Former Sweetheart — Chapter 2

Chapter 2: “Fu Hongye went crazy.”

The weak sun pierced the sky, hazily bringing about daybreak. Mist gathered gradually outside the screen window, whereas dew had not yet formed.

A night of cloud and rain1 finally ended with the return of silence. Only the morning light leaking from a hole in the roof testified that the preposterous night yesterday hadn’t been just a mere dream.

You Jiang sat up on the hotel’s wooden bed while holding his head. Their clothes were still scattered all across the floor, and his cape—made from the feathers of the black eagles from the netherworld—had been torn into two by Fu Hongye. The gloomy feathers were actually dancing about thanks to the chilly breeze in the room, making the entire scene appear quite desolate.

The every word and action of the Profound Sect’s Sect Leader were the model example of the righteous path. Even while sleeping deeply, his hands were folded neatly on his stomach, while his entire body was as straight as a ruler. 

You Jiang looked at this Fu Hongye—someone with no faults even while soundly asleep—and truly could not assimilate him with the wild man committing certain outrages last night.

The moment You Jiang thought of what had happened yesterday, his complexion immediately became very unsightly.

He wasn’t sure if he had drank too much, but the bewildered, misty-eyed Fu Hongye actually began to look pretty in his eyes. 

At the time, the youth hadn’t yet become completely crazy. In a situation like this, if Fu Hongye wasn’t drugged, then he had to be hit by an evil curse. 

You Jiang knew that there was no use in trying to negotiate with this person. If he immediately withdrew, there was still a chance for him to flee.

However, once You Jiang left, Fu Hongye could only go crazy at other people.

Fu Hongye had been upright and honourable ever since he was born. A love affair like this was enough to bind him for an entire lifetime. 

If he encountered a bastard, this youth would for sure wrong himself to take responsibility.

The leader of the demonic way was the worst person to choose if one wanted to get into a serious, romantic relationship. However, if it was just for a one-night stand, then there was no one more fitting. 

Everyone under the heavens knew that demonic cultivators were wanton and did whatever they wanted. They never fell in love with anyone, and never needed any promises. 

Pulling up your pants and not taking responsibility—for this matter, respectable women would call it “beginning with chaos and ending with abandonment”. However, to demonic cultivators, this was the same as the return of a prodigal son.

The difference between the righteous and the evil was precisely this obvious.

You Jiang told himself—this leader of the righteous way had never made a mistake ever since his debut. He only wanted to see, if this person had a romantic night with a demonic cultivator, what kind of a remorseful expression Fu Hongye would have after he woke up.

Fu Hongye was already at the Dispersed Immortal realm. This was probably You Jiang’s last opportunity to suppress him once. Since his sworn enemy had already sent himself to his door, why shouldn’t he go for it?

Perhaps You Jiang had been momentarily possessed, or perhaps the wine had really gotten to his head. However, he actually didn’t end up leaving. 

Instead, You Jiang took the initiative to meet Fu Hongye, covering the youth’s lips with his own. This also hid the little kindness that still remained in him.

Demonic cultivators didn’t have any concept of ethics to begin with. Since You Jiang decided on this plan, he took the initiative to lead the youth to the bed. 

After taking a serious look, You Jiang actually felt that this annoying, rotten brat looked not bad. Compared to the demonic cultivators who tried throwing themselves at him in the past, Fu Hongye’s appearance suited his appetite much more.

You Jiang had cultivated purely for so many years, it was also about time for him to eat some meat.   

Thinking this, his hostility dispersed a bit. You Jiang even secretly told himself that he would leave after the absurd event. He would pretend that this affair had never happened, never mentioning it again in his lifetime.

What You Jiang never expected was, the seemingly gentle Fu Hongye, suddenly became fierce after being kissed! 

In You Jiang’s memory, he had just touched Fu Hongye’s lips when this person suddenly used the Falling Leaves Hurricane Palm to counterattack, seizing the upper position. 

You Jiang was also an experienced person in the jianghu. He immediately used the top demonic spell Ghost Shadow Step to disengage with his afterimage, before appearing once more to attack the youth’s back.

However, he didn’t expect Fu Hongye’s agility hadn’t decreased despite his qi deviation. The moment You Jiang turned his head, the two of them exchanged a blow……

Like this, the two people traded attacks sixty times. Ultimately, Fu Hongye was still a notch better than You Jiang, so he managed to suppress the unruly and conspiring demonic leader. 

In the very end, the result of their huge fight and the stripping of their clothes was precisely the current situation. 

For demonic cultivators, getting topped by a man wasn’t really a major matter. However, the problem laid here—he, You Jiang, the demonic way’s leader, actually lost to a righteous cultivator during a scuffle on bed!

Moreover, he actually lost to a righteous cultivator who spent the last one hundred years hugging his sword to sleep, a cultivator who hadn’t even read a single erotic book! 

This was practically the disgrace of all demonic cultivators ah!

Hah, this rotten brat’s skills in bed was probably taught by a dog. Fu Hongye couldn’t even compare to the demonic sect’s gatekeeper disciples! 

In the very least, You Jiang had never seen a broken sleeve getting up the next day looking like he had suffered a punishment!

At this moment, as You Jiang held onto his aching old waist, he felt absolute disdain for Fu Hongye’s skills in bed. Apart from throwing the jar of pear flower white wine (that had caused this entire mess) far, far away, he began calmly waiting for Fu Hongye to wake up. 

Although his position hadn’t been exactly as You Jiang had planned, this righteous leader was still considered to have lost his chastity to him, the old devil. 

Rather than regret about how he had essentially shot himself in the foot, it was better to have a good time ridiculing Fu Hongye, so he could appreciate his sworn enemy’s despairing expression once he woke up.

As for You Jiang’s initial plan of leaving silently so everything would seem like a dream, to hell with it! 

His old waist got tormented into this miserable state!

If nothing happened to the culprit, how could You Jiang endure this! 

For demonic cultivators, a one-night stand was a small mishap that was as unremarkable as accidentally chewing a piece of garlic during a meal. However, in the righteous way, this was a big matter that was enough to rattle one’s reputation. 

This was especially true for someone like Fu Hongye, a model righteous cultivator who had been pure for a hundred years. 

Don’t talk about blaming himself or repenting, something like immediately slitting his throat to apologize for his offense wasn’t actually impossible. Such a good drama like this, You Jiang naturally couldn’t miss it.

For how You Jiang was able to mingle as the demonic leader for so many years, the contributions of this mentality of his absolutely could not go unnoticed. Right now, if one wasn’t aware of the situation and saw his joyous expression (due to Fu Hongye’s misfortune), they would have thought You Jiang had been the one who topped Fu Hongye! 

No one would have been able to guess at all, how You Jiang had just eaten a huge loss, the type where he had nearly tossed away half his old life.

But You Jiang was actually quite open-minded about this. Even if he felt regret and frustration, what was the use? Nobody would care about it at all, and it’ll only become a joke for others to make fun of.

For him, what You Jiang hated most was to be pitied by others. He would rather act as an evil person and reap what he had sown, than to see Fu Hongye use that kind of compassionate gaze on him again.

Fu Hongye’s master, the Sword Saint, was actually You Jiang’s old friend. Before he ascended, he once asked You Jiang to take care of his disciple. 

So at first, You Jiang hadn’t loathed Fu Hongye. Instead, they became enemies after the result of that first war between the righteous and evil.

That day, You Jiang lost to a junior whom he had watched grow up with his own eyes. With this, he finally recognized the fact that the road to cultivation depended heavily on one’s luck rather than hard work.

Even if he wasn’t willing to accept this, as the demonic way’s leader, You Jiang couldn’t let everyone see him make a fool of himself. The injured man could only use all his willpower to stay standing, before coldly saying, “Your swordsmanship isn’t bad. The Sword Saint can finally be considered to have a qualified successor.”

This was the first time the white-robed youth (who was pointing a sword at his forehead) stepped into everyone’s sight. But even though all the cultivators at the scene were quietly crying out in surprise, Fu Hongye’s expression wasn’t the least influenced by them. 

Instead, his eyes were as serene as the silent beauty of falling leaves. Fu Hongye only softly spoke to his demonic cultivator senior, “Senior You Jiang, when this one succeeded as the Sect Leader, I already swore an oath—in this life, I will for sure let you mend your ways.”

The Profound Sect had a spiritual mirror. When cultivators stood in front of it, they would see their lifetime ambition. What Fu Hongye saw in the mirror was precisely these words: the extinction of all demons.  

The disciples of the Profound Sect all lived for the Dao. Fu Hongye was also like this.

However, You Jiang was precisely the strongest demon under the heavens.

The righteous and the evil could not coexist, so Fu Hongye wanting to eliminate You Jiang wasn’t anything unexpected. But what You Jiang hadn’t expected was how this bold junior actually wanted to “convert” him. 

For a demon, what was the difference between being “converted” or crippled?

The Fu Hongye who was still pointing a sword at him was not contaminated by the mortal realm, and his bright eyes contained his great aspiration of helping the common people. 

It seemed almost like, as long as You Jiang agreed to change his ways, his past sins would disappear while all his current hardships would be immediately solved, ushering in steady peace and security.

This sounded easy. However, a path You Jiang had walked on for over a hundred years, how could he turn back now? 

No, what deserved him giving up everything to turn around?

“This lord hates hypocritical, righteous heroes like you the most! The winner takes all, so losing to you is this lord’s incompetence. However, if you want this lord to cooperate with you to act out this kind of ridiculous, “rehabilitation” drama, this lord definitely can’t keep you company!”

A Fu Hongye like this was too dazzling to the eyes, so You Jiang mocked him with a sneer. Ignoring the sword still pointing at his forehead, he took a few steps forward. Bright red blood began flowing down his face, dying the demonic cultivator’s eyes red. This made Fu Hongye, who was unwilling to take his life, nervously retract his sword.

In the jianghu, kindness was basically a deadly poison. You Jiang absolutely wouldn’t let himself be contaminated by Fu Hongye, someone who was covered with poison from head to toe.

Since Fu Hongye didn’t kill him, You Jiang took his people and began swaggering away. He didn’t leave a single kind word to this merciful righteous leader. 

Even at the very end, before leaving, You Jiang only laughed before stubbornly saying, “Brat, remember well. In this life, every person this lord has killed, everything this lord has done, I do not repent it at all! I will never turn around!”

This was precisely what a demon was. They didn’t know how to repay one’s kindness, and would never agree to conciliations. 

Even if Fu Hongye let him go, You Jiang would still set up ambushes to try and kill him. He would use himself to teach Fu Hongye—that so-called demons were all beyond redemption. 

You can kill them, but you could never rehabilitate them.

After You Jiang and Fu Hongye fought each other for many years, the youth slowly became taciturn and silent on the battlefield. But although Fu Hongye never tried persuading him anymore, his gaze toward You Jiang never contained any killing intent.

It reminded You Jiang of his childhood, the way his teachers would look at him in the study after he would cut classes to play. Although his teachers always looked exasperated and furious, hating iron for not becoming steel, what was hidden beneath their fury was concern and hope.

Ever since You Jiang had entered the demonic way at sixteen, no one had used this type of expression to look at him again. He couldn’t understand why a junior like Fu Hongye would have this kind of gaze.

In the end, he could only deduce that this person’s heart was too soft. Fu Hongye was just born a good person, one easy to cheat to death.

You Jiang had long abandoned the benevolence of the righteous way, but Fu Hongye asked him to pick it up again. 

He was the demonic leader who called the wind and summoned the rain, one who enjoyed the worship from thousands of disciples. However, Fu Hongye said he was unawarely trapped in a sea of bitterness. 

You Jiang thought he wasn’t sick, but he was forced by another person to eat medicine.

Naturally, this person who kept meddling in his affairs ought to die!

You Jiang never thought a person as meddlesome as Fu Hongye would be able to survive in the jianghu. However, he never expected that the first person who succeeded at entrapping Fu Hongye, actually wasn’t himself! 

Yes, entrapment. From the very start, You Jiang knew that Fu Hongye’s qi deviation wasn’t accidental.

It was impossible for someone with a Dao heart as stable as Fu Hongye to not pass his heart tribulation. 

It was even more impossible for this youth to have any immoral thoughts for a man. 

Everything must have been caused by someone’s treachery.

The only thing You Jiang wasn’t sure of, was if Fu Hongye’s appearance here at his side, was also part of the conspiracy or just a coincidence……

Just when You Jiang began pondering the cause and effects of this matter, Fu Hongye’s closed eyelids finally twitched. The youth opened his eyes blankly, making it unknown whether he had woken up from his qi deviation.

You Jiang entered seclusion for years on the end, so he was too lazy to take care of his appearance. Silky black hair had long grown to his hips, and he currently sat at the bedside covered only in Fu Hongye’s white robes. With the morning light half covering his face, it was impossible to feel his usual, evil aura.

The youth who had just woken up stared at him in a daze. Only after a long time did he mutter a name, “Fengzhi2.”

Fengzhi3, it was precisely this name that made You Jiang blank out last night. Originally evenly matched with the youth, after he heard this name, Fu Hongye finally found an opening to thoroughly subdue him.

The teenaged Painting Saint Jiang Fengzhi. This was the name You Jiang had long abandoned and no longer needed. 

There were not many people in the jianghu who still remembered this name. You Jiang never would have thought he would hear it again a hundred years later, and from the mouth of a junior to boot. How could he not have blanked out?

And since You Jiang had been drunk last night, he actually hadn’t remembered that Fu Hongye’s sword was named Fengzhi. 

How could this rotten brat be calling him ah? At that time, Fu Hongye must have realized he couldn’t subdue You Jiang empty-handed and was just calling for his weapon!

Thus, this brat Fu Hongye was truly his destined adversary. Why the hell did he call his sword this name, it really was ear-piercing!

After sobering up, You Jiang already understood that Fu Hongye had been looking for his sword. He reckoned it was so the youth could behead him, the bewitching demon.

However, even if this was the case, he still wasn’t polite to the brat. 

If one wanted to talk about being fickle and not recognizing their bed partner after pulling up their pants, if demonic cultivators considered themselves as second-best, no one would dare to claim first.

You Jiang only said, “Fu Hongye, have you finally woken up?”

He had been long brewing a bellyful of frigid irony and scorching satire. You Jiang was just waiting for the youth to wake up so he could curse Fu Hongye until the brat was ashamed and unable to show his face. 

If the youth could cry bitterly, it would practically give him peak satisfaction.

However, You Jiang could never anticipate any of Fu Hongye’s actions. After the youth gave him a serious once-over, Fu Hongye pulled the shocked demonic leader into his lap and began gently caressing his back. 

In a delighted tone, the youth exclaimed, “Fengzhi, I thought I had lost you! Fortunately, I didn’t.”

Very good. After his qi deviation, this rotten brat has gone completely insane! 

He actually dared to treat You Jiang as his sword, Fu Hongye really forgot what the word “death” meant!

Caught off guard, You Jiang actually allowed this youth to succeed in hugging him. Full of hatred, he pushed away Fu Hongye.

You Jiang still wasn’t willing to believe that it was this easy for the brat to lose his sanity. He vigilantly asked, “Did you really go crazy?”

Fu Hongye gave him a gentle smile. His expression was tender and full of love, an emotion never seen on the battlefield. 

However, after he lowered his head, Fu Hongye frowned before stroking the red marks on You Jiang’s shoulder. 

The youth asked, “Why are you dirty? Let me wipe you clean.”

There was no need to explain exactly who had left this purple bruise on his skin. The moment Fu Hongye said this, You Jiang no longer cared about whether the youth was really insane or just faking it. 

Face abruptly darkening, there was only one thought in You Jiang’s mind—after reaping the benefits, this brat actually thought he was dirty! 

Where was his White Bone Eroding Heart poison?

Guards! Come pour it down this rotten brat’s throat!

  1. Idiom for sexual intercourse.
  2. Feng can be translated as “phoenix” while zhi can be translated as “knowledge”.
  3. Different from Fengzhi despite sounding the same! This “feng” character means “to offer”, while “zhi” means it.

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