Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 5

Chapter 5: “Chu Binghuan suddenly spoke. “You’re……afraid of me?””

Mu Rongsa had just been wondering why Hua Che was freaking out despite being fine mere moments ago, when he suddenly caught sight of the distant Chu Binghuan. Immediately, he felt his hair stand on end.

Reportedly, the Young Master of Yuntian Shuijing had a cold disposition and an arrogant personality. As Feng Ming Valley’s majestic young master, Mu Rongsa naturally wasn’t afraid of Chu Binghuan’s coercion.

Instead, the reason why he felt his blood run cold was completely because he was placing himself in Hua Che’s shoes. 

Mu Rongsa privately believed that Brother Hua Che and Young Lord Chu were enemies. However, Hua Che had little power and was miserably weak.

Being chased to death by the influential Young Lord Chu, how extremely pitiful! 

On top of that, Chu Binghuan’s complexion was frighteningly dark right now.

Mu Rongsa intuitively thought: they were done for.

Shang Qing Immortal Sect specialized in cultivating the sword path. Ye You Prefecture focused on musical cultivators, while Yuntian Shuijing’s cultivators mainly majored in the art of healing. 

Young Lord Chu, young but already famous throughout the immortal realm, was precisely Yuntian Shuijing’s most outstanding medical cultivator since the beginning of time.

It was reasonable to say that if sword cultivators were the strongest, then medical cultivators had to be the weakest.

After all, the former were naturally sharp like blades, fierce from head to toe.  In comparison, the latter were covered in the fragrance of medical herbs, their hearts brimming with mercy and kindness, always hoping to save the entire world.

Thus, sword cultivators and medical cultivators were complete opposites.

However, Chu Binghuan was precisely a rare anomaly. Despite cultivating the art of healing, he had very strong combat skills. In fact, he was known to scatter poisoned powder the moment there was a disagreement. Within minutes, his opponents would bleed from all orifices as their organs burned terribly. 

When wandering around the jianghu, one definitely should not offend a doctor. No matter how terrible Chu Binghuan’s personality was, one really could not afford to offend him.

Thus, Mu Rongsa just couldn’t understand. Anyone would have been a better person to offend, but Hua Che just had to become enemies with Chu Binghuan.

This was truly eating a bear’s heart or a leopard’s gallbladder1 ah!

But there was no choice! After all, who let them be good brothers2!

Although Mu Rongsa was sighing emotionally in his heart, his expression stayed stiff and cold. Flying over, he cupped his hands in greeting and said, “Young Lord Chu, please excuse him on my behalf.”

Chu Binghuan’s gaze moved around Mu Rongsa before falling on Hua Che, who kept trying to hide behind the Feng Ming Valley’s Young Master.

Cancelling the engagement……because of a sweetheart.

Hah, very good!

Chu Binghuan’s complexion sank even more. When he began approaching them, Hua Che acted like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow. Grabbing Mu Rongsa’s elbow, he hollered, “Run run run!”

Mu Rongsa rapidly nodded his head before he urged his sword to speed into the blue sky.

Hua Che: “Quickly land!”

However, trying to flee was an absolutely futile endeavour. In the blink of an eye, Chu Binghuan already caught up to them.

There was no time for Mu Rongsa to adjust his chaotic aura. Instinctively shielding Hua Che behind him, he gave Chu Binghuan a flattering look and said, “Brother, brother! Let’s talk this over! Don’t be impulsive ah!”

Chu Binghuan’s gaze was grave and stern. He pointed at Hua Che and said, “I have something to say to him.”

Glancing at Mu Rongsa, the youth added, “Privately.”

Mu Rongsa took a look at Chu Binghuan, before looking at the Hearing Spring Sword the youth was holding. That sword was currently overflowing with brilliance while flickering with a frosty light. 

Decisively betraying Hua Che, Mu Rongsa said, “That, Brother Hua ah, I believe that some things must be thoroughly explained. Blindly trying to avoid problems isn’t right. If you owe a debt, you’ll once again be a good person after repaying it! Don’t be afraid, I’ll wait for you right over there.”

With his tail between his legs, Mu Rongsa quickly slipped away.

Hua Che reached out his hand but didn’t manage to grab onto him. Practically crying without tears, he said, “Didn’t we agree to share both blessings and difficulties? Are you abandoning me just like this?”

In response, Mu Rongsa gave him a big thumbs up.

Hua Che: “……”

Fine, the attendant was dismissed. Now, only he and Chu Binghuan were left alone together.

When Hua Che recalled both the love and grievances, on top of his remorse near death for delaying Chu Binghuan for an entire lifetime, he really felt too ashamed to meet the youth.

The strained atmosphere was filled with an awkward flavour.

Hua Che could feel Chu Binghuan looking at him. The youth didn’t blink at all, staring at him with an unwavering gaze that gave Hua Che the creeps.

He didn’t know how much time had passed when Chu Binghuan suddenly spoke up. “You’re……scared of me?”

The bottom of Hua Che’s heart trembled slightly.

Chu Binghuan’s voice was extremely pleasant to hear. Clear and melodious, like the splashing of water in a mountainous little stream, the droplets sparkling like jade.

It had been a long time since Hua Che had heard him sound like this.

During his last life, when Chu Binghuan had been imprisoned in Fen Qing Palace Hall and was living under his jurisdiction, he either refused to speak with a cold face, or yelled in a hoarse and strict tone during the times Hua Che forced him to do something. 

In those days, the phrases Hua Che heard the most were precisely things like “don’t touch me”, “shameless”, “you touch me one more time, I’ll abolish my own meridians”. 

As the once-majestic Demon Lord, how could Hua Che be afraid of someone?

He just felt a bit ashamed, that’s all.

“I’m just……” Hua Che forced a chuckle. “A bit embarrassed to meet you.”

Chu Binghuan: “Why?”

Hua Che lifted his head. Gathering his courage, he shifted his gaze toward Chu Binghuan’s face. “The majestic Young Master of Yuntian Shuijing’s engagement was cancelled. When all is said and done, it wouldn’t be pleasant if this was spread out. So I……”

Chu Binghuan: “So why do you wish to cancel our engagement?”

The proud son of the heavens was “shunned”. It was normal if he wanted to figure out why. 

Hua Che could only honestly explain, “The status and conditions of our families do not match. I do not dare to take advantage.”

Chu Binghuan already guessed that Hua Che would reply like this.

In his last life, when Hua Che had first arrived at Yuntian Shuijing, Chu Binghuan had been practicing medicine outside and missed his visit. Mei Cailian wouldn’t intentionally tell him about this matter either.

Thus, Chu Binghuan didn’t even know his fiancé had come to find him, or how Hua Che had argued with his mother.

After he was reborn, Chu Binghuan knew Hua Che would come to Yuntian Shuijing. However, he didn’t know when the boy would come, so he could only return home as fast as possible.

Who would have thought he would still be a step too late?

But what made Chu Binghuan truly astonished was, in his last life, Hua Che had made a solemn vow that they must get married no matter what.

So how could Hua Che resolutely decide to reject the marriage and leave now?

Could deviations occur even in history?

When he first met Hua Che, Chu Binghuan’s impression of the youth was someone wanton, frivolous and undisciplined. But after prolonged interaction, he realized Hua Che was open-minded, easy to talk to, and had a free and an unrestrained spirit.

Although the youth often said a lot of frivolous drivel and never said anything proper, Hua Che treated people cordially and was sincere to others. 

At that time, the two of them were being chased by a demonic beast. While hiding together in a cave, Hua Che looked like he was a man on his deathbed as he sincerely muttered, “I just promised someone I’ll marry them, but instead I’ll become a demonic beast’s midnight snack tonight. This is too miserable ah! Young Hero, if you can escape alive, please help me send my skeleton to Hangzhou and give it to my most beloved Nanny Jiang.”

You’re about to be eaten by a demonic beast, so why would it leave your skeleton intact?

Chu Binghuan was too lazy to slander him. Instead, he asked, “Marriage?”

“Oh, we were betrothed by our elders when we were still in our mother’s wombs.” Lazily leaning on the rock, Hua Che laid down. 

“My fiancé comes from a powerful family. The soles of his feet tread upon a path built with jade, and even his drinking cups are made with coloured glass. I…I’m self aware about my own circumstances. Originally, I wanted to take the token over to decline the engagement. But then his mother came and showered me with a lot of scolding. Being hot-tempered, I became angry, and then……I talked big, said stuff like we’re a perfect match ah! I must marry your child, we’re made for each other! Then I got kicked out of their house.”

“Half the reason I wanted to go to Shang Qing Immortal Sect was because that lady looked down on me, so I was stimulated by her. But the other half is because I’m truly unwilling to be mediocre. I don’t wish to ascend and become immortal, but at the very least, I want to live a few years longer and gain more experience. In any case, I want to do my best to do some good things, living up to what it means to be young.”

“If Young Hero has some leisure time, could you take a trip in my stead? Just tell them I died, so the marriage contract has become invalid. My fiancé should find someone else to marry, because I won’t become a malicious ghost to haunt him.”

Chu Binghuan: “……”

“Here, the token.” Not waiting for Chu Binghuan to agree, Hua Che handed him the token. “Help me return this to him!” 

The moment he took the jade pendant, something exploded in Chu Binghuan’s mind. Widening his eyes incredulously, he asked, “That fiancé of yours, what is his name?”

Hua Che replied proudly, “Chu Binghuan, Yuntian Shuijing’s Young Master. Amazing, right?”

Chu Binghuan immediately laughed.

Why laugh? He wasn’t too sure.

Perhaps he had been angered into laughing by this damned fate. In any case, he thought this was just too funny.

He originally thought his meeting with this boy had been a normal situation where strangers come together by chance. Who would have thought that this stranger was actually his future Dao companion?

Seeing how Hua Che looked quite confused, Chu Binghuan suddenly felt extremely tired. “If you die, do you think I would be able to flee unscathed?”

“Then the two of us can only die together.” Hua Che looked bitter at first, before he suddenly smiled. “To be able to die together with Young Hero, a righteous lord like you, this life of mine has been worth it.”

“Just because of this?” As his memories of their last life replayed in his mind, Chu Binghuan’s face became even colder. “I heard some people say that you have a lover now.”

Chu Binghuan’s gaze fell onto Mu Rongsa, who was waiting for them from afar.


Hua Che looked at Chu Binghuan, before he looked at Mu Rongsa.

Yunmiao Immortal Lord, did you misunderstand something?

Chu Binghuan only stared directly at Hua Che. Using his body to block Hua Che’s line of sight, he forced the youth to look only at himself.

“This is a marriage decided by my paternal grandmother and your maternal grandmother. If the younger generation do not comply, it will be unfilial.” 

Chu Binghuan’s tone of voice sounded sonorous and powerful. Taking out something from the spiritual spatial bag in his sleeve, he stuffed the item into Hua Che’s hand before firmly saying, “Don’t lose this.”

Hua Che lowered his head to take a look. It was precisely that jade pendant with the words “Tianyu” carved onto it.

No, wait.

After going around in a circle, how did this return to him again?

Hua Che: “Young Lord Chu, I……”

“Where do you plan to go?” Chu Binghuan interrupted him. This path didn’t lead to Shang Qing Immortal Sect.

Hua Che naturally didn’t want to tell him. He was just about to say an excuse to deceive him, when Mu Rongsa once again played the role of a bad teammate and yelled, “Hey, are you guys done talking yet? The recruitment application deadline for Ling Xiao Temple ends tomorrow night. We need to hurry to Ling Xiao Mountain as soon as possible!”

Hua Che: “……”

Chu Binghuan looked surprised. “You plan to go to Ling Xiao Temple?”

It was impossible to try lying now. Hua Che could only brace himself before admitting it.

“Let’s go then.” Chu Binghuan naturally held Hua Che’s wrist. “I’ll go with you to Ling Xiao Temple.”

Immediately, Hua Che almost slipped.

What the heck?

Go together? Please no, ah ah ah!

Shouldn’t you go to Shang Qing Immortal Sect?

Although Hua Che mentally blew his top, he couldn’t immediately question Chu Binghuan. Feeling that life was now devoid of meaning, he could only gaze hopelessly into the sky.

At Ling Xiao Temple—

Wooden roof shingles and a grass thatched house. The cracks in the stone flooring blossomed like a gorgeous spider web, while flecks from the faded red paint on the walls scattered into the air at a single touch.

Under the old pagoda tree was a recliner, and an old man was lying on it. He held a palm-leaf fan in his hand and fanned himself in boredom. 

This was precisely the Sect Leader of Ling Xiao Temple. Right now, he still didn’t know that his declining sect was just about to welcome two gods.

One had a famous name known throughout the six realms, from the past to the present. The number one immortal sect’s sect leader, whose tyrannical cultivation realm was enough to scare demons and evil spirits within a thousand miles to flee in fear.

The other was the Demon Lord who had travelled the entire nine states, one who made both the righteous and demonic ways equally terror-stricken. An overlord seen once in a thousand autumns, who had once commanded both the ghost and demonic realms.

Right, there was still one more person.

Young Master Feng, who was thirsting to become equal to the Jade Emperor……and secretly coveting his sect leader position.

  1. A saying which basically means the person is too courageous, since to eat a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder, one must be able to kill them first.
  2. Not related here – in China, male friends often call each other brothers.

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