I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 12

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Regarding his son’s discipline issues, Xu Xiao was considerably concerned. So he had originally thought to take some time out of his schedule to have a good chat with Xu ZiYan, but he had not expected that after Xu ZiRong arrived, some of Xu ZiYan’s actions were even beyond his own expectations. At this point, Xu Xiao was extremely satisfied.

It was chaotic in the dining room, and often there were children who loudly pondered the cultivation problems brought up. The older youths also talked to each other and discussed things, and only Xu Xiao maintained his not slow yet not fast speed as he elegantly ate. He would also occasionally speak up and give some advice, and anyone who got his pointers all had looks of ecstasy.

All the people in this room were the future pillars for Xu family. The higher their future cultivation levels, the more help they would be for the Xu family. As Xu family’s cultivator with the highest cultivation level, Xu Xiao’s advice for them was extremely rare. Because although he wasn’t stingy at giving out his pointers, as the Xu family Master he was just too busy, and there wasn’t anyone who would dare bother him for insignificant things like that.

Xu Xiao was giving advice to the youngters when suddenly, his heart stirred. He twisted his neck to give Xu ZiYan a look, before he slightly raised his eyebrows. “ZiYan, you broke through?”

The dining room, because of those words, once again instantly silenced. Everyone’s gaze began to brush against Xu ZiYan’s body again.

Xu ZiYan nodded in an extremely tranquil manner: “Yes, that’s right Father. Today I somehow had a moment of enlightenment, and luckily broke through into sixth layer of Qi Condensation stage.”


The sound of inhaling resonated in the dining room.

Xu ZiYan breaking through into the fifth layer of Qi Condensation stage was something that happened only half a month ago. In this short amount of time he already broke through into the sixth layer of Qi Condensation stage, it really was something worthy of the Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein!

Xu Xiao was satisfied to the point he stroked his own beard. Toward his own son, he was even more satisfied. To raise your cultivation through some insight, this was definitely something that was extremely rare.

In fact, the epiphany one has when they raised their cultivation was less important. What was important was one’s emotions and mood. For this so-called epiphany, naturally it was already something most people already understood. In general, this epiphany was usually closely related to the people involved.

Xu Xiao’s action of stroking his beard slightly paused. Combined with the performance of Xu ZiYan and his attitude toward Xu ZiRong, he seemed to have stumbled upon the reason for Xu ZiYan’s moment of enlightenment.

Sighing a bit in his heart, Xu Xiao could not help but feel more relaxed. The matter with Xu ZiYan’s mother was really an accident. His feelings for ZiYao were probably not deep, but respect was definitely present.

The maid who had deliberately told ZiYao of Xu ZiRong’s mother’s existence was already killed by him. Before he killed her, he learned through the maid’s soul that the real mastermind behind the incident had been his ‘true love’.

When he first found out about this after he searched the maid’s soul, he could not believe it. But after that, what was left was only a sigh. The once innocent and cute young girl was now left with only a heart full of calculations. If she had not been so greedy, perhaps Xu Xiao would not have had to ‘force’ her to die.

Nodding slightly, Xu Xiao told Xu ZiYan: “Later, come to my study room.”

“Of course, Father.” Xu ZiYan respectfully answered.

Innately, Xu ZiYan did not like Xu Xiao. This was because, as a man, he was not faithful to his wife, and as a father, he did not protect his own son. It could be said that if Xu ZiYan had to grade him, even a passing grade would be too high.

But the quality of Xu Xiao’s personality didn’t have much to do with Xu ZiYan. Because no matter what, at the end of the day, Xu Xiao was quite good to Xu ZiYan. So although he did not have any intentions of falling out with him, it was still difficult to treat the other as his father.

To sum it all up, even Xu ZiYan himself had no idea what kind of attitude he should use to face Xu Xiao. He could only gauge things one step at a time.

At the dinner table, Xu ZiRong also did not say a single word from the beginning to the end. Fortunately, his ‘shy, scared of strangers’ image was extremely successful. Other than Xu ZiYan who kept stacking different kinds of meat into his bowl, making him eat so much he felt a bit bloated, this meal of his had been quite pleasant.


After eating dinner, Xu ZiYan sent Xu ZiRong back before following Xu Xiao to the other’s study room.

The father and the son chatted a bit in the study room, and once they finished Xu Xiao satisfyingly allowed Xu ZiYan to leave.

The contents of their conversation made Xu Xiao feel extremely satisfied. Xu ZiYan’s ability to grasp the bigger picture made Xu Xiao feel a bit more confident in his son.

Towards how Xu ZiYan was intending to carefully nurture Xu ZiRong into becoming his assistant, Xu Xiao had no objections at all. After all, Xu ZiRong was still of his own blood. Although because of his ‘true love’s’ actions he did not have a good impression towards Xu ZiRong and he even intended to use Xu ZiRong as Xu ZiYan’s whetstone, since Xu ZiYan was the one taking the initiative to give up, he was also not that cruel to needlessly ruin his own son.

In his point of view, although Xu ZiRong’s talent was quite average, he was still very young. As long as Xu ZiYan was willing to carefully nurture him, in the future the other may really become a good helper.

And more importantly, Xu ZiRong was but eight years old. The biggest advantage of being young was how much easier it was for the children to cultivate good feelings toward the family.

Although Xu ZiRong had always lived together with his mother before, Xu Xiao believed that with the resources of Xu family, they would for sure allow Xu ZiRong to experience better days.

Little children ah, it was a bit ugly to hear but coax them a bit and they would become obedient. Not to mention, this child of his seemed a bit timid, so controlling him would be even easier.

The only thing that bothered him was that without Xu ZiRong, he was hesitating whether it was necessary to find his son another whetstone. But after thinking about Xu ZiYan’s performance today, he put down that idea.

For Xu ZiYan’s performance today, he temporarily didn’t need any whetstones. If there was a need for one in the future, finding another then wouldn’t be too late.

Xu ZiYan’s mood was also very good. Today his chat in the study room with Xu Xiao gave him slightly more confidence for his future days.

Although he did not know why Xu Xiao thought that his plan to carefully raise Xu ZiRong was connected to his sudden moment of enlightenment, it was such a convenient excuse so of course he would abuse it.

Because he was well-acquainted with the plot, and combined with the original’s memories, he quickly spun out a bunch of excuses. Ultimately, he linked together his sudden attitude change and his moment of enlightenment today.

Whether Xu Xiao had really believed in it or not, he had no idea. On the surface, he seemed to have believed it, and in the very least the other did not find anything wrong with his excuses so theoretically there shouldn’t be a big problem.

Today, the conversation between the two of them could be said that it was the first step of Xu ZiYan changing Xu ZiRong’s fate. After all, the final say in the Xu family still rested on Xu Xiao. Should Xu Xiao set his heart on being adverse to Xu ZiRong, other than Xu ZiYan leaving the family with Xu ZiRong, he really didn’t have any other plans.

Now that this problem have been solved, both parties were extremely happy.

Xu ZiYan now has Xu Xiao’s support, and Xu Xiao received Xu ZiYan’s ‘forgiveness’, so both sides could be considered as quite happy.

Because his chat with Xu Xiao didn’t take long, the sky hadn’t turned black yet when he returned to Liu Shang Court. On the way there were many people who saluted him, so in Xu family, his status could be said to be extremely high.


Xu ZiYan’s footsteps paused slightly, before they quickly returned back to normal.

He saw a silhouette beyond the floating ‘room’ in front of him, but in the blink of an eye, that silhouette suddenly disappeared.

Before when he was together with Ruo Hua, he had once tried to sneakily take out that novel from the floating ‘room’. However, it seemed as if Ruo Hua didn’t see it at all, which helped him determine that this novel probably had some restrictions on it so that nobody from this world could see it.

As for that floating ‘room’, he had also pondered about it for a long time. Unfortunately, he still did not know what role that kind of thing played. Other than putting some small things inside, the volume of the ‘room’ meant that it was impossible to fit something big into it.

That invisible room was suspended in thin air. It was like there was a transparent glass box in front of his eyes, but this glass box was completely separated from everything. Xu ZiYan could pass his hand through it, and he wouldn’t be able to touch anything.

Only when he ‘wanted’ to take out that book could he actually touch it, otherwise that floating room was as if it was separate from the world. It existed, but it was impossible to touch it.

But just now, he saw a person’s shadow from the back of that ‘room’. Actually, saying it was a person’s shadow was not right. It was more accurate to say that he saw a shadow that only consisted of someone’s chest.

Although it had happened in a flash, Xu ZiYan was really confident in his own sight. That kind of situation was as if an invisible person had walked past him. He could not see the other, but on the surface of the floating room, he was able to see the person’s silhouette.

According to the memories in his head, he knew that in Xu family there were secret guards who specialized in learning stealth techniques. But though a secret guard was always beside their owners to protect them, and he himself was quite valued, Xu ZiYan still shouldn’t have received treatment like this.

He slowed down, before seemingly carelessly turning around. To other people, it looked as if Xu ZiYan was just admiring the scenery. But that secret guard hidden in the dark had a strange feeling, as if his figure had been exposed to the eyes of his charge.

The secret guard shook his head. That was impossible. Xu ZiYan’s cultivation was only at the sixth layer of Qi Condensation stage, so it was impossible for the other to notice his figure. But he didn’t know if his eyes were playing tricks on himself, for when Xu ZiYan’s gaze swept over his hiding place, the boy seemed to have paused.

Xu ZiYan turned around on his spot, and when his back was facing a certain direction, his eyebrow slightly rose.

Xu Xiao was really good to him, this son of his. Even hidden guards were sent to him. Only……was this guard sent to protect him or to observe him, this was something he had to slowly figure out.

Since this hidden guard didn’t deliberately expose himself to him, of course Xu ZiYan wasn’t stupid enough to speak up and tell the other how he was already exposed. He merely wore a smile as he slowly walked back to his courtyard, but that smiling expression made the hidden guard knit his eyebrows.

“ZiRong, are you alright ah?” Xu ZiYan lightly knocked on the child’s door. He wouldn’t randomly burst into Xu ZiRong’s room because the other was only eight years old.

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