Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 21 (II)

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 21 (II): A Thousand Miles in a Step, Lost Within a Sandstorm






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  • thank you for the chapter <3

  • Thank you for the update!

  • Thank you for the new chapter <3

  • Fu Yao is ruthless. Can’t you understand the psichology of others a little bit? Be more compasionate, please.

    San Lang is awesome, he knows a lot of everything. He’s a good inffluence for XL.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • But was what he said wrong? Everything he said was right. He said the bitter truth.

      • It’s not that what he said was wrong, it’s the fact that those were really hurtful words for XL to hear, he should be more compassionate

        • readbookwatchkdramas says:

          exactly knowing what XL has been through those were’nt the right words to say at that time even of harsh truth it is

        • But, Isn’t it right not to kill civillians, innocents?
          Also when he says: “There wouldn’t be anyone who would feel grateful”
          I imagine all the people he spared would be very grateful, along with their family, friends, etc.

          • What Fu Yao said was right. Although the people he saved would be grateful, the whole world would be against him for standing with the other side. This is exactly like is Mo Dao Zu Shi. WWX helped the Wen Clan refugees and they were all grateful, but the rest of the cultivation world was against him for helping the enemy. But Fu Yao should’ve said it more nicely, even if its the bitter truth. But whatever, you can’t not love Fu Yao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          • Since “Fu Yao” knows how the indeciseveness of Xie Lian has hurt their kindgom Xianle..at the end Xie Lian did not rescue the people of Xienle nor the people of the other kingdom….”Fu Yao”´words reflect most likely also his own bitter experience. Xie Lian´s feelings are really not more important than the lives or feelings of everybody else.

          • I guess this is where A-Zhao’s line comes in – “Nowadays is nowadays, two hundred years ago was two hundred years ago”. The standards of what’s “heroic or right” are different from before. Tho i guess it’s just in Fu Yao’s personality to bs that blunt

          • what he told is right, Look at Xie Lan’s case, he came down from heaven to save innocent people, but the end, did those innocent people grateful? instead they burnt down all his temples.

  • Sigh…good people die first. Thx for the update!

  • aaaaaaaaaaAA XL didn’t realise still!!! lucky for those two ´͈ ᵕ `͈ this chapter was so good, the parallels are killing me. and XL and HC translating the slab together (even though HC could have done it himself i’m sure) was so cute! that was a good place to cut it in half too, thank you for your hard work<3

  • Thank you so much for the translation. Poor Xie Lien. Hits just a little close to home. Are they sure this general of mention isn’t him?

  • Thank you very much for the chapter! <3

  • Thank you for the chapter – poor Xie Lan 😂 please be patient with these generals.

  • Thanks for the chapter. San Lang knows everything

  • I kinda feel like Xie Lian isn’t actually as unconcerned as he seems to be about his ‘demotion’ thing. And maybe he already know the two’s identity and just pretending not to notice? XD

    Thank you for the chapter! 💕

  • San lang and Xian Le……LOVE.
    I like this pairing.it doesn not go to aggressive.but it makes time and make you get used to the character.

  • Good luck on your exam Translator-san.

  • Remember this chapter cause soon it will be brought back cough cough 😂
    SL is like invincible creature lol
    Thank you for your hard work 🙏

  • Thank you for the chapter!

  • I’m such a fan of this story. I love the pacing and the character developments. I especially enjoy (1) the sly machinations of San Lang, and (2) the pure heart of Xie Lian (making him the entire world’s fall guy/victim — but sure he will reap a reward, currently not imaginable by him). I look forward to to their developing relationship.

  • chibisqueaks says:

    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for more! All the prayers that your exams go well for you!

  • Time makes such a huge difference in the way people think, huww… Thanks for the chapter!

  • Thank you for the update!!!

  • Thanks for the translation! Loving the flow of the story! <3

  • oh no im sad that the general died for being a good person.

  • How can Fu Yao say that not anyone would be grateful? Is the tomb not an evidence of gratefulness towards the soldier? It is a pity that it is concealed, signifying that his acts and the gratefulness they gained are also unknown to most, and his kindness and heroism cannot even receive an ounce of light.

    • Garnet Noctis says:

      The people that general saved directly were grateful but his comarades in the army must think of him as a traitor who help future soldiers, after all they were at war and the saved kid of today is the enemy soldier of tomorrow and the other army must’ve considered him an idiot.

  • FY whT the fudge bruh?! Stop being so mean jeez.

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