The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Bringing the Prince Back Home (6)

Among the guests at the ceremony, the most astonishing were the confident figures of the Bathroom Lord and the Tree Climbing Lord……

My expression was very calm, but inside I felt like this was going to be a pain……

I was really itching to ask my High Official of a father, exactly how many good daughters do you have? Why does every one of them have to be married off to bigwigs……

Second Miss’ little appearance was neat. Although her small body hadn’t matured yet, there were already hints of a nicely curved body. In the future, she would certainly become a stunner, it’s just that nobody knows who would benefit from it.

Thinking of this, I took a look at the bachelors, Bathroom Lord and Tree Climbing Lord.

Bathroom Lord looked very calm. I believed that he was actually really calm.

Tree Climbing Lord’s expression also looked quite calm, but I suspected that he was like me and inside he felt quite pained. This was because he would sweep a glance at the Osmanthus cake at the refreshment table every now and then, before involuntarily giving me a look.

Tell me, is this you wanting to eat the Osmanthus cake, or you not wanting to eat the cake?

I had my head in the clouds when Lu Li reached out from behind me and gently shook my sleeve. Using a low voice, she said: “Crown Princess, take a look at that Jiang-shi slut. Every time she goes out she stirs trouble out of nothing, look at that fox-like appearance!”

Actually, even without her reminder, I had already long saw Jiang-shi. Amidst that area of red flowers and green willows, complete with golden sparkles, she wore a watery green dress and a jasper hairpin inserted in her hair at a tilted angle. She looked fresh and clean like water scallion.


Huh? Why isn’t she wearing white today?

Turning my eyes to look at the Crown Prince Qi Sheng, his expression could also be considered as calm. However, his gaze did not seem very stable as it kept drifting around Jiang-shi. Thus, my heart also felt as though it was drifting like his gaze, and I was really worried Qi Sheng wouldn’t be able to control himself and once again let his gun command him.

People controlled by guns weren’t scary, the scary thing was when the gun always controlled them!

Ah, but I experienced this before, so I understand……

Not to mention, today Jiang-shi’s small appearance was quite beckoning. I only have a gun holster now but my soul was quivering, let’s not even talk about the you who has a gun.

Brother, you really have to hold on, hold on……

I, believe you……

So I waited nervously like this until the ceremony finished. The seating area for the men and women guests was separated, and only then did I feel my heart completely relax. Thus I finally felt the interest to carefully examine the audience full of women.

Let’s not talk about Jiang-shi anymore with her water scallion-like appearance. I really pity her.

Though Second Miss was really too young, you could already see her beautiful and alluring disposition. She was really a good seedling.

The other cousins I had, most of them all also had slender bodies and pretty faces.

Apparently the Zhang family’s genes were really quite good. Could this be due to the ‘beautiful to the point of jealousy’ looks of old Grandmother Zhang?

I turned my head to look at Grandmother Zhang on my right, and then unhesitatingly changed my gaze onto youthful good looks of Second Miss’ body. Who knew that with just this one additional glance, I would attract the attention of Grandmother Zhang.

Grandmother Zhang suddenly told me in a requesting manner that Second Miss has admired me, the big sister, for a long time. Today was also the good day of her coming of age ceremony, so could I stay at Second Miss’ Chu Feng Hall tonight so Second Miss could accompany me for a night?

Hearing this I felt a bit shocked silly. Hey, this grandmother, how could she be on the same wavelength as me?

Seeing Grandmother Zhang looking at me to inquire what my thoughts were on the matter, I immediately nodded to give my consent. Let’s sleep, let’s sleep.

Who knew that just sleeping like this would create problems.

Over here I was happily rushing over to Second Miss’ Chu Feng Hall, but the beautiful Second Miss was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Zhang family’s ‘beautiful to the point of jealousy’ Grandmother Zhang was the one waiting for me!

Grandmother Zhang had completely lost her deferential and virtuous appearance during the day. With a serious expression on that wrinkly face, she coldly yelled: “Kneel down!”

I hesitated for a moment, still not completely understanding, while Lu Li who was behind me had already kneeled down.

Grandmother Zhang saw that I did not move and angrily said: “Don’t tell me you really think that just because you’ve become the Crown Princess, you’re already the Empress, so you can’t kneel to an old woman like me?”

My mind was becoming more and more flabbergasted. Lu Li secretly pulled on the corner of my dress as she quietly begged: “First Miss, First Miss.”

F***, this call is worse than “Crown Princess”. At least that name I’ve already listened to half a year, so I’m already used to it.

I reluctantly raised the ends of my dress and kneeled down in front of Grandmother Zhang.


Grandmother Zhang stabbed at the ground with her dragon headed staff as she said: “Lu Li only said that you were traumatized by falling into the water and now your mind is in chaos. I see that you don’t have a messed up head, but a messed up heart! You’re stupid ah, so stupid that you don’t even seem like a daughter from my Zhang family!”

I obediently hung my head and listened to the scolding but my heart was pondering. What song was this Grandmother Zhang singing?

Grandmother Zhang, indignant with injustice, criticized me: “First, you have inappropriate feelings of affection for the Emperor’s family, this is unclear; second, you actually used the royal succession to frame Ying Yue, this is unwise; third, you and that Yang Yan were joking around in the Eastern Palace, that is improper; fourth, you are the Crown Princess but you don’t care and ignore the affairs in the Eastern Palace, this is negligence. You unclear, unwise, improper and negligent woman, how could you be from my Zhang family……”

Grandmother Zhang was already getting on with her years, so her teeth had some gaps. Her spittle kept flying in front of me like shooting stars……

I bowed my head and listened even as I complained in my heart of the injustice. I felt a greater injustice than even Dou E1.

I only hoped that Grandmother Zhang would finish scolding me early, so I could wipe my face that’s covered with shooting star saliva.

Who knew that the more this Grandmother said the more angrier she became. When she got to the end of her speech her anger did not diminish but became even more passionate.

Thus she became so worked up she nearly worked herself to the afterlife.

Grandmother Zhang finally criticized me till the high point when suddenly, she stopped moving. I raised my head just in time to see Grandmother Zhang stiffly fall backwards. Thankfully I reacted quickly and quickly caught her after stretching out my arm. Lu Li also rushed over from behind as she yelled: “Old Madame——”

I was originally already supporting the grandmother, but thanks to Lu Li who pressed down onto me, alright! The three of us simultaneously tumbled to the ground. Didn’t I say that this woman, other than doing bad things, she can’t do anything else!

I hesitated for a moment, but still let Grandmother Zhang become our cushion. The weight of three people bashed Grandmother Zhang, causing her to make a single gasp. Hey! Luckily, she started to come to again.

Lu Li and I quickly supported Grandmother Zhang to the bed so she could lie down. With this, Grandmother Zhang’s anger had also disappeared. She only reached out to touch the back of my hand as she softly said: “Silly girl ah, why can’t you understand. For women who enter the palace harem, feelings and love are just an empty wish. The only useful things are a son and the might of your maternal family ah!”

My hand shivered and I almost shook off Grandmother Zhang’s hand.

However, Grandmother Zhang strongly grabbed my hand as she half propped her body up to stare into my eyes. Word by word, she said: “Girl, you must give birth to a royal heir, definitely! As soon as possible!”

I patiently endured it and let my eyelids droop as I pretended to be good: “The crown prince does not like me, what can I do?”

Grandmother Zhang disdainfully gave a cold snort before saying: “Does that Qi Sheng think my Zhang family is stupid? Don’t even mention being Crown Princess. What can he do besides giving my Zhang family the position of Empress as well? An Empress without children, calling her a waste isn’t a matter of just saying one word. How could my Zhang family be this easy to fool!”

Grandmother Zhang paused for a moment, and my heart followed her and stopped for a moment. I then heard her continue to say: “I already had your father talk to Qi Sheng. The day you give birth to a son will be the day the Zhang family will support him in becoming emperor!”

F***! Why did I decide to catch you before? Wouldn’t it have been great if you had just died!

Up until it was time to sleep, I was still very restless.

Lu Li also didn’t have much words. At one glance you could tell she had something on her mind. Unable to withstand it, I asked her: “Lu Li ah, for what are you frowning so bitterly for?”

Lu Li used her very innocent eyes to look at me worriedly: “Crown Princess, if by chance you birthed a princess first, then what should we do?”

F***, the spirit I had just healed to near completion immediately collapsed. My mind was only left with a saying that a great Buddhist master from my past life had said: one litter one princess, one litter one princess, finally, one litter with two princesses in one go……

By the time she wanted to have a crown prince, the emperor he……died ah!

Ah! It really was a sleepless night!

Day three of the home visit, touring the garden.

The home of the Zhang family was built according to the rising layers of the blue-green mountains. The scenery inside the garden and the scenery of the natural mountains and woods outside the garden integrated together and it could be considered pretty good. It’s just that I received too big of a blow yesterday, and adding on a sleepless night, I really didn’t have the mood to appreciate the view.

Qi Sheng’s face also wasn’t really that good. I wondered if it was because Zhang Shangshu already had that conversation with him, or if the reason was because Jiang-shi was unable to come today.

Zhao wang finally had someone come with a message, saying that Jiang-shi had caught a cold yesterday and could not come with us to view the garden.

Ah, I’m also a bit sympathetic to Jiang-shi. You’re running into the black bamboo forest every night, no matter how good your body was it wouldn’t be able to endure ah!

It was originally High Official Zhang leading a large group around the garden, yet with this crowd we began separating into clumps. From front to end, it became a pretty long and lagging line.

I turned my head to look at the shy Second Miss who had lagged at the end of the line, and then took a look at the monkey-like Tree Climbing Lord at the very front, and couldn’t help but feel deep sympathy for “tour guide” High Official Zhang.

Bringing along such a messy and undisciplined group of “members”, you must feel old and tired.

Because Jiang-shi was not here today, Qi Sheng’s gaze had nowhere to go. So, from time to time his gaze would turn to me.

Lu Li who was at my side saw this and became extremely surprised. Every now and then she would lightly pinch my arm to tell me: “Crown Princess, Crown Princess, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is looking over here again!”

I forced my face to be calm……

Ah, I say Lu Li, could you stop pinching me? Every time he looks here my chrysanthemum can’t help but tighten, do you think I won’t know?

A datang sao2named Bai-shi who had been walking beside me saw that my complexion didn’t look so good, thus she hurriedly asking in a low voice: “Is Crown Princess feeling tired?”

I hadn’t even started talking when she cleverly pointed to a courtyard in the west side before saying: “Over there is the Ning Cui Court. Though it is a bit simple, it is very peaceful. If Crown Princess doesn’t dislike it, I can lead Crown Princess over there for a break.”

1. Dou E, or The Injustice Done to Dou E, is this Chinese play. For more information, check wikipedia.”

2. Datong sao, or older brother’s wife.”

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