The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Bringing the Prince Back Home (5)

Qi Sheng talked neither quickly nor slowly: “Crown princes do not divorce……” He paused for a moment, before continuing to say: “Later, somehow she met Duke Han Huaicheng of the Jing Nation, the Jing Nation’s Duke was a person who was unafraid of spirits. He married her after sending three matchmakers and six different betrothal gifts, and after the marriage, the couple was exceptionally harmonious. Just when everyone was stating that only the Jing Nation’s Duke, with that degree of heavy killing intent, could subdue this woman, the Jing Nation’s Duke suddenly fell seriously ill and died.”

I was surprised: “She really did end up killing her husband.”

Qi Sheng sneered: “Killing her husband, killing her husband, it’s just the knowledge of some countryside husbands. Everyone saw the military successes and troops of Jing Nation’s Duke, who knew how much help Qiao-shi had given the Jing Nation’s Duke from behind the scene!”

I rebutted: “But in the end didn’t she still cause the death of the Jing Nation’s Duke?”

Qi Sheng gave me a look as he faintly said: “That Jing Nation’s Duke did not die of a sudden illness, he just faked his death.”

Faking death, faking death ah, I really can’t understand this. In my previous life, people would at most fake needing to go to the washroom and stuff, faking death, this kind of trick, requires way too much skill, the average person can’t do it.

I looked at Qi Sheng, wondering about the meaning behind him telling me all of this.

Qi Sheng looked at me, but didn’t say anything.

Both of us just silently passed the moment like this, looking face to face with one another. Maybe we both felt there was something weird about this and coincidentally both looked away.

Qi Sheng again asked me gently: “Do you have anything you want to say?”

I thought a bit and still asked: “What things do you want to hear about?”

Qi Sheng’s face was calm as he stayed silent.

I reached out to cover my yawn before standing up  and saying: “Today I really am tired, if His Highness has no issues I’ll be leaving first.”

Qi Sheng’s face finally changed.

I decisively turned around yet I didn’t even get to the door before Qi Sheng’s voice drifted over from behind me. He asked: “Are you and the Qiao-shi woman from the same place?”

My feet paused a bit. I turned around to look at Qi Sheng and smiled as I said: “His Royal Highness must be confused because of the fatigue. Qiao-shi is a southern Hang native, yet my family is here in Sheng City, so how could we be people from the same place?”

Qi Sheng silently stared at me for a moment before suddenly laughing. He nodded: “Correct.”

I also followed him and smiled: “I’ll be going now, see you tomorrow.”

Little guy, you want to make me admit that I’m a transmigrator? You’re still too inexperienced.

I barely walked a few steps from the study room when I suddenly heard a “pa” sound from within. I couldn’t help but shake my head. This habit of throwing around books whenever something happened was really bad, he must change it!

When I returned to the bedroom, Lu Li wasn’t there. When I was just about to ask the other maids, Lu Li came back in a secretive manner.

Lu Li dismissed the other people there before whispering into my ear: “All the arrangements are done. In the next couple of days, if His Royal Highness the Crown Prince goes to see Jiang-shi, someone will come here to tell us first.”

Hearing this I felt my heart skip a beat as I turned my head to face Lu Li. Why does this girl have to be so unreasonable? Where can you find such a worker who’s always thinking about how to catch their boss during their affairs ah, isn’t this going to implicate me?

I then heard Lu Li say: “His Highness even accompanied Crown Princess in coming home but still refused to stay in the same bedroom as Crown Princess. Isn’t his heart still thinking about that slut Jiang-shi? It was fine in the past since those two were far apart, but today they’re so close, Crown Princess has to have your guard up.

I was rather dumbfounded as I looked at Lu Li and asked: “What do you want to guard against?”

Lu Li was startled: “Naturally it’s to guard against that Jiang-shi.”

I asked again: “Why should I be guarded against Jiang-shi?”

Lu Li said in a very matter-of-fact manner: “Crown Princess ah! Because she’s seducing His Highness ah!

“In the Eastern Palace, who doesn’t want to seduce Qi Sheng?” I asked.

Lu Li was suddenly dumbfounded by my question and was really speechless.

“There are so many beauties that you don’t guard against, so what are you doing by guarding against a single Zhao wangfei?” I asked.

Lu Li finally sunk into deep thought as she pondered over this.

I was happy and only felt relaxed. This woman ah, her brain usually works the same way as her mouth. If you let her brain work, her mouth would be well-behaved.

It hadn’t even been two minutes when someone outside quietly called for Lu Li.

Lu Li gave me a glance before backing outside. Once she came back, her face looked worse than before as she agitatedly walked over to talk in my ear: “As expected, His Highness the Crown Prince left the courtyard and entered the bamboo forest.”

I wasn’t really shocked, but were all the words I said during the morning wasted? In the critical moment, Qi Sheng still lets his gun control him?

Then Zhao wang? What is controlling him?

I was just thinking of Zhao wang when I heard a maid outside quietly say: “Crown Princess, His Highness Zhao wang asks for a meeting.”

I was amused. Alright, in the middle of the night the Crown Prince goes looking for Zhao wangfei, while Zhao wang asks for the Crown Princess.

What an emotional mess-up in a drama, ah!

Just, what does that Zhao wang want me to do?

Does he seek someone to complain with, or does he want a buddy to catch them in the act?

Since he came, and because we lived so close together, it wasn’t good to refuse. I could only let Lu Li help me arrange my inner and outer clothing so that it was all neat, before going out.

That Zhao wang was currently sitting in the living room. Seeing me, he got up and said with a smile on his face: “Sansao.”

Huh, it was a very casual attitude. It can be deduced that he was quite familiar with Zhang-shi before.

I was originally on my guard against Zhao wang, afraid that he would ask me to go and catch the couple in the act. However, seeing his smiling face, my heart could not help but feel some sympathy. Such a big green hat, no man would like to wear it.

I was just pondering on how to bring up the topic in order to comfort Zhao wang when I heard Zhao wang suddenly say: “Sansao, I heard some interesting things and stories a few days ago. Tonight I can’t sleep, so I wanted to chat a bit with Sansao.”

I could not tell Zhao wang’s mood so I could only cope: “Sure, please speak Zhao wang.”

I originally thought he had some hidden meaning within his words so I kept preparing myself mentally to hear something from his words. Who knew that this Zhao wang would actually start to talk about the trivial matters of all the various families in the city: Official Lin’s third son had married Imperial Secretary Zhao’s eldest daughter, but it hadn’t even been a month into the marriage before they started fighting……There was a wealthy merchant who suddenly married seven concubines, and all of them entered the family at the same time, when they poured tea for the old madame they were lined up all the way to the door……

Zhao wang’s teacup kept being refilled……

I wanted Lu Li to get some melon seeds for me…….

Knowing that I could not stand it any longer, I could only ask Lu Li to come over and tell her a few words. Lu Li quickly left, and then I started listening to Zhao wang again……

After a while, Lu Li came back and quietly whispered in my ear: “His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has returned.”

I immediately felt a burst of vigour as I straightened my body and looked at Zhao wang saying: “Your Highness ah, it’s not early anymore, so let’s just stop here for today. Let’s all go back to wash up and sleep!”

Zhao wang’s calm and leisurely mask finally started cracking a bit. He looked at me: “Not early anymore?”

I nodded: “It’s really not early!”

Zhao wang asked again: “Should return home to sleep?”

I nodded again: “If you still want to talk, I can let the others invite His Royal Highness the Crown Prince over. Your brothers can nicely……uh……converse for a while?”

Zhao wang just nimbly stood up as he quickly waved a hand: “No need, no need, I’ll find another day to chat with Sansao so let’s stop here today. I’ll take my leave now.”

I was also anxious in sending him out: “Then I won’t send you out, walk slowly and be careful!”

My mouth was saying ‘walk slowly’, but my feet weren’t the least bit hesitant. Fortunately Zhao wang wasn’t walking that slowly or else I would really have to send him off.

After I sent Zhao wang off, I immediately went back to my room to lie on my bed. I only felt that I was so tired, everything from my waist to my back felt sore. Ah, Zhang-shi’s physique was impressive looking but it really wasn’t that good, there was a need to exercise!

If we had to say it, it was that Lu Li had sharp eyes. She didn’t even wait for me to talk before she was already walking over to massage my back. That small hand hit all the right places and my only complaint was that the force was a little weak. I adjusted her twice and she remembered but she hadn’t been pressing for long before I yelled at her to stop again.

Lu Li looked at me in puzzlement.

I thought for a bit before saying: “Find me a big pillow to lean against.”

I saw Lu Li’s eyes held some doubt. My mind cried girl, it seems like your chest is still small ah.

I used both hands to gesture in front of my chest: “This……hurts too much when it’s pressed……”

Lu Li’s face reddened as she smiled, before quickly going to find a pillow.

I sighed deeply. Before, I only saw the merits of the pretty girls’ big breasts, but who knew they also had some unspeakable problems……

Let’s not even get into the problems of them sagging, just working was a cumbersome task!

Oh, it’s all not easy ah!

Lamenting over all the difficulties of the big breasted girls, I entered the dreamland with difficulty. In my dream, I was pulled into a land of melons by a green snake and then I tripped over a melon creeper before tumbling down. I fell right on top of two muskmelons and pressed against them so hard that my chest hurt……

The strange thing was that in my dream I knew I was dreaming, so I wondered if the snake represented sexual cues. Maybe it was because I felt too repressed? Just, what was the deal with these two big muskmelons? ……

I was just racking my brains when I heard Lu Li’s voice drifting over from the sky: “Crown Princess, quickly get up. Today is the Second Miss’ big day, you cannot be late.”

So I started wondering again. Second Miss? I used to get in trouble with Fifth Miss, so just who is this Second Miss?

Lu Li urgently pulled me out of my blankets and only then did I wake up from my nap. I remembered that the Second Miss was this Zhang-shi’s little sister, who would almost never be seen with the Fifth Miss.

At the same time I also understood that there wasn’t any muskmelons, it was only that I wasn’t careful and slept on my stomach.

Lu Li hurriedly helped me freshen up and get dressed. I took a glance out the window, and the sky was still dark. In my heart I felt a bit upset at having to wake up and even though my mouth didn’t say anything, there was probably an indication of it on my face. Even so, Lu Li was completely unaware of it and only talked to me as she busily worked: “Today is Second Miss’ coming of age ceremony and I heard the family prepared very carefully. They also invited a lot of government officials and dignitaries to observe the ceremony……”

My spirit immediately rose: “Coming of age ceremony?”

Lu Li nodded and stuck a phoenix hairpin into my hair: “After the coming of age ceremony, Second Miss will be able to marry. I don’t know who’s family she will marry into, so we’ll see who’s coming to the ceremony today……”

Oh, I finally understood. What ‘coming of ceremony’ ah, so it was just the announcement of a new product on the market ah. In front of all the cities’ high-ranking officials and dignitaries the announcement would say: Zhang family’s second daughter can finally hit the market……uh, wrong, she’s finally come of age and is waiting to be married off.

I was finally newly dressed up by Lu Li and as the most honorable female guest, I went to participate in the announcement of the Second Miss’ admittance into the market. And then I realized that Zhang family’s Second Miss’ coming of age ceremony really was grand, Second Miss also looked very beautiful, and when I got to the guests……all of them really were high ranking big shots……

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