I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 14

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The Xu ZiYan who heard the four words ‘martial arts training hall’ in his half asleep and half awake state suddenly jumped up. “Ah! I almost forgot!”

A guy who looked to be in love with his blankets and unwilling to ever part had suddenly jumped out, so it would naturally scare any onlookers. Xu ZiRong was no exception.

He opened his mouth wide and stared at the Xu ZiYan who was in great spirits, as if the other hadn’t just gotten out of bed, and couldn’t say anything for a long time.

“Ah! I forgot! I forgot!” Xu ZiYan said to himself in a low, annoyed tone. He actually overslept, he should really go die!

Before he had transmigrated, he already had this bad habit of having a hard time getting out of bed. In modern times however, he had an unequalled and effective way that got him out of bed——setting more than five alarm clocks!

But coming here……_(:з」∠)_, who in the Xu family had enough guts to disturb the Young Master when he was sleeping, ah……

“Big brother……” Xu ZiRong hesitantly asked. “Are we still going to the martial arts training hall?”

“Going! Of course we’re going ah! Today it’s big brother’s fault, I actually overslept! I’ll clean up faster!” Xu ZiYan started dressing himself as he bitterly replied.

Xu ZiRong quietly sat onto a chair as he watched Xu ZiYan wash up and change his clothes, using all of his four limbs to get ready. His gaze was deep.

The Xu ZiYan in front of him gave him a very intense uncomfortable feeling. Perhaps it was because he was tortured by Xu ZiYan a few times too much when he was younger, but the other’s mocking tone, his actions, and even the lilting ends of his words were completely remembered by him.

But although all the aspects of the person in front of him were the same as the previous Xu ZiYan’s, he had a ‘this is a completely different person’ kind of feeling.

The corner of Xu ZiRong’s mouth suddenly revealed the hint of a strange smile. Even if this person wasn’t Xu ZiYan, what did it matter to himself? The revenge he should deal out——it still should be done!

With the effort of pouring a cup of tea, Xu ZiYan was already finished cleaning up. Holding onto Xu ZiRong’s hand, he hurriedly rushed out of the door.

Xu family’s martial arts training hall was built in the mountains. Other than the expansive space, another reason for it to be built there was because of the ordinary beasts and the low-level spiritual beasts.

Perhaps these things would be fatal for mortals, but for disciples that cultivated, it truly provided them the best way to practice.

Xu ZiYan brought Xu ZiRong on a mad dash. Along the way, chickens flew and dogs jumped as they startled countless maids. But after all, with how highly ranked the Young Master’s position was, of course nobody would dare go to the Master to complain.

While Xu ZiYan was running, he still did not forget to check if anyone was following them in the surface of his floating room whenever they changed directions.

Reality went according to what he had expected. Xu ZiYan saw the figure of a man wearing black flash across his floating room at least three times.

His heart was secretly delighted. Although the grade of the stealth cultivation from the Xu family wasn’t high, the effect could be considered as quite good. But even if they took that into account, in front of his floating room there was no escape. So didn’t that mean that those people who were proficient in silent assassination wouldn’t be able to use their abilities in front of him?

Thinking up to that, Xu ZiYan couldn’t help but laugh at himself. His dream was truly beautiful, but reality was cruel. After all, the ‘room’ was only so big. Unless he constantly used the room to ‘see through’, the ‘room’ was something of little value.

He helplessly shrugged. Forget it. In any case this thing was something free of charge, and who knew? Maybe at a crucial moment this room would play a key role in helping them. No matter what, this room didn’t take up any energy so it was better to not be too greedy.

“Big brother? What happened?” From the beginning to the end of their run, Xu ZiRong had always been observing Xu ZiYan’s expressions. Right now this Xu ZiYan was someone he couldn’t understand or look through, so in his heart, he had already rated this Xu ZiYan’s danger level as the highest one.

“Ah? It’s nothing, big brother is just dazing off.” Xu ZiYan replied casually.

Xu ZiRong felt his chest tighten, as if there was a breath he couldn’t release.

Silently suppressing his angry thoughts, he once again thought that this Xu ZiYan was really someone extremely strange…… (no he wasn’t!)

One tall and one short child ran in a dead sprint to the martial arts training field. For Xu ZiRong, Xu family’s martial arts training field in his experienced eyes was just like a small child’s plaything. The reason why he wanted to go take a look was mostly because he was curious about this Xu ZiYan.

He really wanted to know what kind of tricks this Xu ZiYan who was completely different from the past one intended to play, or……

His dark and gloomy eyes flashed. As a blood devil, Xu ZiRong understood too much of the evil ways. Although he did not practice that kind of cultivation, there were no lack of mysterious things within those techniques.

He had once saw on an old parchment, that previously it was thought that the ancient blood devils knew a method to devour one’s soul.

Using this method to possess someone, not only could they understand all the secrets of the eaten soul, even their soul would possess the same wavelength as the other’s. In other words, if someone began to suspect that they were possessed and tried to use their blood to perform a test, they wouldn’t find anything wrong with them.

Unfortunately, that parchment page didn’t go into the details of that technique. But since there were remnants of pages like that, who could guarantee that nobody already knew this kind of evil spell?


Gaze deeply planted on the Xu ZiYan leading in front of him, Xu ZiRong let his eyelids lower slightly. Ever since his rebirth, there were too many things that happened differently compared to the events in his memory. In the final analysis, however, the source of those differences were all because of Xu ZiYan’s attitude toward him.

He could even be reborn. Who knew if this Xu ZiYan he met was one who was possessed? But no matter who the person in front of him was, as long as it wasn’t the previous Xu ZiYan, he could make a deal with him.

In this world, anything could be exchanged if there was interest in it. Although he did not have much strength right now, but with the many more years of experience he had from his previous life, he was well acquainted with the hidden places of some heavenly artifacts.

Those things that could cause a great sensation, perhaps his current ability wouldn’t allow him to pursue them. But those secretly appearing precious things, he could totally take advantage of how other people wouldn’t have reacted yet to take them away.

With his previous experience, he was completely confident that he could cultivate and break through the first layer of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra much quicker than before. You had to frequently vent out your anger after breaking through into the first later, but……

The corner of his mouth slowly rose into a mocking smile. He was a blood devil, and wasn’t murdering others and setting arson the old profession of a blood devil?

In his last life he didn’t do any of this, but those guys decided he was the one who released those blood-sucking devil insects. They even pulled in the whole cultivation world to be his enemies, but in the end wasn’t it so that they could use his essence blood to attract the mother bug?

Hmph. For what reason should he give his essence blood to those sanctimonious hypocrites? For a person like him who cultivated using the Blood Sea Heart Sutra method, his essence blood was practically his cultivation. Give it away and his cultivation would fall. For someone with his title, if his cultivation fell wouldn’t what happened afterwards be clear?

It was ridiculous. Who did that Bai Hua think he was? What kind of thing did he believed himself to be? Bai Hua thought so highly of himself that the other came and tried to persuade him to sacrifice his own essence blood, did he really think he was some kind of stunning beauty?

Anyway, nobody would believe him back then. Thus, in this life it would better if he became a crazy blood devil that slaughtered everybody.

In that way, his cultivation level of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra could rise even quicker. After all, human blood was always much easier to use than animal blood, and he wouldn’t need to kill beasts in a death battle. Killing people——was much simpler than killing beasts.

“We’re here!” Xu ZiYan’s voice brought Xu ZiRong out of his thoughts. He looked up and looked around with a face filled with envy and worship, before he asked in slight confusion. “Big brother, this is the——martial arts training field? Then, could I also practice cultivating here in the future?”

“Of course,” There was no way Xu ZiYan wouldn’t nod his head. “You are Xu family’s child, of course you are qualified to cultivate.”

Xu ZiRong exposed an expression as if he had only half understood, before he dazedly nodded.


Xu ZiYan smiled tenderly before he pointed at a meandering and rugged mountain road. “From here on, even if it is to enter the range of the martial arts training field, the regulations of the Xu family states that only those who can get to the martial arts field themselves have the qualifications to learn the Xu family’s cultivations techniques.”

When he finished speaking, he encouragingly patted Xu ZiRong’s shoulders. “In this big brother has no way to help you. But don’t worry, ZiRong. It is just a bit tiring to climb up there, but there shouldn’t be any problems for you.”

Xu ZiRong nodded his head silently. He knew the rules of this family, but in his last life, he didn’t even have the opportunity to come here, so obviously he wasn’t eligible to climb this road.

“Do you want big brother to watch you from here, or do you want me to go up first to wait?” Xu ZiYan considerately asked.

Xu ZiRong smiled shyly. “Big brother can go up, I’m fine by myself.”

“Alright,” Xu ZiYan didn’t say much more, and pang pang pang leapt onto the road and up the mountain. In a few seconds, even his shadow was nowhere to be seen.

Xu ZiRong stared at that huge limestone that was spread on the mountain road, his smile slowly fading away.

Xu family……

His mouth silently chewing on these two words, Xu ZiRong couldn’t say what he was feeling at that moment.

The opportunity was so eagerly placed in front of him, but he realized that he had long lost interest in it.

It was accurate to say……ever since he left Xu family in his previous life, he seemed to have lost interest in everything. It was as if his hatred of it helped him to continue living, but after that night it also disappeared.

Emptiness? Confusion? He did not know……

At this moment he only clenched his fist, and took step by step toward those limestone stairs.

When he stepped onto the first stair, Xu ZiRong suddenly felt a huge pressure hit his body. His face suddenly changed.

Everything was all fake!

Xu ZiRong’s heart instantly cooled. He didn’t understand, Xu ZiYan could clearly kill him just by moving his hands, so why would the other use so much effort to get him there in order to kill him with a trap……

Did this have a meaning?

Confused and puzzled, Xu ZiRong felt that even in the end he still could not understand how this Xu ZiYan’s mind worked. But just when he thought he was about to be reduced into smush by that pressure, that pressure was suddenly reduced. It then weakened to the extent where it was possible for him to bear.

Xu ZiRong: ???

Suddenly, he remembered the words Xu ZiYan said to him before he had left: it’s just a bit tiring to climb up there, but you should have no problems.

The image in his memory froze on Xu ZiYan’s handsome face after he said those words, but Xu ZiRong could clearly make out that from those seemingly indifferent eyes were the hints of a joking smile!!!

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