Former Sweetheart — Chapter 16 Part 2

Chapter 16 Part 2: “Dear friend, do you want a heart demon keychain?”

You Jiang had already tried searching for the source of the wishing well rumours, but everyone just said they had heard them by chance.

Now that he had obtained this piece of news, he thoughtfully said, “The Red Apricot Tavern is located precisely in the vicinity of the Azure Sky Mansion, in the most flourishing part of the city. For two buns that were named the Yin and Yang Taiji Buns1, one meat and one vegetarian, this tavern actually dared to ask for two to three silver.”

“The local people definitely wouldn’t go to a scam place like this that often. Thus, the tavern’s customers should rely mostly on wandering cultivators and merchants that weren’t familiar with this place. It’s a good place to begin spreading rumours.”

First, the culprit would spread the news to foreigners. Then, as they chatted, the news would move onto the local common people. 

Since those wandering cultivators and merchants would leave the city after a few days, it would make it impossible for people to find the source of the rumours. 

This shopkeeper Wang was actually a bit clever. Unfortunately, he didn’t use his smarts on righteous matters.

Both You Jiang and Fu Hongye regarded shopkeeper Wang as someone suspicious. However, when Qiu Yuebai heard the words ‘Red Apricot Tavern’, his eyes drooped secretly. 

As one of his fingers subconsciously plucked a string of his qin, he stayed in silent contemplation for a long time before finally murmuring, “It turns out to be someone from the Wang family……”

Qiu Yuebai’s voice had been extremely low. If it weren’t for how Cun Jie had been paying attention to his every word and action, it would have been impossible for anyone to hear him.

The Left Protector had been assigned to investigate the Azure Sky Mansion. But until now, he hadn’t been able to dig out any of their secrets. This made the dedicated hope of the demonic way feel extremely ashamed. 

Thus, now that he finally seized an opportunity, he immediately stepped forward to ask, “Mansion Master, do you know anything about this?”

“Nothing more than some old affairs. I originally didn’t want to bother him. But since he is this restless, then he cannot blame the Azure Sky Mansion for being heartless.”

It seemed like Qiu Yuebai didn’t want them to know too much about his old affairs. When faced with Cun Jie’s question, the man merely shook his head.

Before the youth could continue questioning him, Qiu Yuebai spoke to Wang Caihe. “Where is the secret path you mentioned before? Take us over for a look.”

If Qiu Yuebai didn’t want to speak, nobody could do something to the leader of a sect. You Jiang shot a glance at the Azure Sky Mansion Master, who still sat peacefully on his wheelchair.

In a quiet voice, he spoke to Fu Hongye, “It seems like he’s hiding many things from you. The prestige of the Heavenly Alliance leader doesn’t amount to more than this.”

Fu Hongye naturally also noticed something amiss. He pondered slightly over the news they had obtained in the last few days, before confirming that the demonic thing should be enemies with the Azure Sky Mansion. 

Thus, he replied, “People always have hidden troubles that are hard to mention. It’s enough as long as he truly intends to protect the common people within the city.”

You Jiang didn’t know how Fu Hongye’s unruffled personality had been cultivated. If someone like this had been in the demonic way, he would have been devoured until not a single bone was left.

However, You Jiang, as the leader of the demonic way, would still lose to someone like Fu Hongye. For the moment, he could only say angrily, “With your cultivation level, as long as you’re ruder and more unreasonable, there would be nothing you can’t resolve.”

When You Jiang said this, he actually forgot that Fu Hongye’s enemy had always been himself⁠—the leader of the demonic way. Thus, his words basically amounted to demanding the youth to be more vicious to himself. 

In his entire life, Fu Hongye had never heard of a request like this. He couldn’t help but ask with surprise, “You hope I’ll be rougher?”

With context, there was nothing wrong about this question, but why did You Jiang think in impure directions the moment he heard it? Was he being flirted with?

A righteous cultivator actually took liberties with a demonic cultivator like him, how shameful ah!

With You Jiang’s temper, he never knew how to retreat. Although he was embarrassed in his heart, an unfaltering sneer stayed on his face. “Heh, this lord had already been executed on the spot before. You’re still not rough enough?”

When all was said and done, Fu Hongye had been the one in the wrong for this matter. 

He secretly shot a glance at You Jiang’s collar. Between the gaps of skin, certain marks that were faintly discernible still hadn’t faded away. It could be seen that he had used ample strength to suppress this person before. 

Seeing this, Fu Hongye’s aura weakened a lot. He couldn’t help but say with guilt, “I’m sorry. At that time, I had been struggling with my heart demon and hadn’t retained any reason. On one hand, I wanted to be more intimate with you. On the other hand, I also wanted to give you a ruthless lesson, so you would never dare to provoke me again.”

This had certainly been a lesson that would be hard to forget for one’s entire life. You Jiang didn’t know if the youth would still approach him after he recovered his sanity. 

He merely said a fact he was well aware of in a deep voice, “The things you say and do now, you will definitely regret them after you wake up.”

It was impossible for someone like Fu Hongye to become a demon. You Jiang would also never abandon his demonic way. From the very beginning, their short-lived relationship was destined to end after Fu Hongye’s heart tribulation was finished. 

You Jiang originally thought Fu Hongye had understood this point, so he never expected the youth to calmly reply, “Perhaps that day will never come.”

This was just crazy talk. It wasn’t like people could stay in a qi deviation forever.

Although demonic cultivators didn’t care who their bed partners were, this didn’t mean You Jiang was willing to throw in affection and accompany Fu Hongye to play around. 

You Jiang’s expression immediately cooled down. “If you don’t pass your heart tribulation, you will not be able to ascend. Don’t tell me you want to regard your heart demon as a pet to raise?”

Ascending was the lifelong goal of all cultivators. You Jiang didn’t believe that a son of heaven like Fu Hongye was willing to stay as a Dispersed Immortal forever.

Unfortunately, You Jiang had never been able to predict this person’s actions. It was the same even now.

Hearing his words, Fu Hongye only gave him a gentle smile. Making a seal with his index finger, he lightly tapped his chest before clipping out a black, round lump. 

Fu Hongye shook it in front of You Jiang’s eyes before saying, “Are you talking about this? It’s truly quite easy to use. Whenever I pinch it, I’ll be able to see the scenes I cherish dearly. Raising it isn’t that bad.”

Although this black mist was only a teeny, tiny lump, it had astonishing demonic energy. It was obviously Fu Hongye’s heart demon.

Since You Jiang was a cultivator who used heart demons to battle, he understood very clearly how difficult it was for cultivators to remove their heart demons by themselves. Casually taking one out like this to pinch and play with was practically an unheard myth.

What kind of a freak was Fu Hongye? Could it be that he was really the destined son of heaven?

Since Fu Hongye was already capable of rubbing and pinching his own heart demon, it could be seen that it didn’t have much influence over Fu Hongye’s consciousness anymore. Thus, what exactly did this brat want to do?

Did he really want to dual cultivate with the leader of the demonic way?

This was absolutely the most atrocious demon eliminating method since ancient times!

You Jiang was completely incapable of understanding this person’s weird thinking. Ultimately, he could only shoot him with a look of disdain. “Can you quickly leave for the heavens?”

In response, Fu Hongye casually stuffed the struggling heart demon, who wanted to escape, back into his chest. With the honest Heavenly Alliance leader’s most guileless smile, he very sincerely told his senior, “My heart tribulation is still unsolved, so I cannot.”

Towards this reply, You Jiang only had one thought in mind——

He withdrew his beliefs from before. Fu Hongye not entering the demonic way was practically wasting genius talent!

Back then, the Master this rotten brat had worshipped was actually He Huan, that bastard, right?!

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