I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 13

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According to his previous experience with Xu ZiYu, it didn’t matter if the child’s age was small, but they also needed respect.

“Big brother……” Xu ZiRong quickly walked over to the door and opened it for Xu ZiYan. Seeing this person in front of him with his constant pampering smile on his face, Xu ZiRong’s mood became extremely complicated.

Clearly the appearance, voice, and his habits were all the same as the Xu ZiYan in his memories. But unfortunately, regarding their attitudes toward him, the Xu ZiYan in front of him did a 180 degrees turn.

When Xu ZiYan followed Xu Xiao to talk, Xu ZiRong returned to his room to find the Shuang Yu sword on his table.

Putting the Shuang Yu sword into his room, the meaning of that was self-evident. But Xu ZiRong still profoundly remembered how in his last life, simply touching this Shuang Yu sword was enough to make Xu ZiYan break his arm.

At that time, what did the other say?

A bastard actually dares to touch my stuff? You’re really looking to die early!

With his hand over his face, the corner of Xu ZiRong’s mouth curved into an ice-cold smile. At that time, what had he wanted to do? Ah, right. Back then he had just been very envious of how Xu ZiYan could cultivate, so he had wanted to secretly touch that seemingly powerful Shuang Yu sword.

Unfortunately, the result of touching that sword once was a broken arm. In addition, since that time he was never again allowed to enter the place near the martial arts training field.

Slowly lowering his hands, Xu ZiRong calmly stared at that Shuang Yu sword, looking neither sad nor happy.

Exactly how much Xu ZiYan loves this sword, Xu ZiRong understood it clearly. If they did not receive Xu ZiYan’s permission, nobody would dare to put this sword into his bedroom.

Why would Xu ZiYan give him this sword?

Why was Xu ZiYan so good to him??

He was merely an orphaned eight-year old child with no one to rely on, so no matter what he could not understand Xu ZiYan’s aim.

He wanted to be a good older brother? Everything he did was purely to benefit Xu ZiRong?

This idea only sprouted in his mind for a second before he nipped it in its bud. This was because anyone with a brain knew that was something impossible!

Xu ZiRong was extremely confused like this as he constantly tried to deduce Xu ZiYan’s aims when Xu ZiYan himself knocked on his door. Thus, Xu ZiRong could only bring along his complex mood as he opened his bedroom door for the other.

“What is ZiRong doing?” The Xu ZiYan who didn’t know how confused Xu ZiRong was about his attitude asked with a smile.

Although there was a lot on Xu ZiRong’s mind, he still immediately put on the mask of an obedient little brother. “Big brother, I was looking at the Shuang Yu sword.”

“Ah? Does ZiRong like it?”

“I like it,” Xu ZiRong bit his lower lip and embarrassedly laughed. “But, big brother……Shuang Yu sword is very precious right?”

Xu ZiRong was very smart, thus naturally he didn’t directly say that this was Xu ZiYan’s treasured baby. After all, he had just arrived at Xu family, so this wasn’t something he should know.

“It’s nothing. Xu family isn’t unable to buy you a sword, so if you like it then that’s great.” Xu ZiYan replied generously.

Xu ZiRong immediately felt a bit flabbergasted. Originally, he had thought that Xu ZiYan would especially emphasize how this sword was something he liked, to subtly suggest how good the other was to him. However, he did not expect that Xu ZiYan would end this thought from the start, and would instead deliberately lower the true value of the Shuang Yu sword.

But despite knowing this, Xu ZiRong was of course not stupid enough to bring it up. Since Xu ZiYan didn’t want to say it, then it was fine if he just pretended to not know. In any case, his current cultivation level was not high enough, so with the Shuang Yu sword beside him, it was indeed a bit safer.

Xu ZiRong shyly smiled and carefully put the Shuang Yu sword away. Then, he sat across from Xu ZiYan in a well-behaved manner. He now utterly believed that the other didn’t come to find him just because of the Shuang Yu sword.

Xu ZiRong made a good guess. The Shuang Yu sword indeed didn’t hold much significance to Xu ZiYan. Since it was suitable for Xu ZiRong’s current use, then he might as well give it to him. Instead, Xu ZiYan actually came because he wanted to chat with Xu ZiRong about some cultivation problems.

In the memories of the original Xu ZiYan, because of his extreme hatred toward Xu ZiRong, naturally the original didn’t give Xu ZiRong any opportunities to cultivate. So until Xu ZiRong quietly left Xu family, nobody knew where the other had come in contact with cultivating.

The novel had only mentioned it once as well. The inheritance of the blood devil cultivation could only be found in the alley of a mountain. So of course, Xu ZiYan thought that as long as he taught Xu ZiRong the correct cultivation path early on, the other would naturally not cultivate in the ways of devil arts cultivation.

“Starting from tomorrow, you should come with me to learn cultivation at the martial arts training hall, alright?” Xu ZiYan chuckled lightly as he told Xu ZiRong.

The hand Xu ZiRong hid in his sleeves suddenly clenched as his face morphed into the expression of someone at loss. “Martial arts training hall?”

Xu ZiYan lightly patted his own forehead. “I forgot to tell you, the martial arts training hall is the place for Xu family children to cultivate. You are my younger brother, so naturally you have the qualifications to go there.” Pausing a bit, Xu ZiYan continued to explain. “Xu family is a cultivation family. Although you can still live without cultivating, you are still young and do not know the cruelty of the outside world. Having more skills mean that if you have to go out in the future, you won’t be bullied by others.”

Xu ZiRong rather excitedly nodded his head. “I understand now.”

“Mm. In that case take a good rest tonight. Tomorrow morning, I will come and get you.” Xu ZiYan gently rubbed Xu ZiRong’s head.

Xu ZiRong smiled good-naturedly, and watched Xu ZiYan leave.

After Xu ZiYan left, his face swiftly changed as his expression became unreadable.

What was the real meaning behind Xu ZiYan’s actions?

In his past life, Xu ZiYan was afraid that in the future he would go against him, so Xu ZiRong did not even touch the outskirts of the martial arts training hall. So why was it that now, Xu ZiYan took the initiative to take him there?

Although Xu family’s cultivation techniques wasn’t something he valued, the ability to use the martial arts training hall to practice his Blood Sea Heart Sutra was also a good idea.

Taking a deep breath, Xu ZiRong slowly pressed down the doubts in his heart. No matter what, this was a good thing. Although he did not understand Xu ZiYan’s intentions, he really did not worry about if there was any danger.

No matter what, he already had the experience of an adult. He truly did not believe that he could not win against a child who was only twelve years old (not!)!

A night passed like that……

On the morning of the next day, Xu ZiRong got up extremely early. However, no matter how long he waited, Xu ZiYan never appeared. Seeing that the first class of the martial arts training hall was about to start, he could not help but sneer. Was this first giving him hope, and then letting him down so he would feel sad?

It really was a child’s trick. If Xu ZiRong was actually an eight-year old child, perhaps he would really have some kind of reaction. Unfortunately, a truly strong soul was the one inhabiting the weak body of today. These kind of small tricks didn’t mean anything to him.

Although he thought that Xu ZiYan’s underhanded tricks were really rotten, Xu ZiRong still decided to knock on Xu ZiYan’s bedroom door. After all, he had made an appointment with the other party yesterday, so if the other person doesn’t appear, looking for them was the natural reaction of a young child.

Since it was the neighbouring room, after stepping out of his room it didn’t take many steps to bring him to Xu ZiYan’s bedroom door.

The maid guarding the bedroom door looked both cunning and proper. Xu ZiRong lightly furrowed his forehead: he remembered that back then, the maid Xu ZiYan pampered the most was a maid called Ruo Qi or something like that. She wasn’t the one standing before him.

“Young Master ZiRong,” Seeing Xu ZiRong walk over, Ruo Hua slightly bowed a bit.

It was the first time Xu ZiRong heard a title like that, and thus his eyebrow jumped a bit.

But he still revealed an extremely cute smile. “This big sister, my older brother……”

“Young Master ZiRong has scared me. Calling me Ruo Hua is enough.” Ruo Hua was startled by the other’s words. What a joke! Yesterday, it was merely because Ruo Qi did not properly arrange Young Master ZiRong’s bedroom location and thus she was chased out by the Young Master. Ruo Hua was just a small maid, so how could she be Young Master ZiRong’s big sister? If that was heard by Xu ZiYan, she would only follow Ruo Qi’s footsteps.

Xu ZiRong paused a bit before changing his words. “Ruo Hua, is big brother in there?”

With a smile on his face as he stood there, Xu ZiRong calmly waited for Ruo Hua to tell him that Xu ZiYan had already departed to the martial arts training hall and that he shouldn’t ask for things that didn’t belong to him. Unexpectedly, Ruo Hua began saying something that was completely opposite of what he had originally thought: “Young Master is still asleep in his room. Does Young Master ZiRong want to go in? Young Master has long ordered that if Young Master ZiRong is looking for him, you could go to him no matter what time it was.”

Xu ZiRong’s expression had a moment where it cracked. The scene where the other humiliated him actually did not appear??!!

Xu ZiYan was really in his room??!!

“Okay, I’m going to see big brother.” The shock in his heart was intense like a surging wave, but the look on Xu ZiRong’s face was still the same humble one from before.

Ruo Hua quietly pushed open the door and gestured for Xu ZiRong to enter. Then, she once again returned to her previous position.

“Big brother?” Xu ZiRong’s brain was moving extremely fast as he tried to deduce the meaning behind this, but even wearing out his mind didn’t help him come up with any answers. According to his guess, at this time Xu ZiYan shouldn’t be in his room, but he really was here.


“Mm……” Unconscious mumbling was transmitted from behind the screen. Xu ZiRong’s feet paused a bit, before he strode around the screen.

Xu ZiYan didn’t like having a lot of shackles on him as he slept, so currently his upper body was naked as he only wore some pant undergarments. He was rolled up in his blankets as he slept sweetly.

Xu ZiRong: ……

His thousands of speculations wouldn’t have told him that he would see a scene like this. In any case, he shouldn’t be seeing Xu ZiYan sleeping like the dead……

“Big brother? Big brother?” Xu ZiRong had a feeling of defeat, as if he had punched into cotton. If they had followed the development of the original script, he could anger Xu ZiYan half to death if he just displayed an indifferent smile before expressing how he didn’t care whether he could go to the martial arts training hall or not. However, everything was now thrown upside down! Xu ZiYan wasn’t trying to mock and ridicule him, because he was still sleeping sweetly in his bed!!!


“Mmhm……” Xu ZiYan answered him with two mumbles, before he turned around and rolled himself back into his blankets.

It had the ‘even if you kill me I won’t get out of bed’ kind of meaning.

Xu ZiRong was unusually quiet for a long time before he stepped forward and lightly shook Xu ZiYan. “Big brother, it’s time to get up.”

Xu ZiYan mumbled again before turning around and kicking his blankets to the side, and then he stuffed his head into them……

Xu ZiRong silently supported his forehead. A Xu ZiYan like this was one he had never seen before, and it really exceeded his expectations.

“Big brother, you want to bring me to the martial arts training hall. Remember?” Xu ZiRong used more force to shake Xu ZiYan.

The author has something to say: Ahahahaha……the answer to the mystery was that Xu ZiYan overslept!!!

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