Sea Heart Sutra was, Xu ZiRong’s essence blood wouldn’t be capable of attracting the mother bug of the blood-sucking insects. Even if the blood-sucking insect catastrophe happened in the future, it wouldn’t have anything to do with Xu ZiRong.

Xu ZiYan wasn’t some kind of saviour or Holy Father himself. Although he felt a bit sorry, this kind of thing where one uses the essence blood to attract the mother bug, let’s give that job to those upright and moral people ah——for example, that Bai Hua.

He must never start any kind of connection with that——cough cough, bitch. →.→

Although a review like this of Bai Hua sounded a bit ugly, these were truly the real thoughts of Xu ZiYan. What other people thought he wouldn’t know, but in any case he didn’t want to have any contact with that person.

After being praised by Xu ZiYan for a while, Xu ZiRong began to blush a bit. He embarrassedly grabbed his head and revealed a shy expression. However, his heart was pondering how the secrets of this Xu family seemed to be more than the ones he had known in his past life. It seemed like he was going to stay there for a bit longer.

After all, other than finding out the other secrets, his heart was somewhat curious about the Xu ZiYan in front of him.

Xu ZiRong really wanted to know if this Xu ZiYan who kept giving him pampering looks could truly continue his ways.

After ordering the doctor to take good care of Xu ZiRong, Xu ZiYan left.

Because today was the first day Xu ZiRong made it to the peak, there was no need for him to take part of today’s training.

But that didn’t apply to Xu ZiYan. Although the original could use various excuses to escape training, Xu ZiYan didn’t dare to do that. Right now he had only inherited the original’s memories, so he could cast his spells and scare people. But if Xu ZiYan really had to fight someone, he would only be suitable to get beaten up.

The strength of the original Xu ZiYan was the strongest compared to the other children around his age. If he did not want his own power to weaken, then his everyday training could not be skipped.

After all, there were a lot of things that looked like something when you were just looking at it, but was vastly different from that ‘something’ when you were actually doing it.

He did not know if it was because the original Xu ZiYan had severely offended that yellow-faced beefy man, but in today’s training, that guy practically stared at Xu ZiYan without stopping. He stared at Xu ZiYan’s face of guilt, and Xu ZiYan almost thought he had somehow exposed himself.

In reality, Xu Mo was just feeling very confused. The Young Master who had always looked down on the training of the martial arts training hall, why did he remember to come and train with them?

With his talent as a reason, Xu family had a lot of expectations for Xu ZiYan. However, the original was very disgusted with this tedious and dry-as-dust training, so he would almost never appear. After Xu Xiao realized that even without this training Xu ZiYan’s cultivation remained the same, he no longer cared about it.

Xu Mo stared at Xu ZiYan with a face full of curiosity. He really wanted to know how long this whim of the Young Master would last. However, after watching the other practice those fundamental skills over and over again, Xu Mo really felt his opinion of Young Master ZiYan change.

Every move and every form was done extremely precisely. His posture was correct and he did not let it slip to try and evade work. Looking at Xu ZiYan’s figure, it was as if the other was carefully doing this dull training for the first time.

After staring at him for a long time, Xu Mo finally moved his gaze away. After that, the whole martial arts training hall resonated with his ruthless voice.

“Xu ZiXing, what are you doing perking your ass in the air like that? Are you looking for a kick?” A teen quickly retracted his hip.

“Xu ZiLan, straighten your chest and take back your stomach. That stomach of yours is going to fall onto the ground.” A chubby teenager sucked in a deep breath, his small stomach disappearing.

“Xu ZiRuo, if those hairclips on your head keep falling, I’ll cut off all your hair!” A delicate and pretty teenage girl bit her lower lip before taking off all the hairclips on her head.

Like this, the only thing that could be heard on the field was the roar of Xu Mo and the rough breathing of the tired children.

Xu ZiYan didn’t receive any criticism from Xu Mo, but that was because his posture was the standard one without any mistakes. Xu Mo did not like Xu ZiYan but he would not needlessly find faults in him without reason. Thus, he kept maintaining a disregarding attitude around him.

On the martial arts training field, approximately a hundred teens had brows beaded with sweat as they practiced the most tiring basic training. In the small wooden hut beside the martial arts training field, a delicate youngster stared at all those people, the corner of his mouth curving in a sneer.

So many……familiar people……

The corner of Xu ZiRong’s mouth tilted up in an unnoticeable degree. The people on the martial arts training field were the ones he knew from his memory. Unfortunately, none of those memories were good ones. This made him, when he saw those familiar people, have the desire to kill!

“Don’t feel annoyed. Wait until tomorrow and you could also join them. Don’t look at how scary Xu Mo is when he’s yelling, in reality he’s doing it for your own good.” A soft and kind voice spoke up behind Xu ZiRong.

Xu ZiRong chuckled coldly and retracted the expression on his face. Turning around, he started smiling sweetly. “Thank you Doctor Liu.”

Doctor Liu was a famous doctor who looked rather elegant. Although he was only around twenty years old, his abilities were superior to others. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been invited home by the Xu family specifically to look after these children.

In reality, for a practicing cultivator, the best way to heal was of course taking pellet medicine. But pellet medicine was rather expensive, and using it to treat some small injuries was really a waste. Therefore, Doctor Liu was specifically assigned there, to heal the injuries of Xu family’s children.

He did not know who Xu ZiRong was, and only saw a delicate and cute child looking out of the window. He naturally thought that the child was envious of the disciples outside, and thus he couldn’t help but say a few words.

Xu ZiRong didn’t hold any grudges against this Doctor Liu. Doctor Liu was very kind, and in his last life he had helped him heal his injury. It was a shame that Doctor Liu was not a cultivator and his manner of speaking was gentle. His persuasion not only did not work, but it also angered Xu ZiYan and made the other chase Doctor Liu away.

Doctor Liu saw how cute and obedient Xu ZiRong was and could not help but smile lightly. Nobody knew where he actually found some pieces of candy, before the other stuffed them into Xu ZiRong’s hands.

Looking at the pieces of candy in his left palm, Xu ZiRong’s eyes revealed some rare hints of warmth. Although these pieces of candy were really cheap and the make was also very poor, Xu ZiRong did not feel any dislike and only quietly twisted out a piece before plopping it into his mouth.

AKA ancient Chinese cotton candy.

A sweet taste burst into his mouth but Xu ZiRong unconsciously frowned. After he became a blood devil, all of his clothes, food, and housing were top-notch. To him, such cheap candy was really a novel experience.

Silently swallowing that piece of candy, Xu ZiRong felt a bit frustrated and disappointed. He vaguely remembered that as a child, getting a piece of candy like that would make him extremely happy. But as he ate the same thing as before, it already lost the taste from his childhood.

Xu ZiRong mocked himself in his heart. Sure enough, anyone was greedy. After passing his days with better food, the things from before could no longer satisfy him.

In spite of that, Xu ZiRong still carefully wrapped up the remaining pieces of candy. This had nothing to do with the taste, and was purely because it was a cherished memory from the past.

Seeing how Xu ZiRong did not like to talk much, Doctor Liu found a medicinal book and gave it to him. Upon receiving the other’s surprised expression, however, Doctor Liu couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. Originally, he only wanted to find something to let Xu ZiRong pass the time, but he had forgotten. How could an eight year old child like to read such a boring medicinal book?

Just when he was about to retrieve the medicinal book, he did not expect Xu ZiRong to take the initiative and take it. He even smiled at him and said, “Thank you Doctor Liu, it’s perfect since I have nothing to do.”

Doctor Liu immediately felt that this child was incomparably well-behaved. Sympathetically rubbing his head, he turned around to study the various herbs.

Watching Doctor Liu leave, Xu ZiRong returned to an expressionless face. A medicinal book Doctor Liu uses was naturally just an ordinary kind of goods, and for Xu ZiRong’s cultivation, the things inside this medicinal book would have absolutely no effect on him.  The reason he took the medicinal book earlier was so that he would not let Doctor Liu feel embarrassed. There was no way he would actually spend effort to read it.

Since he had the time, it would be more beneficial for him to cultivate. The time before he would break through into the first layer of Qi Condensation Stage was very near.

The morning training quickly passed. The moment Xu ZiYan was done, he ran over to the room Xu ZiRong was in.

“Big brother,” The white and delicate hands of a young child held a book as he read it with concentration. Seeing Xu ZiYan walk in, he revealed a sweet smile.

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