Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 24 (II)

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 24 (II): Obscure Hua Lian Fall Into the Sinners’ Pit at Night






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  • Many thanks for the update! Meow! I like this scene very much~

    • Please I have a question. When does this normally updates? Like do you know the date it would update and also do you get notifications about it?

      • The rest of the chapters have been translated by @yummysuika on twitter

        • Thankyou!!! I found it

        • TheYilingLover says:

          Found it…thank you for your hard work

      • Katsa Moonlight says:

        I may be a bit late answering but the rest of the chapters or on another link.

        • could you share that link?

      • it doesnt update here, actually. if you google a guide to tgcf or mxtx’s novels, you can find the rest of the translated chapters

        • Hi Vanitas, could you possibly post a link to the rest of the chapters? I tried googling it, but I only came across translations that used different names, so it was a bit confusing.

      • Thanks for Link! Love this story. But it seems the link for ch 101 – 110 doesn’t work. Not sure how to report. Can’t find a good translation anywhere else. Will have to skip 10 chapters! :”(

  • Andrea Carrizales says:

    Thank yo so much for those chapters!!! Aaaah Dianxia you’ve sinned by touching so much San Lang lol

  • vonuberwald says:

    Aaaah, go, San Lang! I love how Xie Lan is already aware there’s some chemistry ♥♥ thanks for the chapter!

  • Dawn Stiney says:

    Thank you so much for the update !!

  • Thank s for the update!

  • wouldn’t it be more accurate to translate it as “halo” instead of “white line”?… anyway thanks for the chapter fam 😘

  • It’s a good thing Xie Lien can’t see his face. Pretty sure San Lang is practically weeping over all the voluntary touches and the closeness. He is so sweet in his crush. He doesn’t stop Xie Lien from doing anything, he just protects from from being hurt. Such good boyfriend material.

    Thanks for the translation!

  • StarsinmyTea says:

    Oh woah your translation skills are incredible. It flows so well, and is a great balance between oversimplified words vs overly fancy words. I tried reading a bit of the Chinese novel, but my reading skills are very much a work in progress haha. So seeing the moving moment when San Lang stepped into the pit written out so clearly in English was a wonderful experience (Xie Loan was so worried ahhhh). Thanks so much for this translation!!

  • Eating tofu can be done in both casual atmosphere and life and death atmosphere.

    Thank you for the update!

  • I am so immensed not minding the time. Looking forward to your next update. Thank you very much.

  • Can I just say that I love the way you translate, there is a lyrical flow that draws a person into the story. How do I say it..you give life to the sentences 😀 Xie Lian sinned lol 😀 he is such an innocent grandpa. Protect him. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Innocent granpa😂😂

  • Sarah M Coleman says:

    Subtle change in voice. You’re feeling him up, of course he’s going to sound a little different. These two are already adorable.

  • Thank you so muchhhh❣️

  • Hey, the moment I got onto your website to check out the latest chapters. I got slapped in the face, again, with malware pop-up ads! /sigh

    This has happened to me months ago, when I first checked out your site after you started changing the format and layout.

    I know it’s not my phone as I just checked it and I always keep it protected. I wanted to let you know as I’ve been trying all night to read the latest chapters on here and I kept getting redirected…by a scummy malware ad redirecting me to a different site, which is a congratulations pop-up!

    Anyway, I hope you check over your site to make sure everything is working well. You guys aren’t the only translator site to have been hit with malware ads.

    Good luck!

    ps. I srsly thought it was me, but I had a couple of my friends to check out your site and some other translator pages and it happened to them, too. Maybe it’s my region? Idk.

    • It’s probably your region…

      • Hey, is this novel still being updated?

  • Hope you got my comment. Just what I need for my tech to go splutz on me. o/ Totally feeling paranoia. Lol

    Take care 🙂

  • I’m waiting for the next exciting chaps aheadd!!

    Xie xie ah for translating it for us❤🌹

  • thank you for the amazing translation!!! When is the next update going to be?

  • First, thank you for translating this awesome novel. Second, hopefully u’ll finish this until the end. I only read this novel translation here, u did a very good job translating it. Can’t wait for the next chapters 😍😍😍😍

  • Thank you so much!!!!

  • Leidy Romero says:

    No more chapters? 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • First thank you for you hard work, why 1 or 2 chapter in a month ?😣😣😣😣😣😣😓😭. Where are the August chapter ? Please this novel it’s very addictive don’t keep us waiting to long

  • Samantha King says:

    Wowowoowow! I love your translation style. I hope things are going well for you. Thank you for your dedication. 💖

  • OMG! I wondered how Sang Lan’s reaction would be about his… Kyu kyu~ 😏😏

    On another note… So excited for more chapters. Kinda wondered if it’s already been fully translated or is there a problem or something. I don’t want it to stop just like this… 😞

  • Just checking in and saw your status – I hope you get better soon! Thank you for all you hard work!

  • Oh god im addicted to this book now bless you

  • beamingteejaruji says:

    Wahh thank youbfor your hardwork!!! 💜❤💜❤💜💜❤💜 i hope this story will have a series too!

  • Wahhhh,I AM SCREAMINGGG!!!
    This so fucking meng~
    Thx 4 the chap!

  • Hey… are you copying this danmei ? That’s not good

  • How long does food poisoning last?

  • Can’t wait for the next update 😣😣😣😣

  • I am seriously worried for the future of the translation of this novel. I mean, I absolutely love your translation style, you are definitely good at translating. However, I did some quick calculations and… well…
    Based on what is written on novelupdates, you have picked this novel up in May 2017, so about 2 years and 5 months have passed since then, with 24 chapters having been translated in that time. I have read that this entire novel has 244 chapters plus some extras. So at this speed of translating, it will take 22 more years to finish?!
    Honestly, this number scares me. I can accept something like a year, two or maybe three, but this is definitely too long (at this moment it’s literally like my entire lifetime).
    So, I have a huge request. Please, if you are unable to devote more time to this novel, consider finding someone, who can do so. Like a group of translators, who are known to be capable of regularly and at least once a week updating. Several such come to my mind, like exiledrebelsscanslations, chrysanthemumgarden or bcnovels. I think none of them or any other solid translators would pick up something that someone else is currently working on, so I feel like such a request must come from you.
    I understand that you probably do not want to give this great story up and it would be a huge a loss for you. Still, I beg you to consider whether you are capable of truly devoting yourself to it and whether it might not be better to allow someone else to continue your work. This novel definitely deserves to be finished translating (in foreseable future).

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful hard work on this translation!

  • Sorry for asking, but I really love this novel and your translation, so are you planning to post the next chapter or drop it? If you are still translation it, then when will the next chapter come out? I don’t mean to hurry you, but your translation and the novel is just wonderful… I hope you are not dropping it (>﹏<)

  • Is this still being updated? Is there another place I can read this at? I’m dying to know what happens next. I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers since others have read it already-? AcK!

  • Yup, something’s definitely off about San Lang! Also, he apparently knew Xie Lian would follow him and waited to catch him (or his reflexes are just that good?), all because he didn’t want Xie Lian to go through whatever’s in the Sinner’s Pit by himself. So exciting! You did a great job translating into English – I’m right there in the action! I also really appreciated the picture you liked in footnote 2 describing what the author meant by “streak of white.” That was really nice, thanks!

  • Ah, I miss your translations. I hope you continue one day. It reads much nicer than the alternatives I’ve found and the footnotes are the best. <3

  • The way san lang gently and swiftly caught xl in his arms when he fell was just so sweet i cant!! And xl subconsciously feeing him up lmaoo i love these two

  • Your translation is really good! I’m sure it’s a lot of work, thanks for all of your efforts in translating such a good novel! Hope you are doing well!

  • I want to say a big thank you for translating these 24 chapters, the footnotes are incredibly useful and your translation is the one I find most pleasure in reading. I know the novel has been translated by another group, but if you do pick TGCF up again in the future, I will come back to read your version for sure. Thank you for your hard work! I hope you are doing well and are healthy~

  • I’m not able to find the rest of the chapters…can you please type up the exact website if you have read the translation….I actually found a website which translated it but it’s very very crappy so I need help to find a translation as. Good as this one or a continuation of this one…

  • kurodaisy09 says:

    hehehehe…. is this the point where Xie Lian will meet Hua Cheng…???? I’m so excited….

  • I’m really so upset that Ruoye wasn’t used by Xie Lian to save A-Zhao though. He just died for nothing after being unjustly suspected for so long.

  • Thank you so much for your hard work! I’ve really fallen in love with your writing style. <3

  • thank you for your work! you really did it amazingly! this is the best translated version i’ve read. again thank u very much!

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  • gitoshri sen says:

    Thanks for the translations. I’m excited where this story is headed!

  • I wanted to cry because i am desperately wanted to know what happened next. 😢😢😢

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  • Ah the translations on here were done so well!! Thanks for uploading!! I wish I could continue to read it here. Ugh San Lang and Xie Lian are too good. I’m so envious of their relationship! Once again I loved reading it on here it was well translated!!

  • I will retire behind closed doors—there’s my space! says:

    To everyone who is fascinated by Heaven Official’Blessing,now there is a exhilarating thing.It is that the cartoon of the novel has
    already started broadcasting!!!You can watch it in China website bilibili.
    And what surely
    makes you surprised is that the cartoon is of Chinese and English double subtitles!!!That is to say ,you will have few difficulties in witching it!!!
    And the cartoon is well made and the picture is beautiful and elegant. The sounds that match the characters will also make you feel like the characters are living in the cartoon.
    In the first episode,although the plot order is a little different from the novel,it makes this episode even more touching.
    You will be moved with tears for the cartoon.

  • I need a San Lang POV for this. Esp at the last part when Xie Lian is feeling him up.hahhahh. I cant imagine the face and feeling San Lang is having that time.hahahhaahahah

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  • I need your permission. can i translate it into my language? I posted it on wp

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  • Esmeralda Pacheco says:

    I just started reading this novel yesterday and didn’t sleep today xD
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    Your translation was just amazing and fluid, and the notes at the end were amazingly helpful that they kept me wanting to read more and more.
    I hope everything is okay and you are doing well.
    If you ever pick up this novel again, I would be so happy because, like i said above, I just loved so much your translations!
    Again thank you so so much!

  • XL is totally biaised toward SL because he didn’t eve try to use Ruoye when A-Zhao fell into the sinner pit but the moment SL wanted to go by himself XL started to lose his mind. He so over sensitive to SL reaction even his silence make him uneasy

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