The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Bringing the Prince Back Home (9)

Inside the bathroom, there was a dense water mist. I hung my head as I soaked in the tub, my expression extremely unsettled!

Lu Li helped me gently wipe my body, and every now and then she had to cover her mouth to secretly laugh. I knew what she was laughing about. My neck and my chest all had hickeys, almost like a cluster of stars. Every time Lu Li stole a glance her face would redden and she would shyly lower her head.

F***, Qi Sheng really was a brute.

Lu Li’s gaze swept over my chest again, and then she covered her mouth and lowered her head again.

I really couldn’t stand it anymore, so I asked: “Is it really that funny?”

Lu Li immediately knelt down before pointing towards the sky and swearing: “Nubi doesn’t dare to laugh at Crown Princess, nubi is feeling happy for Crown Princess!”

I felt like I shouldn’t take my anger out on Lu Li, so I closed my mouth and eyes.

After soaking in the bath I returned to the inner room, yet Qi Sheng was actually still there. I subconsciously turned around, before asking myself why do I have to run? What did I have to fear from him? In any case we already tied the knot, and it’s just this once. Afterwards, even if I were to keep my head down, I’d still have to see him the moment I raised my head since we lived under the same roof1. It wasn’t like I was a young lady, and I wasn’t a hard-core chastity lover……alright, my mind was still a mess.

However, I finally decided to turn around, and look at Qi Sheng.

His hair was still wet and loosely draping over him. It looked like he had also just finished taking a bath. His collarbone hadn’t been properly covered yet, revealing a strong and solid chest the color of wheat. There was a lot of small red bruises on it, a lot more than the ones on my body. Much more……

I paused for a moment in surprise before suddenly understanding. Alright, apparently I was even more of a beast than Qi Sheng! Let’s just say we’re equal now.

I sat down in the chair and lifted my head to look at Qi Sheng before asking: “Have you stared enough yet?”

Qi Sheng did not say anything, and only silently looked at me.

I decided to talk to him openly and frankly: “Your Highness, let’s have a good talk. The events of this night, I believe both of us did not like it, trying it this one time should be enough……“

“Who exactly are you?” Qi Sheng suddenly asked.

He returned to this old question again. I really did not know whether or not I should tell him the truth, because even if I told him the truth what would happen? Suddenly, I viciously wondered how he would react if I told him, Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince you just did a guy?

Qi Sheng was still staring at me, his gaze as sharp as a hawk’s. However, paired with the little dots of red on his chest, he abruptly lost all of his formidability.

He saw that my gaze was on his chest and subconsciously closed his lapels. But then it seemed that he thought that this action was way too unimposing, so he loosened his hand again as he stared at me and coldly asked: “Who exactly are you?”

I suddenly felt awfully angry. F***, you’re done f***ing, you’re done pleasuring yourself, and now you come and ask me this again? Why didn’t you ask this before you f***ed me?

Now I didn’t want to have a frank conversation with him anymore so I just replied: “Zhang-shi! Crown Princess Zhang-shi!”

When talking to this kind of SB, saying anything at all would just be a waste of time. He’d only pick out the things he wanted to hear.

Qi Sheng gave a low, cold laugh: “You think I’m a fool?”

I was surprised, ya! How did he know?

Perhaps he saw the surprise on my face, Qi Sheng’s eyes became even darker and deeper, now containing even more anger.

I felt a bit helpless and could only ask Qi Sheng: “Exactly what kind of answer do you want in the end?”

Qi Sheng was startled by my question.

I continued to say: “I say that I’m Zhang-shi and you don’t believe it. If I say that I’m not Zhang-shi, you’ll believe that? Besides, even if I’m not Zhang-shi what’s it to you, as long as your Crown Princess is Zhang-shi isn’t it the same thing?”

Qi Sheng looked even more stunned.

I really wanted to tell him, brother, this big chest doesn’t symbolize I definitely don’t have a brain. Long hair doesn’t necessarily mean my knowledge is any shorter either. Don’t look down on people so much.

Thus I threatened him: “Chu wang has the intentions of marrying my little sister. Don’t spend all day pondering if I am Zhang-shi, you might as well start pondering on what to do to not let the Zhang family abandon you.”

Qi Sheng’s expression returned to his cold one as he sneered: “Zhang family abandoning me also means they’re abandoning you. What are you proud of?”

In my heart I said don’t you scare me, I’m really not a graduate of Sker Me2 University.

I stared at that Qi Sheng, and unhurriedly replied: “Your Highness, if you were to sit on the throne, not only would I be an unfavored Empress but I would also be an eyesore for other people. I probably wouldn’t be able to have a long life. If you were to fail to sit on the throne, with Zhang family’s forces, leaving me with my life wouldn’t be too difficult. What’s so bad about being a widow? You don’t have to worry, I can definitely protect my virtue3. Other things I wouldn’t dare to say, but this I can promise you!”

Qi Sheng’s sword-like eyebrows arched up and it was evident that he was angry. I took advantage of the fact that he didn’t dare to kill me, so I just provokingly stared at him. What can you do, brother, do you have the guts to break off relations with the Zhang family right now? If you had the guts then would you have listened to the message from my family during the day and then immediately rushed over to sleep with me at night?

Qi Sheng stared at me for a long time before suddenly smiling. It was the kind where the corners of his mouth tilted up a bit, both wicked and fake, just seeing this made my heart feel a burst of coldness.

Qi Sheng stood up from where he was sitting on the bedside before walking to my side and stopping. He lowered his head to look down at me.

This position really f***ing made me feel uncomfortable, so I wanted to stand up and meet his eyes. Who knew that the moment I stood up I was tugged over to him and as he held me in his arms, he used his hand to lift my chin.

I was immediately stunned into a daze. With no reaction, I blankly watched Qi Sheng’s face slowly near mine. Stopping once there was only a finger’s space between our faces, he lightly breathed out air as he asked: “Do you know what I’m going to do to ensure the Zhang family won’t abandon me?”

Qi Sheng’s fingers caressed my face and moved down my neck. He paused a bit at my collarbone, and then started to suggestively mess with the front collar of my clothing……

F***! He dares to molest me!

He’s treating this father like a woman and molesting me!

I was so mad I felt faint, and even my body started trembling. I wondered, should I first beat his face with a punch, or should I first kick him down there?

The corners of Qi Sheng’s mouth tilted even higher as he smiled in disdain. Taking back his hand, he flicked his sleeves and walked away.

I blankly stood there for a moment and then looked at my clenched fist. There was some regret.

1. This is an idiom describing two people who fought with each other and who live in close proximity. After fighting, it’s impossible to avoid seeing each other because even if they kept their heads down, the moment they raised it they’ll end up seeing the other person again. Thus, it’s better for them to just quickly make up.

2. Sker Me….get it….Scare Me………It’s this joke in Chinese where the University name Xia Da sounds like ‘greatly scared by’.

3. This just means she’ll stay true to him in body until the day she dies, but like Luen says, that probably won’t prevent our dear Princess from having lewd fantasies about Lu Li ohohoho ( ̄y▽ ̄)╭.

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