Ghost Bridegroom — Chapter 18 Part 2

Chapter 18 Part 2: “Seeking wealth within Jiangdu City.”

Explaining the situation with a face filled with sorrow, Chou Fugui once again pulled on Mo Pan’s sleeves before begging: 

“Alas, how rich and honourable had my Chou family been in the past! If we weren’t influenced by a poverty deity, how could we end up like this!”

“Little Sky Master, I donated a hundred silver worth of incense to your Mansion, you definitely must save me ah!”

If you have a hundred silver, isn’t it better to go home and use it to start a small business?

It wasn’t like the Sky Master Mansion was the god of wealth. No matter how much incense money you give us, we still can’t give you a money tree1 ah!

Although he was silently swearing like this in his heart, Mo Pan couldn’t do anything about this Chou Fugui.

While Mo Pan hadn’t been able to successfully subdue the poverty ghost, he had succeeded in scaring the ghost until it didn’t dare to come out to do any more mischief.

But this person didn’t believe him no matter what he said. Chou Fugui claimed the reason why his family was still in dire straits was because the poverty ghost hadn’t left yet. Blindly guarding the gates of the Sky Master Mansion, Chou Fugui kept waiting for Mo Pan to appear.

Mo Pan had a headache with how this guy kept entangling him like this. He had originally snuck out, so how could he dare to perform a spiritual ritual with great fanfare?

But he had indeed accepted this mission himself, and there was no use in regretting it now. Mo Pan had no other choice but to helplessly persuade:

“I’ve already said I’ll come to your house to subdue the ghost after my seclusion is over. Can’t you patiently wait for a few more days?” 

When ordinary mortals encounter bad things, it was normal of them to blame ghosts or deities.

However, as an innocent malicious ghost who had once been treated as the God of Misfortune by the Zhu family, Zhuge Qingtian felt that no matter how powerful a little poverty ghost was, it was unlikely they had the ability to manipulate the imperial court.

Stealing money might be possible, but blaming the entire fall of their family on a poverty ghost was a bit excessive.

Ghosts like them weren’t a rock that could be casually moved to any place that needed a scapegoat.

Thinking this, Zhuge Qingtian said unhappily, “Forgive me for speaking bluntly, but even a three year-old child living in the countryside will know: people who don’t work will have no food to eat.”

As a demonic cultivator who grew up in an environment with constant fierce and intense battles, Bi Qianren never held any favourable opinions towards people like this, who only knew how to eat away their mountain of wealth while begging deities for help.

Thus, he also echoed Zhuge Qingtian’s sentiments, “Poverty ghosts probably like him precisely because he’s so hopeless.”

Vicious and wicked people like them were naturally able to ridicule others without the slightest scruples. But as a righteous cultivator, Mo Pan couldn’t refuse to save someone just because the person was a well-known useless trash in the city.

He immediately said, full of righteousness, “Enough, you guys! Stop echoing after each other and harming innocent people with your words. Even if he indeed looks really wretched, useless, and annoying, you guys shouldn’t say the plain truth in front of them ah!” 

No, wait, you’re the one with the harshest opinion. Your client is already so distressed because of your words, he nearly began crying ah……

Very clearly understanding just how annoyed the heir to the Sky Master Mansion was at this moment, Bi Qianren glanced at the young man who had suddenly suffered such a critical hit.

Very skeptical, Qianren said, “Poverty ghosts aren’t very powerful. You, a cultivator from the Sky Master Mansion, actually can’t take care of it?”

Bi Qianren wasn’t lying. Poverty ghosts weren’t fiendish malicious ghosts. Most of them had transformed from poverty-stricken people with no one to depend on while living. Because they never possessed any wealth, they would stop in the families of the wealthy after their deaths.

People who were targeted by poverty ghosts would lose all of their good fortune in wealth.

In light cases, they would lose some of their belongings, while in serious cases, their business may fail and they would lose everything they had invested in.

But although little ghosts like this were indeed frightening to ordinary people, poverty ghosts themselves had no fighting power. A golden core cultivator should have been more than enough to deal with them.

This was usually the case. However, the ghost Mo Pan encountered had astonishing speed. Despite his cultivation level, he nearly hadn’t been able to continue chasing after it.

At this moment, Mo Pan could only explain with depression, “I was originally about to catch that poverty ghost. If it hadn’t been how you guys stopped me, how could it have escaped?”

Of course, Mo Pan’s complaints only allowed him to obtain a cold look from a certain major Protector. “If I didn’t remember wrong, it seems like I was the one who smashed it to the ground?”

At the same time, Zhuge Qingtian showed exceptional marital harmony by adding on words of disdain, “You can’t even capture such a little ghost. Sure enough, you’re even more useless than Fu Hongye.”

To Zhuge Qingtian, cultivators can only be divided into two categories:

The first were powerful people who could win against him, like Bi Qianren.

The second were useless trash that can’t even defeat him, like Fu Hongye.

But in reality, Zhuge Qingtian was a newly-born ghost saint. When he was serious, only the strongest people in the entire world would be able to hold their ground in a battle against him.

Unfortunately, this ghost didn’t possess the slightest amount of self-awareness at all. Zhuge Qingtian still believed that he was a countryside scholar who lacked the strength to even truss a chicken. 

Thus, after just a few days, innocent child genius Fu Hongye—who had originally been someone the ghost longed to become—was tragically reduced to a unit of measurement Zhuge Qingtian used to calculate other cultivator’s strengths. 

Of course, as the other child genius that couldn’t even be compared to Fu Hongye, Mo Pan’s heart was currently falling apart.

He only had one thought in his mind right now——

When all was said and done, who exactly was Fu Hongye? How useless was he ah?!

In any case, Mo Pan was the heir to the Sky Master Mansion. He naturally wasn’t willing to lose prestige in front of demonic cultivators.

After being disdained by the two of them, it suddenly aroused his great ambitions to defend the dignity of the righteous way. Mo Pan immediately spoke to Chou Fugui in a loud voice:

“Young Master Chou, please feel at ease. Today, I will definitely capture that poverty ghost!” 

Chou Fugui thought everyone in the Sky Master Mansion were immortal celestial beings. The moment he heard this, he immediately became very happy. 

Chou Fugui said, “Little Mansion Master, the wealth of my entire family will depend on you! The moment you prevail, I will definitely donate another hundred silver as incense money!”

Seeing how the other two immediately began walking toward the Chou mansion, Zhuge Qingtian’s interest was also aroused. He looked at Qianren hopefully and said, “Wife, I haven’t seen cultivators capture ghosts before. Let’s go and take a look?” 

As a ghost saint, you want to watch other people capture ghosts?

Somewhat speechless, the demonic cultivator gave Zhuge Qingtian a look. 

Bi Qianren wasn’t really interested in little missions like this, ones that were meant to train a teenager. 

However, he thought——if they returned just like this, he would probably be harassed by Zhuge Qingtian until night fell.

After comparing the degree of annoyance between the two options, Qianren ultimately said with indifference, “It’s up to you.”

During their journey together, Zhuge Qingtian had already understood how, if Bi Qianren hadn’t refused verbally, it meant he had tacitly agreed. Thus, he began pulling the other man forward.

As they walked, the ghost said with high spirits, “I don’t know if he’ll glow again this time too. Last time that fire of his looked pretty interesting, but it was just a bit too small. In comparison, fireworks look more beautiful.”


Bi Qianren didn’t know what the cultivators from the Sky Master Mansion would feel if they knew that, to Zhuge Qingtian, their ghost subduing methods had no benefits other than glowing and looking like a firework. 

Right now, the demonic cultivator only determined one fact:

The real reason Lingsui Daoren had insisted on handing Zhuge Qingtian over to him……must have been because he had already been dealt a critical blow that year by this ghost’s absurd thinking, right?

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  1. The raws is “摇钱树” which is a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken. It is an idiom for an easy source of money.

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