The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Bringing the Prince Back Home (7)

I slanted my eyes to give Bai-shi a glance. Long, shapely eyebrows, red phoenix eyes, and a delicate, ruby-lipped mouth. Her looks really weren’t bad, but it was just that her eyes were a bit too bright. She wasn’t as popular as the pure Second Miss.

But thinking about it, even if she had grown up to look like a goddess, what did that have to do with me?

Forget it, let’s just go with her!

Taking advantage of when High Official Zhang turned to Qi Sheng and the rest of the people to talk about the garden’s scenery, I used one hand to pull Lu Li and the other to pull Bai-shi to quietly slip away in the direction of Ning Cui Court. Contrary to what one might think, us leaving didn’t really disturb anyone and only Qi Sheng gave me an indifferent glance without saying anything before turning his gaze back to continue listening to “tour guide” Zhang’s explanation.

So far, so good!

We had just reached a deserted area when Bai-shi covered her mouth before starting to giggle as she said with a smile: “Aiya, the eldest Miss is still this naughty. Where is the appearance of a Crown Princess?”

I was suddenly speechless.

Lu Li quickly replied to Bai-shi: “Our Crown Princess did not sleep well yesterday. Eldest mistress, hurry and get people to clean up a place so we can let our Crown Princess take a nap for a moment.”

Bai-shi laughed again and in between her laughter, she said: “Ning Cui Court was already long prepared. I can just bring the Crown Princess over.”

Ning Cui Court really had been long prepared. There were embroidered cotton blankets with bright golden beads and fine materials. It was just that the fragrance around the place was a bit too thick. Breathing it only made my head spin and I felt nauseated. I was just about to open my mouth and ask Lu Li to open all the windows to scatter the smell when I heard Bai-shi tenderly say: “Because this scent was the one Crown Princess had liked the most before she left to get married, we deliberately asked people to prepare this in advance, I don’t know if Crown Princess still likes it?”

I regulated my breathing before nodding my head, thinking: Got it! Since it was the one I had liked the most before leaving, let’s first bear with it.

Instantly after Bai-shi backed away and left, Lu Li nimbly spread and tidied the bed for me before also going outside to guard the door.

I had originally wanted to go to sleep, but the perfume made me toss and turn and suffer unbearably. I unexpectedly could not fall asleep! I could only get up, glance at the front door, and then sweep a glance towards the rear window. I decisively chose the rear window. The moment the window was opened, a breath of fresh air immediately rushed in. I took a few deep breaths and finally felt as if I had revived a bit.

Not far behind the house was a lotus pond surrounded by a wide expanse of green willows. Now, although it wasn’t the time for the lotuses to bloom yet, the graceful lotus leaves had already filled the pond. It was worthy of its name as concentrated jade.

I stretched my body outside and saw that the area was empty so I simply jumped out of the window.

A few small boats were anchored to the shores of the lotus pond, and it could be deduced that it was for people to use to go sightseeing. But I didn’t know how to steer a boat, so I did not dare to touch those small boats. Turning to the forest of willows instead, I chose a flowering shrub and hid behind it before lying down. When I was just about to close my eyes to take a nice nap, the heavens decided that they just had to disturb my peace. I was already half asleep when I heard someone say: “……If we want to see the lotus, it would be best if we wait and came back after another month. That is when the lotuses will be the most magnificent.”

It was a woman’s voice, shy and gentle. Hearing it I felt my heart move, and I thought that whoever had this kind of voice definitely had to be a beauty.

A man gave a low noise of assent, but did not reply.

I scolded him in my stomach: SB, this wasn’t the time to just say “En”!

Sure enough, that woman didn’t say anything next.

My heart felt even more anxious. How could someone pick up girls like this! In any case, he should have at least said: “People are as frail as flowers.”

Being angered like this, I woke up from my nap instead and found myself still lying down on my back in the cool shade of the flowering shrub. There weren’t any voices anywhere though!

Could I have been dreaming?

I was just puzzled when a face appeared above my head. It scared me into shock, but after looking closely I realized it was the calm face of the Bathroom Lord.

I froze for a few seconds before erasing all traces of how I had been crossing my legs. And then I thought that being sprawled on my back on the ground also wasn’t good, so I turned to my side, but after doing that I realized that this position was even worse……

I was also at a loss. What kind of position could I switch to in order to look both dignified and elegant?

Perhaps the Bathroom Lord also saw through my troubles because he backed away two steps before finally saying: “It may be best to sit up.”

I accepted the criticism and promptly turned over to sit up. After that, I snatched onto the Bathroom Lord’s shortcoming: “Before, the person who walked past was you?”

The Bathroom Lord nodded his head: “The Second Miss accompanied me to look at the lotus.”

Ah! So it was the Second Miss!

A single man and a single girl made for an explosive situation……Don’t take it the wrong way, I was talking about the Bathroom Lord and the Second Miss. In this kind of situation, if he did not decide to form a relationship with her, he definitely wasn’t a man!

I began to discreetly size up the Bathroom Lord, hoping to find a twig or a leaf of grass on his body……In the end, his body didn’t have any while my body had quite a few.

I quickly lowered my head to get rid of the leaves of grass on my clothes. While I was picking them off, I asked the Bathroom Lord: “Are you interested in the Second Miss?”

The Bathroom Lord sat beside me before saying: “She’s okay.”

I asked again: “Do you want to marry her?”

The Bathroom Lord thought a bit before softly saying: “I suppose.”

I reminded him: “Then you should hurry up and make your move!”

The Bathroom Lord did not reply and was silent for a while before he quietly asked: “What are you feeling uneasy about?”

I hesitated for a moment before turning my head to look at the Bathroom Lord.

The Bathroom Lord faintly smiled: “You were frowning when you were asleep, so there has to be a lot on your mind.”

Saying this, it seems like you’ve been looking at me for a while now! I thought for a bit before asking the Bathroom Lord: “Which do you think is more important, life or chrysanthemums?”

Chrysanthemum 'Allouise'
A idiom for, uh, that private place.


Because of my words, Bathroom Lord paused in surprise. After thinking for a moment, he replied: “In this world there are people who like chrysanthemums more than life, but, chrysanthemums can bloom again while there is no rebirth for people.”

I heard and felt a bit embarrassed. Sure enough, there’s too big of a gap between our generations so there’s a barrier in communication!

Deciding not to mind him anymore, I lowered my head to concentrate on getting rid of the leaves and flower petals. When I was just about to be finished, as I reached out to pick off the flower petals on my belt, the Bathroom Lord beside me suddenly stood up and indifferently called: “Third Elder Brother!”

I raised my head, just in time to meet Qi Sheng’s gaze. I only needed to look at his expression to know that something was wrong. No matter what I was also a man for twenty-some years, so how could I not tell? Whether he likes you or doesn’t like you was one matter, but whether you climbed the wall1 or not was a whole other matter altogether!

F***! I wouldn’t be sent to be drowned in a wicker basket right2? But no matter what I was still the Crown Princess, so I guess it wouldn’t be that savage. At most it would just be a cup of poisoned wine……

Eh? Was there any difference?

Though Qi Sheng’s eyes were very cold, his tone was calm as he said: “Zhang Fang is looking for Ninth Younger Brother, Ninth Younger Brother should quickly go over there.”

The Bathroom Lord listened and said his goodbyes to Qi Sheng, before he turned to me and bowed while clasping his hands. Then he finally left.

After the Bathroom Lord walked far away, Qi Sheng also turned around to go. I understood that if he really just left like this, I’d have to drink the poisoned wine sooner or later. So with one leap from the ground, I took two steps forward and reached out to grab Qi Sheng’s shoulders: “Don’t leave!”

Qi Sheng’s shoulders sank a bit and suddenly slipped out from my hands. He turned around to give me a cold look before flicking his sleeves and walking away.

I quickly followed him from behind, yet I did not say nonsense like “listen to me explain”. Not minding whether Qi Sheng would or would not listen, I just jumped to the main point: “We don’t have anything between us! Just accidentally meeting, I had wanted to hide away from others and take a nap here, but I unexpectedly witnessed his affair with the Second Miss……”

Qi Sheng completely ignored me and just walked forward. In front of us, I could already see some people. Feeling a bit anxious, I cried: “F***, am I that stupid? Even if I want to steal someone I wouldn’t steal him! In the bamboo forest there’s already such good land. Zhao wang is readily available, would it not be worthwhile for me to…….?”

Qi Sheng’s footsteps finally came to a stop. I also quickly covered my mouth.

Turning around, Qi Sheng stared at me coldly. I thought a bit before tentatively saying: “That last sentence doesn’t count, let me start over one more time?”

Qi Sheng snorted coldly: “Zhang Fang has already mentioned the matter to me, you return and tell Yan-shi. She won’t have to wait until she’s facing death, I will let her see her grandson as soon as possible!”

The moment he finished talking Qi Sheng left. I stood in place to think and think, before I suddenly understood. F***! His meaning is that he’s going to xxoo with Zhang-shi as soon as possible?

I immediately felt dizzy as thunder kept cracking in my head.

With a preoccupied mind, I returned back to Ning Cui Court. Lu Li, who just wasn’t able to find me, was anxious to the point she was practically running around in circles. Seeing me come back she recited a Buddhist blessing before she told me in extreme surprise: “Crown Princess, His Highness sent someone over with a message, this night he’s going to stay in Crown Princess’ room……”

Her later words I didn’t hear clearly. I only knew that the thunder sounding in my head finally started striking down……

Should I live in humiliation, or die solemnly?

This matter really makes me feel at a loss, f*ck!

I thought and thought, felt my thoughts tangle and tangle, before finally using Heavenly Lord Si Ming’s words to persuade myself. So, I finally painfully made my decision……

I’ll just live in humiliation, ah.

Heavenly Lord Si Ming had already said: You were originally supposed to be in this female body……

When I returned to Feng Yi Courtyard I met Jiang-shi. Perhaps she also knew I was to lose my virginity this night, because her expression as she looked at me was one of pity……

I really wanted to hug her and cry bitterly, if it could be exchanged with sleeping with you, how nice would that be!

It was really Lu Li who knew my heart, and knew my heart was flustered. She didn’t even need me to instruct her before she had already prepared some fine wine. She informed me: “Crown Princess, wait for a moment, I’ll go bring some small dishes here.”

I said in my heart, there’s already wine to bolster my courage, so what’s the use of having dishes to accompany it!

I sat down at the table clutching one bottle and drinking the other. I really wanted to be drunk enough to fall down on the bed and just open my legs so that by the time I wake up tomorrow everything would be over.

I was still drinking wine when Lu Li came in with a few small dishes. Seeing me drink from the mouth of the wine bottle she immediately became anxious, and with two steps she rushed over.  With a lightning fast move she snatched the jug in my hands away as she anxiously cried: “Aiya! Crown Princess, why are you drinking by yourself?”

My articulation was slightly unclear: “Isn’t this because you took so long in coming back!”

Lu Li saw my drunken confusion and gasped: “What are you doing drinking so much wine!”

This tone of hers lets me remember my past past girlfriend. Every time I drank a lot, she would always scold me like this……

I suddenly felt sad at heart and hugged Lu Li before murmuring: “I’m scared, I’m scared……”

Someone asked: “Are you not afraid now?”

I shook my head: “Not scared anymore, not scared anymore……”

That person said again: “Then just go to sleep.”

As soon as I heard ‘sleep’, this word, I suddenly lost my marbles. Pushing away Lu Li, I stood up from the chair and stepped on it with one foot. Slamming the wine jug in my hands harshly against the table, I took the half broken bottle and pointed it at the person before yelling: “Sleep? I’ll see who fucking dares to sleep with me!”

1. Climbing the wall just means the wife having an affair.”

2. A private punishment where someone is drowned in a pond. Mainly used to punish unfaithful wives.”

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