Ghost Bridegroom — Chapter 16 Part 1

Chapter 16 Part 1: “Wife, you smiled!”

Bi Qianren’s current situation of being penniless was precisely the consequences of ignoring his two senseless Masters. But in any case, he felt no pressure freeloading off of the Sky Master Mansion.

After observing the layout of this place, it was very easy to find the kitchen.

However, before they could even go inside, Mo Pan, who suddenly saw them, stuffed a bun into his mouth before grabbing a huge ladle to protect his kitchen. 

The boy yelled nervously, “Demon! During a dark and windy night like this, what do you want to do in the kitchen?” 

A demonic cultivator like Bi Qianren, who was naturally covered in poison from head to toe, suddenly appeared in a righteous sect’s kitchen late at night. Regardless of who it was, they would all believe this was a scene filled with conspiracies.

However, when confronting Mo Pan’s righteous interrogation, Qianren confidently replied with only two words, “Midnight snack.”


Mo Pan was originally prepared to scream for help. How could he expect to hear such a normal answer like this? For a short while, he felt somewhat stupefied.

Normally, going to the kitchen to find food is a very ordinary reason. Mo Pan himself had also snuck out during curfew to eat a midnight snack. But when the person in front of him said the words “midnight snack”, why did it feel so strange?

Awkwardly staring at the demonic way’s major protector, there was only a single thought in Mo Pan’s mind:

So it turns out that demons also needed to eat?

Mo Pan was still submerged in shock, but Bi Qianren was never polite when ordering about his juniors. He directly said, “But since you sent yourself to my doorstep, it’s a waste if I don’t use you. Go, prepare some random dishes.”

Not only did this arrogant demonic cultivator want to enter their kitchen, he even ordered him to cook? Just where did he get his courage?

The scariest thing was, Bi Qianren sounded so justified, Mo Pan actually couldn’t find a reason to refuse him!

Staring at them with wide eyes, Mo Pan lost his confidence. He could only say weakly, “I……I don’t know how to cook ah!”

This was actually the truth. As the direct disciple of the Mansion Master of the Sky Master Mansion, Mo Pan grew up luxuriously with brocade robes and jade meals. He truly didn’t have any culinary skills.

However, when Zhuge Qingtian heard this, he only said with disdain, “You don’t even know how to cook, you’re even less useful than Fu Hongye.” 

In response, Mo Pan’s brows furrowed even more as he began pondering a very serious question——

Who was Fu Hongye? A famous chef from a restaurant in the city?

But in any case, why should someone disdain a righteous cultivator like him just because he couldn’t cook? Why did both of them look as if it was expected of him to cook?

Were righteous cultivators supposed to be proficient in the culinary arts? Was Mo Pan’s own understanding of the world incorrect?

A single sentence was enough to make the heir of the Sky Master Mansion start doubting life. Recalling how it also took merely a single sentence from Zhuge Qingtian to make the Profound Sect’s Fu Hongye bend his head and admit his mistake, in certain aspects, the ghost was truly worthy of being a ghost saint.

Although Zhuge Qingtian himself hadn’t noticed anything wrong, at this moment, he only spoke to Bi Qianren with full confidence, “Wife, don’t worry. I’m especially good at cooking stir-fry green peppers with shredded pork. I guarantee you won’t be able to stop eating!”

Staring silently at the ghost, Bi Qianren thought for a moment and ultimately didn’t speak about how he was originally prepared to cook himself. Not using the free labour at hand was truly going against a traditional virtue demonic cultivators persisted on; reaping without sowing.

However, sometimes, the demonic and the righteous ways were also able to reach a consensus. For example, at this moment, Ling Sui Daoren appeared out of the blue before very naturally continuing the conversation, “Since the two of you are so spirited, how about conveniently frying some shelled peanuts for this old Daoist?”

It was well within Bi Qianren’s expectations that the Sky Master Mansion definitely wouldn’t allow a demonic cultivator to stroll about at will. He just felt quite speechless at how this old Daoist made no secret of the way he tailed them.

However, at this moment, the importance of maintaining tacit understanding with your teammates made an appearance. Before Qianren could say anything, Mo Pan, who was standing beside them, was startled. He subconsciously asked, “Master, can your dentures even chew peanuts?”

This one sentence succeeded in shifting everyone’s gazes to a certain old Daoist’s mouth. However, the tragic Ling Sui Daoren who was betrayed by his own disciple still looked as high and mighty as a mountain. 

He merely patted his disciple’s shoulder in an aimable manner before saying kindly, “Good disciple, go. Fry ten plates of peanuts.” 

Gazing at Zhuge Qingtian, who was brimming with enthusiasm as he dragged a struggling Mo Pan into the kitchen, Bi Qianren was actually quite indifferent as to what they would bring out later. 

He only squinted at the old Daoist monitoring him with dissatisfaction before saying, “As a righteous senior, you ran over to freeload. Do you not feel ashamed?”

As the saying goes, ginger gets spicier as it gets older1. As a vintage ginger that had lived for two hundred years, Ling Sui Daoren’s face was incomparable thick. 

Like he hadn’t heard the ridicule in Qianren’s words at all, he smiled benevolently before saying, “The major Protector is rather good to his ‘husband’.”

Unlike the way demonic cultivators curse others, where they sent greetings to eighteen generations of one’s ancestors the moment they opened their mouths, the righteous way mocked people by saying not a single obscenity on the surface but still managing to stab one’s sore spots.

For example, their current situation. The moment Bi Qianren heard the word “husband”, his face immediately darkened.

He knew that when it came to trading curses, he couldn’t be compared to an old fox who was already wearing dentures. Thus, Qianren said unhappily, “Stop talking nonsense. Tell me, exactly which ghost saint is he?”

Not expecting him to be so straightforward, Ling Sui Daoren also blanked out for a moment. Ultimately, he only sighed before saying, “To be honest, I don’t know either.”

“You were the one who discovered him. How can you not know?”

Facing Bi Qianren’s doubtful gaze, Ling Sui Daoren also looked rather helpless. He merely said, “Since ancient times, ghosts only wear a single colour. Mourning garments were for grief, while blood-red robes represented viciousness.” 

“Grievers harmed themselves, while vicious ghosts harmed others. But a combination of both red and white is the most ominous. It’s why the ghost realm has the saying; two ghosts roaming together will make the entire world cry.”

As he spoke, it appeared as if Ling Sui Daoren had recalled the Mourning Rhapsody Saint he had met in the past. Expression turning somewhat concerned, he said:

“According to my guess, both his head and body were on the verge of transforming into a ghost saint. However, because his body was too badly damaged, he was incapable of thoroughly becoming a spirit.”

“It is unknown what kind of mishap he encountered later, but his body unexpectedly managed to gather in one place. Thus, they began fusing together into his current appearance.”

“In his current situation, if his clothes turn completely blood-red, then he would become a demonic saint. If they turned into mourning robes, then he would be a grieving saint. In addition, you can’t eliminate the possibility of the two suppressing each other, thus reducing him into an ordinary malicious ghost. But there’s also the possibility of both harmonizing with each other, letting him surpass all previous ghost saints.”

“Precisely because everything about him is still unknown, I can only temporarily call him the God of Happiness and Misfortune.”

Because everything was still unknown, Ling Sui Daoren didn’t dare to make a rash move. He was afraid his attempts to help Zhuge Qingtian find peace would instead induce the birth of a ghost saint who would bring calamities to the world. Thus, Ling Sui Daoren could only use reincarnation as an excuse before persuading Zhuge Qingtian to voluntarily restrain his own resentment. 

Luckily, it seemed that Zhuge Qingtian was truly innocently suppressing his resentment to the best of his abilities. If he could continue to do this, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for the world. 

When he thought of this, Ling Sui Daoren looked at Bi Qianren seriously. “Major Protector, the type of ghost saint he’ll become will completely depend on you.”  

For living people, less ghost saints were naturally the best. However, Bi Qianren didn’t feel much enthusiasm toward this heavy responsibility of saving the world. 

Not agreeing or refusing, he only said in a light tone, “You have Spirit Communication Seals, right? Give me a few.”  

It was truly impossible to make anything out of his attitude. In addition, Ling Sui Daoren had always been unable to read this person’s thoughts. 

Fishing out a few seals for him, he was just about to urge him a bit more when Zhuge Qingtian came out carrying food.

The moment the two of them saw him, they immediately fell silent. However, Zhuge Qingtian didn’t notice anything abnormal. He happily walked over to Bi Qianren’s side before pulling his hand and leaving.

“Wife, let’s return to our room. I made this especially for you, so I won’t give it to the old Daoist!”

When he saw how this ghost saint had truly believed a Nascent Soul cultivator like himself had come over to freeload off their meal, the corner of Ling Sui Daoren’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Mm, maybe he didn’t need to be too worried about the birth of a new ghost saint. After all, this guy’s intelligence was clearly not enough to bring calamities to the world.

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  1. An idiom that basically means, “the older, the wiser”.

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