I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 10

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Since he had not started practicing the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, he was still capable of suppressing that ball of anger. But this time was limited, and should he not vent his anger out, sooner or later there would be very serious consequences.

Xu ZiRong exhausted his patience and slowly opened his eyes. He did not hold much hope for Xu ZiYan’s ‘surprise’, but he wasn’t immune to some curiosity.

At the moment when he opened his eyes——

Fuck! ——A foul word bursted out of his mouth.

Pink walls, a pink roof, even the bed sheets on his bed and his blankets were different shades of pink.

A peach pink, a light pink, a golden pink. All kinds of bright and eye-catching colours intertwined in the inside of this small room. Because of the season, even the window had silvery-pink wind chime hanging there.


——That wind chime followed the blowing breeze and gently moved, issuing a crisp jingle.

At this moment, Xu ZiRong profoundly felt what other people call——to reap what one had sown.

Damn it!

The blood devil lord’s devil’s palace had always been either pitch-black or blood-red in colour, so how could there possibly be this kind of pink that only small girls would like??!!

That bastard Xu ZiYan must be humiliating him!!! This had to be intentional!!!

Mister Blood Devil had ignored his own likes at that time and instead said pink to make Xu ZiYan uncomfortable, so he stubbornly decided that this must be Xu ZiYan’s scheme.

As for the contents of that scheme? That wasn’t important! It was always Xu ZiYan who had schemes!!!

Xu ZiRong’s face became gloomy as he saw this room that made him wish he had a blind dog’s eyes. Secretly grinding his teeth, he thought: this deed he will also remember. Sooner or later, he will pay back everything to Xu ZiYan!

Knock knock knock!

Just when Xu ZiRong was grinding his teeth and trying to imagine how he was going to torment Xu ZiYan in the future, someone knocked softly onto the door.

Xu ZiRong instantly assumed an innocent and guiltless face, before softly saying, “Come in.”

“ZiRong, you woke up?” Xu ZiYan pushed open the door and walked inside. Seeing Xu ZiRong swathed in blankets and sitting up on his bed, with his two wide eyes still looking as if he was half-asleep, he couldn’t help but smile as he spoke.

Xu ZiRong cursed silently in his heart, but revealed some shyness on his face as he affirmed, “Uhuh, just woke up.”

Xu ZiYan laughed a bit before using some force to ruffle his hair. He said, “There’s nothing embarrassing about just waking up. You are in your home, not outside.”

Xu ZiRong lowered his head slightly, the corner of his mouth twerking in ridicule: his home? Ha……his home only consisted of that ice-cold devil’s palace. The Xu house would never be his home.

“Does ZiRong like this room?” The Xu ZiYan who did not notice Xu ZiRong’s sneer softly asked.

Xu ZiRong’s expression had that small moment where it cracked, but he quickly returned to his usual mask. He forcefully revealed a smile: “I really like it, thank you big brother.”

“You’re already calling me big brother, so why are you being so courteous!” Xu ZiYan patted Xu ZiRong’s shoulders and said: “With your big brother here, in the Xu family there wouldn’t be anyone who would dare to bully you. If there is anyone who would raise their hand against you, just tell big brother. I’ll help you ‘teach’ them a lesson.”

Having heard that, Xu ZiRong’s eyebrows jumped a bit. When he was living with his mother in that small town, there had also been a time where he wondered how it would be like to have an older brother. Would he also be like the big brothers of other families, who had cared for and protected their younger brothers?

Later, after his mother died and he was found by Xu Xiao, he also felt some hope like that on the road back to the Xu family.

Unfortunately, after he arrived at Xu family, the first thing he received from Xu ZiYan was just the word ‘bastard’. It completely shattered that longing in his heart.

Now after rebirth, this Xu ZiYan intended to be a good big brother? It was a pity, because he  had enlightened way too late.  If it was before, perhaps he would still have some hopeful expectations of this. But after experiencing his previous life, he had long thrown away those excessive emotions.

Though he was sneering in his heart, Xu ZiRong’s face was still the very picture of an obedient child. Raising his head, his pretty and wide eyes blinked cutely. “En. I know, big brother.”

A white and tender pretty child saying these clever heartfelt words, of course Xu ZiYan’s little brother complex would erupt. Tugging Xu ZiRong over with one hand, he firmly pressed a kiss onto the other’s cheek: “ZiRong is too sweet! Big brother really likes you~”

This time Xu ZiRong’s eyebrow only jumped a bit. After the previous shocks, he was now extremely calm. He discovered that the current Xu ZiYan had no resistance at all to his obedient looks and manner. As long as he seemed well-behaved, Xu ZiYan would reveal that face that looked as if he couldn’t wait to dig out his own heart for him.

Kissing his cheek? That was completely fine. His mental notepad had it all remembered, and there would be chances to repay the other in the future.

“Ah, I almost forgot!” Xu ZiYan knocked on his own head with force as he released Xu ZiRong.

Xu ZiRong subtly retreated a bit. Although he could now tolerate the affectionate gestures from Xu ZiYan, having a little less was always good. Or else remembering all of the other’s deeds was also quite troublesome.

“It’s almost time to eat. Clean up, and let’s go together.”

“Okay.” Xu ZiRong obediently answered before crawling up from the bed.

The clothes he was wearing now were the changpao Xu ZiYan had selected for him before he went to sleep. It was soft and comfortable, and even sleeping in it didn’t bring any discomfort.

While he cleaned up, he also observed the various furnishings in the room.

When he had first opened his eyes, he was only preoccupied by how pink the room looked. He actually didn’t keenly observe anything.

Eyes gazing around, Xu ZiRong’s eyebrow slightly rose. It wasn’t that there was something wrong with the furnishing, but that the furnishing was too good. It really exceeded normal standards.

For Xu ZiRong’s eyesight, obviously he could tell how many good things were in this room.

That insignificant-looking potted plant at the corner of the room, it was the third-ranked spiritual energy gathering spiritual grass. This spiritual gathering spiritual grass had the ability to slowly absorb spiritual energy. If you put a stalk in someone’s room, it could promote the room owner’s ability to absorb spiritual energy.

32034 Red Accent Pot

The vase placed on that table was the second-ranked Four Seasons Like Spring. It’s ability was also the same as it’s name and it could control the room’s temperature and humidity, so one could always enjoy the most comfortable atmosphere.

Just these two items would waste a considerable amount of spiritual energy, and a single look at these things would tell one that it was prepared for someone about to become a cultivator. Xu ZiRong couldn’t even deceive himself and say that it was hand-me-downs from someone else.

Xu ZiRong sat on his bed and stared smilingly at this Xu ZiYan, his gaze suddenly turning complex. Before he had thought he had understood Xu ZiYan to the other’s bones, yet the person in front of him had completely overturned his previous thoughts.

Was——he really Xu ZiYan?

Quietly recovering his gaze, the Xu ZiRong that raised his head was again that seemingly timid and shy young child.

“Big brother, I’m ready.”

“Alright, then let us go.” Xu ZiYan very naturally took Xu ZiRong’s hand, and led him on the path toward the main house’s dining room.

Perhaps it was the doubts that existed in his heart, but on this walk Xu ZiRong carefully observed Xu ZiYan.

His gait, his posture, and all his little habits. No matter what he saw, it was the same as the Xu ZiYan in his memories.

The only difference you could find was that black pair of eyes.

The Xu ZiYan in his last life, his pair of black eyes always revealed aversion and hate whenever the other saw him. Sometimes, there were even hints of killing intent.

However, the Xu ZiYan in this life didn’t have any of that raring to kill intent in his eyes. Rather, they were always filled with smiles and pampering love.

Xu ZiRong was very puzzled. In his last life, it was only after he had arrived at Xu family was he told that his own mother was in fact Xu Xiao’s lover, and that Xu ZiYan’s mother had died because she had found out.

In the beginning, he did not know where he had went wrong for Xu ZiYan to bully him like that. It was after he had grown up a bit did he finally understand: his very existence was the biggest reason for Xu ZiYan to hate him.

Recalling the dislike the previous Xu ZiYan had for him, Xu ZiRong couldn’t help but sneer in his heart: all the thousands of mistakes were Xu Xiao’s mistakes. For it to anger his mother to death, it was only because the two lovers still longed for each other even after they had parted. In the end, if Xu ZiYan truly wanted to help his mother get revenge, his biggest enemy should have been his father, Xu Xiao. But Xu ZiYan was nothing but a weak bug and knew that it was impossible for him to fight his father, and that his own future also depended on his father’s future. Thus, he vented out all of his resentment onto the Xu ZiRong who was incapable of fighting back.

To sum it all up, only the weak wanted to take advantage of the weaker and cowered from the strong. If back then he also had Xu ZiYan’s talent and thus won Xu Xiao’s protection, perhaps Xu ZiYan would have not dared to retaliate against him.

But that was just a guess at the previous Xu ZiYan’s thoughts. The more Xu ZiRong thought, the more he began to believe that there was something wrong with the Xu ZiYan in front of him.

Even if all of his habits were the same as the previous Xu ZiYan’s, just the fact that there wasn’t any hate in the other’s gaze whenever Xu ZiYan saw him was completely abnormal!

“Hm? Is there anything ZiRong wants to say?” Becoming aware of how focused Xu ZiRong’s gaze was on his figure, Xu ZiYan lowered his head and asked.

Slowly lowering his eyelids, Xu ZiRong softly said: “It’s nothing much, it’s just that……big brother is too good to me.”

“Haha, a big brother being good to his little brother, isn’t that normal?” Xu ZiYan replied with a smile.

Xu ZiRong smiled but did not speak, and instead quietly whispered in his heart: Perhaps a good relationship between other brothers was normal, but between you and me, there can never be a day where our relationship is good.

The distance between Liu Shang Court and the main house was very far. Xu ZiYan deliberately did not increase his speed, and thus the two brothers practically had a leisurely attitude as they slowly walked towards the dining room.

Xu ZiRong was led by Xu ZiYan as they held hands so there was no need for him to look at the roads. But in actuality, even without Xu ZiYan there was no way he could ever get lost.

After all, he had lived in this Xu family for so many years. Unfortunately, this ice-cold family had never let him experience the warmth of a real one.

The author has something to say: ╮(╯▽╰)╭~ ZiRong has a narrow mind, in his heart all of his diaries has already been prepared for his big brother……

PS: Perhaps what I wrote before was unclear, but Xu ZiYan’s mother’s death is a secret in the Xu family. Other than a few elders, nobody else is in the know. After all, what had happened was not something glorious, so obviously nobody wanted it to spread around. So right now Xu ZiYan is using his title of young master to establish some power for Xu ZiRong, in order to prevent anyone else to bully him like how the others did in his previous life.

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