The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Bringing the Prince Back Home (8)

The room had a cold atmosphere. I felt as though my head was getting more and more dizzy, and it felt as if both the ground and the sky were spinning. I forcefully closed my eyes and then opened them again, yet both the ground and sky were still spinning……

A charming figure rushed towards me as they shouted loudly: “Crown Princess——”

The broken wine bottle in my hands was stolen by someone. I turned around to hug her waist. Mm, sweet scented and warm, thin and soft……it was Lu Li. My heart finally relaxed as I closed my eyes and said with a smile: “Lu Li, let’s both……go to sleep.”

After saying that, I slid my hand down her gentle and beautiful figure till I reached the back of her knee and forcefully tugged1. Lu Li didn’t so much as budge.

Ah, Lu Li ah Lu Li, you should really lose some weight. You look thin, but your weight really isn’t light. However, I know that you should never tell a woman they’re fat, and even saying well-developed was out of the question. Thus, I understandably chose to shut up, and just renewed my efforts……Lu Li made a noise of surprise as she was finally pulled off balance by me and I was also dragged down to the ground with her.

I laughed a lot, my laughter not stopping when my body was suddenly lifted up.

Aiya ya, having a strong woman but a weak man wasn’t that good, so I counterattacked. Taking advantage of the moment Lu Li placed me onto the bed, I reached out and pulled her down. Turning us over so I was on top, I used my hand to stroke her face: “Darling, I love you……”

At first, Lu Li did not respond. I thought she was shy, so I bent over to lightly kiss her forehead , lingering there before moving down. Lightly, heavily, slowly, urgently. By the time I got to her lips, she finally had a little reaction.

I chuckled. Kissing, licking, gnawing, rubbing. Stroking, pinching, kneading, nipping……eighteen of my playful techniques were used one after the other. Using my skills I quickly undressed Lu Li until she was naked. Once both of us were □, my hands caressed her chest and I immediately felt disappointed.

Aiya! I was lied to by this girl. How was this a juicy peach ah, it’s obviously a raisin!

However, I’m a hoodlum with manners, I definitely can’t harm this pretty girl’s heart.

Thus, I lied down to kiss Lu Li’s ear……ah? Her chest doesn’t seem big, but the texture of it is still pretty impressive ah!

Sitting up, I touched them again and they were still raisins……but lying down and rubbing against them, they were juicy peaches……I did this several times, and my originally dizzy head became even more confused.

In the end were they raisins or peaches?

Mixed fruit

I looked doubtfully at Lu Li with my double vision. Lu Li’s face had also become a lot larger, her eyebrows creasing lightly and drenched in sweet-smelling sweat……her hand that was on my back suddenly pulled and everything spun. Lu Li had unexpectedly taken up an active attitude, and pressed down on me.

I like these self-reliant pretty girls!

Being pressed down by men was a tragedy, but being pressed down by a pretty girl was a blessing. Thus, I happily lied down, my head pillowed by my arms, and said to Lu Li in a low voice: “Come on, baby!2

Lu Li got my encouragement and became even more enthusiastic. Leaning over she kissed me……I closed my eyes and really enjoyed it. Just, little sister Lu Li, you should really lose some weight……

Aiya, you’re going to crush me to death! My hands finally could no longer withstand the weight, and I had no choice but to pull my hands out and push Lu Li.

Ah? How did it turn into a raisin again?

Aiya! Now wasn’t the time to think about the raisin and peach problem, rather, Lu Li, you’re too heavy. You’re crushing me to the point that I can’t breathe! I could only remind her in between gasps: “Lighter, lighter, don’t be so excited……oh, oh……don’t bite, don’t bite, wrong, wrong, sit, sit, not like this……oh oh……it won’t go in like this ah!……Ah! Don’t shove……It’s going to break……ah!”


The world finally started darkening……I started dreaming again. This time, there was no green snake or a big muskmelon……there was only a boundless sea and an incessantly shaking little boat……

When I opened my eyes again, the inside of the house was still dark. Though I couldn’t see clearly, just going by instinct I knew that someone was lying beside me. I stopped breathing and stretched out my hand, the tips of my fingers slowly moving from the soft, smooth silk fabric to that person’s body.

The first thing I touched was the hand, the palm was warm and a bit dry, the fingers were slender and joints distinct……

This wasn’t Lu Li’s hand!

With a whoosh I immediately sat up on the bed and “looked” at that person in stupefaction.

That person did not move at all, and simply lied there quietly.

Other than the Crown Prince, who could be so calm on the Crown Princess’ bed?

I was still unwilling to give up, and asked with a quivering voice: “You……?”

Qi Sheng did not reply. After a while, he suddenly yelled: “Light a lamp!”

From outside the bed curtain came the sound of soft footsteps. And then it became brighter outside, a rosy light shone through the mosquito net. This time, I saw clearly that the person lying on the bed was truly the Crown Prince Qi Sheng with dishevelled hair.

I was a bit dazed, and didn’t have any reactions.

Qi Sheng slowly sat up, his soft long hair falling down from his shoulders. It covered some of his body’s healthy lines and contours. Looking at him under this dusky light, this brat really did look quite handsome.

But, no matter how f***ing handsome he was he was still a guy ah!

I jumped out of the bed in a fluster. From the pile of clothes beside the bedside I grabbed a pair of pants and put them on. By the time I put them on, I realized that the pants felt both fat and big. F***, these were Qi Sheng’s pants. Your mother! Thus, I nimbly took off the pants and flung them onto the bed, before bending down to find my own clothes.

I actually let a man push me down, I actually pushed down a man, I actually……For a moment, I thought that it might have been better to just die.

I really did not dare to turn my head and look at the Qi Sheng who was still on the bed. I didn’t even finish putting on my belt when I already started rushing out.

The moment I passed the door I collided with Lu Li’s body. That girl was very excited, and used a lot of force to hug me. Sticking her mouth to my ear, she whispered: “Congratulations Crown Princess, congratulations Crown Princess!”

I was hugged like this by Lu Li, struggling to escape, but I couldn’t. I wanted to cry but I had no tears.

Lu Li’s face was red: “Crown Princess, nubi prepared a scented bath, just soak for a while and your body won’t hurt anymore.”

I really wanted to yell at her: Soak my ass ah! My body doesn’t hurt, but my heart does!

1. Our Princess is trying to do a princess carry, LOL.

2. The italicized words were spoken in English.

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