Former Sweetheart — Chapter 14

Chapter 14: “Being single can cause one to qi deviate.”

You Jiang, a masked person who had suddenly appeared, was truly suspicious. But since Fu Hongye was with him, Qiu Yuebai didn’t end up thinking he was a demonic cultivator.

However, Qiu Yuebai remembered how ten days ago, Fu Hongye had discovered traces of the demonic thing and went to investigate. But now that he had returned, the Alliance Leader didn’t mention any news about the demonic thing at all. This seemed a bit unreasonable.

Although the temper of the Qiu family’s young lord had always been gentle, he had been anxious about this matter for a very long time. Now that he was in front of Fu Hongye, he tactfully reminded him: 

“Alliance Leader, before you left, you said you’re on the verge of passing your calamity and ascending. In addition, you said you had a person you cared about deeply who you might never see again, and you didn’t know if you should go and see him one last time. These days, I haven’t received any news from you. Did you go and look for your old friend?”

What Qiu Yuebai didn’t know was that Fu Hongye had qi deviated, so his last memory was when he had just arrived at the Rain Monarch Cave after he was pursuing the demonic thing. By the time he woke up, You Jiang, with a disdainful expression, had already been by his side.

Fu Hongye had always suppressed his cultivation with fabulous control, so his calamity shouldn’t have suddenly occurred at that moment. Thus, the demonic thing definitely must have done something. If this was truly the case, then he was afraid the demonic thing wasn’t an ordinary opponent. 

The righteous way was rather afraid of qi deviations, so Fu Hongye naturally wouldn’t divulge this piece of news. Facing Qiu Yuebai’s question, he merely replied with a smile, “I originally didn’t plan on looking for him, but who would have expect I’ll end up seeing him anyway.”

Heh, when the brat tore this lord’s clothes, you didn’t seem to have even the smallest intent of not wanting to see me.

You Jiang naturally knew in his heart just who Fu Hongye was talking about. Hearing his words, he sneered inwardly before glancing at the righteous leader who was courting death.

“You know you’re about to pass your calamity, but instead of staying in the large formation of the Profound Sect and cultivating your mental state, you ran over here to meddle in other people’s business?”

One’s calamity was a cultivator’s greatest crisis. Whenever that predestined fate approached, who didn’t prepare all sorts of spells and medicine in their caves, for fear that something would go wrong? 

Fu Hongye’s calamity was also the ascension calamity, a critical juncture between life and death. However, he actually dared to run all over the place to catch a demonic thing. Merely qi deviating was already him being lucky.

In reply to You Jiang’s taunts, Fu Hongye only said in a light voice, “The Azure Sky Mansion supplies every righteous sect with immortal tea. It is extremely likely that this matter was done by the demonic way.”

The entire world knows that You Jiang likes opposing Fu Hongye in every matter. However, they didn’t know that this brat also watched him extremely closely as well. Every single time the demonic way did something, Fu Hongye would definitely come to bother them.

You Jiang was certain that even if he just went out to dine and dash, this rotten brat would be able to immediately materialize from some corner to pay his bill. 

Thanks to how Fu Hongye had tailed him so closely, the demonic way had been peaceful for the last hundred years, unable to accomplish anything big. Everyone in the demonic way was so idle, they could only curse out their leader before getting cursed by You Jiang in return.

You Jiang had known this brat’s goal to eliminate demons and defend the Dao was incomparably resolute. However, he hadn’t expected that in order to deal with the demonic way, he didn’t even care about his ascension calamity. 

Although he hated until his teeth itched, You Jiang could only sneer, “In order to deal the demonic way a blow, you’re truly spilling blood, sweat and tears.”

Cultivators always had an omen before their calamity arrived. Half a month ago, the Profound Sect had already been covered with immortal, rose-tinted clouds. 

The entire world knew Fu Hongye was about to pass his final calamity, so how could the man himself not know the dangers? But while being perfectly aware, the youth still came. 

Since he was the one who couldn’t bear killing Fengzhi, everything the demonic way does was his responsibility. Fu Hongye naturally needed to look after this demon at all times.

Qiu Yuebai didn’t know the full story. That night, what Fu Hongye was hesitating over wasn’t just limited to whether or not he should go and see You Jiang. In addition to that, in order for the Heavenly Alliance to be safe and steady after he ascended, Fu Hongye was hesitating over whether or not he should eliminate the demonic way’s leader.

He was determined to eliminate all the demons under the heavens, but he was in love with a demon himself. Fu Hongye’s heart demon was born because of this, rendering it impossible for him to be free of distractions like before.

Fu Hongye no longer wanted to recall his past struggle. He was currently living in harmony with his heart demon. Sometimes, when he did things according to the heart demon’s influence, the results he obtained weren’t bad either. 

Thus, when facing You Jiang right now, he didn’t mention any of this. Fu Hongye only replied with a smile that was bound to anger the demonic cultivator, “Senior has flattered me.”

Sure enough, the moment he said this, Fu Hongye immediately received You Jiang’s glare. “This lord isn’t praising you!”

Since the demonic thing was targeting him, Qiu Yuebai was naturally extremely cautious when leaving his home. The current experts of the Azure Sky Mansion had all assembled in the Rain Monarch Cave. It didn’t take long for them to discover the traces of battle You Jiang and Fu Hongye had left. 

Right when Fu Hongye was being scolded like he always had been, someone had come to report, “Mansion Master, we discovered a secret tunnel in the collapsed area of the cave.”

Fu Hongye never forgot his promise to find someone. Although he didn’t mind being cursed out by his crush, it didn’t mean he liked receiving You Jiang’s eye-rolls and glares. 

Hearing this piece of news, he no longer provoked You Jiang. Fu Hongye asked Qiu Yuebai, “There’s other mysteries below the Rain Monarch Cave?” 

“My Azure Sky Mansion has resided in Mingchuan for many generations, but I have never heard of this matter.”

The Rain Monarch Cave was originally a karst cave among the mountains. At the very beginning, there hadn’t even been an entrance. It was after the Azure Sky Mansion had discovered it by chance, did they develop the cave into its current appearance.

The entire Mingchuan was supported by the Rain Monarch Cave’s water and tea. Nobody dared to damage the cave without permission, let alone having a great battle like what You Jiang had done. Thus, Qiu Yuebai didn’t know anything about the layer beneath the Rain Monarch Cave. 

The depths of the demonic thing was unknown. You Jiang had no intentions of taking risks for the righteous way. Hearing this, he said, “Since it’s discovered, we’ll trouble Mansion Master Qiu to investigate it. Perhaps the demonic thing you’re looking for is hiding right underneath.”  

Since he was young, Qiu Yuebai has always been accompanied by his wheelchair. Thus, he wasn’t hot-tempered, and he didn’t care about the indifference within You Jiang’s words. 

Still gentle, Qiu Yuebai nodded in acquiescence. “This one will immediately gather the disciples to investigate the Rain Monarch Cave thoroughly. I invite the two of you to return to the city and have some rest.”

You Jiang hadn’t expected that Qiu Yuebai would actually let an expert like Fu Hongye leave and investigate everything by himself. It was one matter for You Jiang to not want to help. After all, in any case, Fu Hongye would drag him along and force him to take action.

But if one stood in the Azure Sky Mansion’s shoes, at a time like this, shouldn’t they exhaust all means to beg experts like them to help? But this Qiu Yuebai actually let them leave instead. There seemed to be something wrong with his attitude. 

You Jiang wasn’t the only one who had doubts. Lying in wait among the crowd for a long time, Cun Jie finally found Qiu Yuebai’s weakness and took the initiative to speak, “Mansion Master Fu, this one still has some impression of that demonic thing after being injured by it. Perhaps I can be of some use if this one goes with you.”

The identity Cun Jie fabricated for himself was a wandering cultivator who had encountered the demonic thing by chance and was injured. He had originally wanted to infiltrate the Azure Sky Mansion to find Qiu Yuebai’s flaws. He didn’t expect that this Mansion Master Qiu had really sent people to diagnose and treat him. Qiu Yuebai even came personally to check on his situation.

If You Jiang hadn’t caused a ruckus in the Rain Monarch Cave, interrupting Qiu Yuebai’s plans, Cun Jie was afraid that it would have been hard for him to continue feigning.

This youth came from an unknown origin. Qiu Yuebai originally wanted to treat him carefully, but he hadn’t expected that this child would take advantage of the mess to follow them to the Rain Monarch Cave. 

Now, Cun Jie was even volunteering to help them investigate, which made things rather difficult for Qiu Yuebai. “It is cold and gloomy underground. Young Lord Zhuge’s wound hasn’t yet healed, I’m afraid following rashly will……”

But with his Leader standing right in front of him, how could Cun Jie return home without any achievements? He definitely had to investigate this matter thoroughly to complete his mission. 

Harboring iron loyalty for the demonic way in his heart, the Left Protector cupped his hands with righteousness and requested the order to help. “Nowadays, all the common people in the city are anxious. How could Zhuge Jie hide in a corner to pass his days peacefully? Eliminating demons and ghosts is my duty that cannot be shirked without dishonour!” 

Peace had reigned in the world for a hundred years. The younger generation of righteous cultivators were mostly obsessed with idealistic fantasies. Qiu Yuebai rarely saw a junior like this, one so full of zeal. 

Although he thought this youth’s identity was suspicious, Qiu Yuebai was ultimately unwilling to let down the boy’s enthusiasm. He raised his head to rub Cun Jie’s head before smiling with a nod, “Good child. Since you have this resolve, then come with me ah.”

The moment Qiu Yuebai did this, the expression on Cun Jie’s face froze a bit. You Jiang also pinched Fu Hongye’s thigh with hate. 

His Left Protector’s teachers were the world’s greatest hitman along with the three ghost saints of the ghost realm. At such a young age, he was already known as Mobei’s Little Poison, reaching the top of the jianghu bounty board and taking fourth place. Cun Jie was practically the hope of the demonic way’s new generation.

Forget about how the demonic way’s hope had to flatter the righteous way with hypocritical words. His head was actually rubbed by a righteous cultivator! You Jiang’s Left Protector really ate a big loss! 

However, Fu Hongye only felt that he was falsely accused. He didn’t even care about how a demonic cultivator had infiltrated a righteous sect, but the demonic way’s leader still pinched him. You Jiang was truly being unreasonable!

But although he was feeling helpless, Fu Hongye definitely couldn’t let a demonic cultivator approach the Mansion Master of the Azure Sky Mansion. 

Flipping his hand to clutch You Jiang’s hand in one move, he stepped forward and said, “Mansion Master Fu is unable to move around freely. Since Senior and I have already come to the Rain Monarch Cave, we’re also unwilling to return without any achievements. It would be better for everyone to investigate together so we can take care of each other.”

But something was a bit odd—despite Fu Hongye taking the initiative to help, a trace of hesitation appeared on Qiu Yuebai’s face. 

Nobody knew what he was thinking about, but Qiu Yuebai ultimately agreed in the end. “The Alliance Leader being willing to take this task is naturally the best.”

Qiu Yuebai’s expression had turned reticent extremely suddenly. Only You Jiang, who had been observing everything at all times, was able to sense it. 

He couldn’t help but think, “Being alright with a nameless junior following, but avoiding the Sect Leader of the Profound Sect. Qiu Yuebai seems to want to hide something. I’m afraid this matter with the Azure Sky Mansion isn’t that clean.”

Demonic cultivators were most interested in digging up the scandals of the righteous way. With his interest raised, You Jiang also followed after them. However, he couldn’t help but sneer at Fu Hongye, who was still dragging him along. “Are you afraid this lord will slice you into eight pieces after we’re alone?”

Fu Hongye was more or less used to You Jiang’s habit of inciting incidents the moment the other man was bored. At this moment, he only pretended he couldn’t hear him. 

Since Fu Hongye was unwilling to quarrel with him nor did he want to let go, the youth simply leaned even closer, changing his grasp to support You Jiang. His right hand also pinched the demonic leader’s waist, returning the favor from earlier.  

However, Fu Hongye’s expression still looked extremely upright as he said, “Senior suffered some inner wounds eariler while fighting with the demonic cultivators. I’ll support you as we walk.”

You Jiang hadn’t been intimate with others for many years. After being suddenly touched like this, he couldn’t help but stiffen. By the time the man had snapped out of his daze, he realized that this was truly losing his mighty image.

You Jiang immediately lowered his voice before saying with hate, “Rotten brat, sooner or later, this lord will slaughter you.” 

The hearing of qi deviated people was impaired. Fu Hongye didn’t hear it, he didn’t hear anything.

To Fu Hongye, You Jiang’s threatening words had long been going through his left ear and out the other. But only now, as he supported the demonic leader to walk, did Fu Hongye notice—although You Jiang liked dressing in a demonic style, his body didn’t possess the scent of blood. When Fu Hongye leaned even closer to sniff him, there was even a light, woody fragrance.

This was a gentle scent Jiang Fengzhi didn’t have during his youth. It could only form after years of experience. It was no wonder Fu Hongye had slept so peacefully beside You Jiang when the righteous way’s leader was consistently insomniatic. 

Fu Hongye once again discovered a benefit after Fengzhi had entered the demonic way. This made him feel somewhat happy. Looking at the frowning demonic cultivator, Fu Hongye smiled and said, “Fengzhi, today you praised me. Even though you said it insincerely, I’m still happy.”

It took two to tango. Even though You Jiang really wanted to have a bitter battle with Fu Hongye, he couldn’t fight when facing an attitude like this. You Jiang could only look away, so they were no longer face-to-face. “Isn’t there enough people praising you in this world?”

“They’re not you.”

This unexpected response made You Jiang fall silent. After a long while, he finally replied, still unable to understand him. “You’ve truly gone crazy.”

The Sect Leader of the Profound Sect was praised by the entire world, enjoying the worship of everybody. 

Fu Hongye had completed his promise with Jiang Fengzhi. He became the strongest person in the righteous way, known throughout the entire world.

However, from beginning to end, Fu Hongye hadn’t seen the other youth being happy for this, nor his smile. 

For everything, you win some and you lose some. Fu Hongye chose the Profound Sect, and hadn’t gone to familiarize himself with You Jiang. It was inevitable for this to happen.  

But even though he had already accepted this reality, when Fu Hongye occasionally recalled the past, it was hard for him to not feel melancholic.

The Sect Leader of the Profound Sect was always worried about the world. His every word and action was the very model of the righteous way. Fu Hongye didn’t have the qualifications to be willful.

But now that he had gone insane, it was the only time Fu Hongye could do things according to his heart.

Thus, he liked qi deviating.

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