The Embarrassing Days of Accidentally Wearing the Same Clothes as the Campus Prince Part 1-3


Tong Yao stared at the boy who brushed past his shoulders. His eyes were practically popping out—because he was actually wearing the same clothes as that guy again!

The guy who wore the same clothing as him was the Campus Prince Jiang Jinyue. He was Tong Yao’s classmate, with excellent character and superb academics. Jiang Jinyue was the type who had both exceptional talent and appearance. 

At this moment, his classmate the campus prince was walking right in front of Tong Yao, with earphones on and hands in his trouser pockets.

Jiang Jinyue was probably the only person in this entire school who dared to use earphones so blatantly.

But top students all have an undying halo. After all, he was probably listening to English programs. 

A slight breeze blew past them. The hair behind the Campus Prince’s ears fluttered up disobediently, and the two large words “Fat Weeb” on the front and back of the black and simple T-shirt also moved with the wind. Every step he took made him resemble the male protagonist of a girls’ shoujo manga. 

Jiang Jinyue is probably the only person who could look gorgeous in this kind of clothing.. 

Tong Yao lowered his head to look at the “Fat Weeb” printed on his own chest. He was so embarrassed, he nearly drilled into the cracks on the ground. 

The girls passing by couldn’t help but look at Jiang Jinyue.

 “Look, it’s Jiang Jinyue from Class 8. He’s so handsome!”

 “His clothes are so unique, this must be the cuteness of contrast!”

 “Oh my gosh, look at that guy over there, he’s actually wearing the same clothing as Jiang Jinyue.” 

“Wearing the same clothing as someone is not scary, but whoever is uglier must be embarrassed……”


Wearing the same clothing as someone is not scary, but whoever is uglier must be embarrassed.

Like a demonic curse, this famous saying has been lingering in the ears of Tong Yao for more than two months since the start of the stressful second semester of his third year of high school.

It must be hard to believe. But he, an ordinary person, has consecutively worn the same clothing as the Campus Prince Jiang Jinyue for almost three months in a row.

Tell him, who was the embarrassed one?

Tong Yao believed he was the most ordinary person in the world, with a mediocre figure, a standard appearance, average grades, a normal family background……absolutely nothing about him was special.

Usually, when walking on the road, nobody would pay any attention to Tong Yao. 

But recently, he had been frequently mentioned in other people’s conversations. All without exception, they were discussing how he and Jiang Jinyue were wearing the same clothing.

Jiang Jinyue’s original style of dress was not like this. He came from a very wealthy family, and both his parents did business abroad. A nanny picked him up and sent him to school every day by car. The clothes he wore were all high-end brands that Tong Yao had never seen before.

In short, one word to describe Jiang Jinyue was: handsome.

It wasn’t that Jiang Jinyue didn’t look handsome when wearing the same clothes as Tong Yao. Of course he was still handsome, but Tong Yao just couldn’t figure out why Jiang Jinyue’s aesthetic had declined like this.

Why did he start wasting the value of his face?

Lowering his head, Tong Yao walked over to the school amidst everyone’s gazes. At the corner, with a “pa!”, he walked into someone’s sturdy back.

With an “aiyo!”, Tong Yao rubbed his forehead. In front of him were the huge words “Fat Weeb”.

Tong Yao raised his head to take a look. My god, it was Jiang Jinyue ah!

Jiang Jinyue was also looking at him in astonishment. Beside him, a girl with a ponytail was holding a box of heart-shaped chocolates. Looking incomparably embarrassed, her face was flushed red as she stared at Tong Yao, who had suddenly appeared.

Tong Yao knew he had ruined someone’s confession. Quickening his pace, he went upstairs and didn’t even hear Jiang Jinyue ask him, “Are you okay?”.

“Sorry, classmate, I can’t accept this chocolate.” Jiang Jinyue withdrew his gaze, once again restoring the indifference that had hurt this girl before.


Normally, Tong Yao and Jiang Jinyue were people whose lives shouldn’t intersect at all. The more perfect Jiang Jinyue was, the more humble Tong Yao became.

However, just because of a few pieces of clothing, the two of them were forced to be linked together.

In fact, Tong Yao had wanted to ask Jiang Jinyue many times, exactly why the other boy kept wearing these clothes. But from beginning to end, he just couldn’t muster the courage. Tong Yao was afraid that Jiang Jinyue would despise him with a lofty gaze.

As he walked on the road, Jiang Jinyue’s perfectly-shaped chin was always raised at an upward angle, which made him look very difficult to approach. Despite this, people who approached him were all still very eager, and even the basketball he touched during a game would be snatched by his fangirls and collected.

But on the other hand, most male students disliked Jiang Jinyue.

This was very easy to understand—it was their jealousy at work. There was such a dazzling boy by their side, so it was hard for fellow guys to not be jealous. The so-called repulsion between the same gender was not unreasonable, but this isn’t applicable to everybody.

For example, Tong Yao was different from other boys. He liked Jiang Jinyue.

He liked Jiang Jinyue in the same way as those girls did.

Unfortunately, Tong Yao had been in the same class as Jiang Jinyue for almost three years, but he hadn’t once dared to take the initiative to say something to his crush.

No, never mind talking, Tong Yao was too embarrassed to even look at Jiang Jinyue.

The only time they said something was on the eve of summer vacation during the first year of high school, when the Class Adviser Mister Tian asked Tong Yao, who just happened to pass by the office, to ask Jiang Jinyue to come over.

After he agreed, sweat immediately appeared on Tong Yao’s back. Mister Tian asked him to inform Jiang Jinyue, which meant he would have to talk to Jiang Jinyue face-to-face. This was an extremely rare opportunity that he must grasp, but why did his heart beat so fast?

His originally hurried pace as he entered the classroom also slowed down.

In the end, Tong Yao couldn’t take it any longer. Dawdling, he moved slowly to Jiang Jinyue’s desk.

Even now, he still remembered that scene clearly: at that time, Jiang Jinyue was working on some math problems. A pair of black-rimmed glasses sat on the bridge of his straight and elegant nose. According to Tong Yao’s observations, Jiang Jinyue was slightly short-sighted so he normally wore glasses in class.

Jiang Jinyue’s back was very straight. His long and slender fingers twirled his pen, while his chin rested on his left hand. It appeared like he was thinking over a difficult problem.

Tong Yao plucked up his courage: “Classmate Jiang……Jiang……Jiang Jinyue!”

Patter! The gel pen that had been spinning at Jiang Jinyue’s fingertips fell onto the table and made a loud noise, before rolling onto the ground.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” Tong Yao immediately squatted down to pick up the pen. Unfortunately, the pen rolled into a tricky place, just behind Jiang Jinyue’s feet.

“Jiang…..Classmate Jiang Jinyue, could you move your feet a bit?” With a lot of effort, Tong Yao stretched out his hand to grab it, but he didn’t manage to touch the pen in the slightest.

Jiang Jinyue’s feet didn’t move at all either.

He thought his voice had been too soft and Jiang Jinyue hadn’t heard him. So Tong Yao raised his head and said, “Sorry, could you……” 

The words Tong Yao was planning to say after were all blocked in his throat. In front of him, less than five centimeters away, was Jiang Jinyue’s handsome face. Even their breaths were entangled with one another. 

Tong Yao immediately held his breath. Jiang Jinyue’s breath smelled of mint, and it smelled extremely good.

“I’ll pick it up myself.” In reality, there was just a two-second pause. Then, Jiang Jinyue bent down to pick up his pen.

Tong Yao scrambled to get up. Stepping back amidst Jiang Jinyue’s frown, he ran away after saying, “The office asked you to go see Lao Tian.” 

After walking very far away did he suddenly realize, the last sentence he said was flipped. Lao Tian wanted Jiang Jinyue to go to the office.

After that, Tong Yao felt too embarrassed to talk to Jiang Jinyue again. He merely watched the campus prince from a distance. 

If he was ashamed in front of Jiang Jinyue again, Tong Yao would have to knock his head against a piece of tofu and die.

So from then on, Tong Yao’s favorite class-assigned text is “Song of the Pipa”, because only when he read it aloud, could he loudly call out Jiang Jinyue’s name.

“When came the time to part with melancholy, with the full moon soaking in the boundless river1.” 

When other people read this poem, the tone of the last three characters always dipped. 

Tong Yao was the only one whose tone would rise vigorously 2 .

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  1. Jiang Jinyue’s name (江浸月) can be translated as “moon sinking into river”.
  2. Although the characters are the same, the poem Jiang Jinyue’s name is from is quite melancholic, so usually people read it with a dipping tone. But this is not the same as how you would read it for a name.

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