Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 3

Chapter 3: “The three-hundredth prey.”

After leaving Yuntian Shuijing, Hua Che felt full of vitality, like his entire body had lightened.

Now that he was reborn, he won’t entangle or cling to Chu Binghuan again. This would save both of them a lot of pain and suffering. 

In his last life, Hua Che had been infatuated with Chu Binghuan. From his initial love at first sight, to a growing affection as the two interacted, to an extreme devotion only death could do apart. 

In order to obtain Chu Binghuan, Hua Che caught him alive and imprisoned him in the demonic realm, before forcing the man to become his Daoist companion. Relying on how his own cultivation was strong and profound, Hua Che did whatever he pleased.  

In hindsight, he had really been a bastard.

It would have been fine if Chu Binghuan had been willing. However, that man was emotionless and disinclined to love, living purely and honestly. He also had a stubborn and wilful personality.

Even if Hua Che sat on him and started moving on his own, Chu Binghuan would rather die than cooperate with him. He even acted like a chaste woman who would die for her honour, appearing almost like he would bite his own tongue to commit suicide. 

No matter how besotted and obsessed Hua Che was, he still couldn’t bear to do anything.

Chu Binghuan didn’t even want that despite getting it sent straight to his door, it was obvious how much he had hated himself.

Numerous people wanted to climb onto this lord’s bed but couldn’t, but Chu Binghuan……hmph!

Hua Che squeezed onto the carriage, and then smiled mockingly at himself.

If he put himself into Chu Binghuan’s shoes……an infatuated man was in love with himself, desperately besotted to the point of insanity. After a single disagreement, he would seal your golden core, after a second disagreement, he would imprison you. That kind of man……

Hua Che immediately shivered violently.

He was truly sorry to Chu Binghuan!

A stolen melon wouldn’t taste sweet, this was precisely that logic.

After four hours, Hua Che got off the carriage so Nanny Jiang could return to their village.

“Young Master, you won’t return together with this old slave?” Nanny Jiang stared at him with deep worry. 

Hope of relying on the relatives by marriage had disappeared, so the Young Master had no one he could depend on. What should he do in the future ah?!

Hua Che naturally knew what Nanny Jiang was worrying about. Smiling, he refused, “I……cough cough. This body of mine, if I don’t do anything about it, I’ll probably die young.”

“Young Master, you mustn’t talk nonsense.” For once, Nanny Jiang’s expression became grave. However, after staring at Hua Che for a while, she ultimately couldn’t stay indignant.

Sighing, Nanny Jiang said, “I originally wanted to borrow Chu family’s power to cure your body. Yuntian Shuijing practices healing cultivation and medicine, and they are renowned throughout all of the nine states. Even if someone from the famous Shang Qing Immortal Sect falls ill, they will still need to go to Yuntian Shuijing to beg a healer to save them. It had been so difficult for Young Master to obtain a relationship with them. Even if the engagement falls through, you still need to consider your own health. Why hadn’t you mentioned this to them at all?” 

Hua Che stroked the horse’s mane and said, “What relationship? That engagement had been nothing more than an oral agreement. New emperors, new policies, let alone something like this, an old matter from the last, last generation. Could we really hope they would respect their elders’ order? Besides, my situation……I still have some self-consciousness. There’s no need to be a toad who wants to eat swan meat.” 

Nanny Jiang’s heart ached. “Young Master……”  


Hua Che waved his hand and said, “I think things are fine as they are. Forcing a relationship with a huge family like that, might not be a good thing in the first place. Alright, alright. There’s countless medical cultivators under the sky, they’re not limited to just Yuntian Shuijing. I’m prepared to find an immortal sect to worship. Not to become an immortal and ascend, but to strengthen my body and improve my health”

Nanny Jiang thought it over and thought this was a pretty good idea too. She said, “Since you want to worship an immortal sect, naturally you must choose the best one. Young Master wants to go to Shang Qing Immortal Sect?” 

The smile on Hua Che’s face immediately froze.  

That’s right ah. In his past life, he went to Shang Qing Immortal Sect. And then……what a huge mess it had been.

“No, that sect is too big, so there’ll be many disputes. I’ll feel ill at ease there.” Hua Che said. “I’ll just find a small, unregistered school. It’s not like I want to excel and become famous among thousands. I just want to mingle along as I wait for death ah! Haha, if my luck is good, maybe I’ll even muddle my way to an Elder’s position or a minister!” 

Nanny Jiang knew Hua Che’s heart was already decided, and that it wouldn’t be easy to persuade him to do anything else. 

Besides, as long as you were happy, being ordinary for a lifetime wasn’t bad either. There would be no need to shoulder some sort of heavy responsibility.

“By all means, Young Master must take good care of his health and body. You must not force yourself, and don’t compete against those nobles or officials. Nanny knows you have a hot temper and hate evil, but our circumstances right now won’t let you win against others. So you just need to……” 

Nanny Jiang hadn’t finished speaking when she was suddenly hugged by Hua Che.

She immediately blanked out. Ever since he was little, Young Master had a naughty and lively personality. The moment one stopped watching over him, he’ll end up making trouble. This had made young lady Mei’er always worried about him.

The older Hua Che grew, the more arrogant and stubborn he became. Hua Che was frivolous, playing and making trouble every day. He was rarely this emotional and mature. 

Hua Che breathed in deeply. In this world, other than his mother, Nanny Jiang was the person who treated him the best.

He didn’t say anything more. After slowly releasing Nanny Jiang from his hug, Hua Che gave her a toothy grin, “Wait for me to kidnap the junior-apprentice sister from my future sect. I’ll immediately lead her back so we can show our filial respect to you.”

Hearing this, Nanny Jiang couldn’t help but laugh. “Being so improper again?”

Actually, Hua Che was saying this just to amuse her. After all, in this life, he was destined to grow old alone.

After watching Nanny Jiang leave, Hua Che began agonizing over where he should go. Feng Ming Valley and Ye You Prefecture had famous reputations as one of the three great immortal sects, on par with Yuntian Shuijing. 

However, although they were great, Hua Che couldn’t go to them.

Oh well, he might as well find a sect that was close to his hometown. One that provided food, lodging, and elderly care.

He felt a bit exasperated, becoming even more depressed about his extremely sickly body. It wasn’t like he had been born prematurely, so his fragile health was really quite bizarre. 

In addition, Hua Che didn’t have an old wound or an illness at this age, so who knows why his body was in this state after his rebirth.

Unless, his rebirth hadn’t been free of charge, and God had secretly collected a small tip for his service?

Sigh. Hua Che had originally wanted to find a countryside village where he could walk cats and tease dogs, muddling along happily until death. 

Who would have thought the heavens wouldn’t allow it?

In order to prevent himself from dying because of a common cold, Hua Che still needed to follow the same path that had led to his terrible demise from his first life—and begin cultivating.

Since Hua Che had his past life’s experience, he could technically cultivate even without worshipping a sect. However, he had cultivated the ghost path for a hundred years, and then became a demonic cultivator for another hundred years. 

Thus, Hua Che had long forgotten the immortal way of cultivation he had once learned at Shang Qing Immortal Sect.

But now that he was reborn, unless he really had no other choice, he didn’t want to cultivate the demonic way again.

Hua Che attempted to guide spiritual energy into his body. For cultivators, this was the first, basic skill to learn, and it was the same for both immortal and demonic cultivators.

Based on innate skill and talent, the process of guiding spiritual energy into one’s body can take anywhere from three days to three years. In his past life, Hua Che merely used half a day to achieve it, shocking and becoming the envy of everyone.

Now, probably because he already had experience, it only took a short four hours for Hua Che to succeed.

When he opened his eyes again, it was already nighttime. 

Suddenly, he heard a delicate cry.

Hua Che thought he had misheard, so he didn’t pay attention to it.

The young girl moaning behind the stone seemed to have finally lost patience. She first rubbed her own head to make sure her fox ears were properly hidden before she began limping out. 

A pair of ethereal eyes were filled with tears as she pitifully cried out, “Save me, save me young lord!”

Hua Che looked both right and left, before he ultimately pointed to himself and asked, “Are you yelling at me ah?”

You don’t say! In this rural place where even bird poop was non-existent, was there anyone else other than you?!

The fox spirit’s crying face looked like raindrops on a pear blossom. Tripping over who knows what, she managed to fall down exactly one step away from Hua Che before crying, “Save me, save me young lord!”

Hua Che asked, “What’s wrong? Is there someone chasing after you?”

Why don’t you help me up first ah you despicable man! The fox spirit felt very indignant. 

This was her three-hundredth prey. As a spiritual beast cultivator who was skilled at hunting, she was certain that success would come as easy as winking!

To be honest, this little brother’s appearance was really quite beautiful. He looked even more soft and tender than that country’s prince she had eaten a few days ago.

Nearly drooling, the fox spirit’s charming eyes stayed fixed on Hua Che.

“Yes, there’s a mountain bandit chasing me. Save me young lord, sob sob sob……”

This old lady was a devastating beauty, capable of causing the downfall of a city! The fox spirit didn’t believe this guy could stay unaffected!

“Is that so?” Hua Che stood up. Reaching out to support the pitiful girl, he gently said, “Young lady, there’s no need to be afraid, I……”  

Fox spirit: Hah, men!   

Hua Che’s finger was like a knife. Rapid, yet also steadily and accurately, he cut open the young girl’s dantian1

The fox spirit was completely caught off guard. Both eyes widening, she stared incredulously at Hua Che.  

A tiny speck of True Energy appeared on Hua Che’s palm. Grabbing at the fox spirit’s cut-open dantian, he dug out a vibrantly-coloured golden core.  

Under the brilliant light, Hua Che’s phoenix eyes were overflowing with lustrous colour. “I’m much scarier than a mountain bandit.”  

The fox spirit: “You! You……”   

Hua Che stowed away the golden core before smiling beautifully. “Many thanks.”   

The fox spirit died with grievances.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. She began secretly stalking him after sunset, and he had clearly been a normal mortal!

How did he become a cultivator with True Energy in the time it took to turn around?   

In addition, to be this swift and vicious, like a ruthless demon!  

“Stop!” A teenager yelled as he suddenly dropped out of the sky. He didn’t even care about his sword after reaching the ground. The youth only rushed to check the deceased fox spirit who had already returned to its original form.

“F*ck, it’s gone!” The teenager’s eyes widened before he stared viciously at Hua Che. He extended his hand and demanded, “Give it to me!”   

Hua Che asked, “Give what?”   

“The golden core ah! Don’t act stupid with this young master. This fox spirit’s golden core got dug out, so shouldn’t it be with you?” The teenager was angered till his eyes were red. “This young master followed her for seven days and seven nights! I can’t believe you got to it first, quickly take out the golden core and hand it to me!”

Hua Che smiled. “Interesting. The spiritual beast was killed by me, the golden core was dug by me. Right now it’s in my pocket. May I ask if this brother had helped me at all? For what reason must I share the profits?”

The teenager said in anger, “Because this fox spirit was my prey! Don’t you know the logic of first come, first serve? I was the one who picked her first.”  

Hua Che remained unmoved. “You’ve followed her for seven days but still didn’t capture her? Brother, this speed of yours……”  

“This young master was of course following the principle of “knowing yourself and knowing your enemy” to emerge victorious in a hundred battles. What do you understand? I’m warning you, if you don’t take out the golden core, I’ll—”   

Alarmed, Hua Che’s complexion suddenly changed. He reached out to haul the aggressive youth behind the rock, before immediately following after and hiding behind it himself.

The teenager was stunned. “What are you doing?”   

Hua Che covered his mouth and made a “stay quiet” gesture.   

The teenager felt baffled. 

Then, he thought the death of the little fox spirit had attracted an older fox spirit who wanted to take revenge, and began rejoicing in Hua Che’s misfortune. “This is why you should keep your hands off of things you shouldn’t touch! Obediently hand over the golden core to me, and this young lord will take on your burden!”    

Hua Che’s complexion was very bad. Compared to fear, he felt more……awkward.  

The youth was extremely looking forward to the scene where an old fox spirit tormented Hua Che until he was crying. He impatiently stretched out his head to take a look.  

However, don’t talk about a fox spirit, there wasn’t even a strand of fox fur on the scene! 

Instead, from the depths of the forest, a single person slowly walked out. He was very tall, and though the distance between them was so large, one could still feel this person’s exceptional aura.   

Hua Che’s heartbeat quickened.   

That person was finally illuminated by the moonlight.   

He was clothed in white from head to toe, looking pure and cold, uncontaminated by the mortal realm. The person had a complexion like jade, incomparably handsome. Three thousand strands of silky black hair were tied with a crown, while limpid eyes reflected the stars of the entire sky. 

Holding his Hearing Spring Sword, the person walked over elegantly, his figure nearly fusing together with the moonlight. One unaware of the situation would have thought this was an immortal goddess from Guanghan Palace2 who had descended to the immortal realm.   

The youth was stunned. He blanked out for a long while before he finally snapped out of his daze. Suddenly seeing the light, he exclaimed, “Isn’t this Yuntian Shuijing’s omph, mm……!”   

Hua Che wished he could make this guy mute with a single poke!

Despite hiding from him so much……Chu Binghuan ah Chu Binghuan.

They truly had an ill-fated relationship!

  1. The dantian is the region two inches below the navel where one’s qi resides.
  2. Guanghan Palace is a palace located on the moon in ancient Chinese myths and legends. It is where Chang’er (the Chinese goddess of the moon) lives.

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