Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 13

Chapter 13: “With a guilty conscience, Chu Binghuan looked away. “You’re thinking too much.””

“I told you guys to find a way to give Nanny Jiang some money, so you went to the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern and handed it over personally?” 

Chu Binghuan’s gaze was cold and gloomy. He held back the strong urge to vomit blood.

Two medical cultivators glanced at each other in dismay before saying, “But Young Lord, we acted according to your instructions and gave money to her ah.”

Chu Binghuan really wanted to spit blood. “Two strangers went to a brothel and did absolutely nothing, but wanted to bestow a huge sum of money to someone. Being this sudden, do you just think Nanny Jiang is easy to deceive, or do you take Hua Che as a fool?”

The two medical cultivators looked very wronged. They still didn’t think they did anything wrong.

Chu Binghuan restrained his fury. He tried his very best to explain in a serene manner. “There are so many romantic and rich masters in Hangzhou City. Could you guys not have “borrowed a knife to kill1”? Give the silver taels to them, and let them step forth to reward Nanny Jiang, wouldn’t it be more convincing than if you two did it yourselves?” 

“You’re right!” The little junior sect-brothers of Yuntian Shuijing suddenly saw the light. “Young Lord is wise and far-sighted. How did we not think of that?”

Chu Binghuan felt a burst of fatigue.

Suddenly, he sensed something. He told his two junior sect-brothers, “Quickly leave.”

The moment those two medical cultivators leapt out the window, Hua Che opened the door and barged in.

As their gazes met, Hua Che actually became the one embarrassed first.

There was nothing he could do about it. After being the Demon Lord who f*cked the sky, the ground, and even the air for such a long time, he charged about violently now no matter where he went.

What was ‘knocking on the door’? Could you eat it? 

“I’m sorry ah,” Hua Che smiled with embarrassment. Turning around, he retreated out of the room, closed the door and then knocked. 

After being forcibly imprisoned in the Fen Qing Palace Hall for three years, Chu Binghuan had long become used to this scene. Just now, with a strong sense of deja vu, he truly felt a bit reminiscent. 

But then Hua Che actually went out again to knock on his door. This actually made Chu Binghuan unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

He suddenly felt a bit disappointed. “Come in!”

Hua Che obediently opened the door before eagerly walking over to Chu Binghuan. In a flattering tone, he said, “Seventh senior-apprentice brother, lend me some help?”

Hearing this, Chu Binghuan blanked out. A few moments passed before he finally got used to this title. “What help?”

“I really lack manpower. For some time, I won’t be able to find other people, so I can only come here to bother seventh senior-apprentice brother.” 

Hua Che approached Chu Binghuan before whispering in his ear. “Come with me to the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern tonight to lurk around. Help me capture a person.”

Chu Binghuan’s entire body trembled. It was unclear if it was because of Hua Che’s sudden approach that made his ears redden, or if it was because he had something on his conscience, so the shame had flushed his face red. “Wh-Who?”

“I don’t know.” Hua Che gloomily sat down onto the bed. “A mysterious person. With no cause or reason, they gave Nanny Jiang a tip.”

Chu Binghuan inwardly scolded those two idiotic medical cultivators.

Hua Che continued speaking, “You don’t know what Nanny Jiang is like. Docile and well-behaved, she wouldn’t want ill-gotten wealth like this.”

Chu Binghuan said warmly, “Why do you call it ill-gotten wealth? If it’s rewarded by customers, isn’t it something she deserves?”

Hua Che shook his head. “The important point is their motives. Not rewarding the beautiful girls around them, but bestowing a tip on a servant who does unskilled labour? Forget about it, there’s no point in discussing it any further. In any case, as long as we capture them tonight, we’ll know after asking. The Utterly Intoxicated Tavern is too big. My cultivation level is limited, so I can only guard the front courtyard. So I’ll need to trouble seventh senior-apprentice brother to help me guard the back door!”

Hua Che already guessed that those people weren’t ordinary. That’s why he said he wouldn’t be able to stop them relying on just his own cultivation.

Chu Binghuan couldn’t help but scold those two medical cultivators again.

Night fell. Bracing himself, Chu Binghuan went to the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern with Hua Che.

Hua Che could be considered as a frequent guest at the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern. As a child, he frequently ran over to find Nanny Jiang.

Later on, Nanny Jiang thought this place was too filthy. She didn’t want Hua Che to be influenced by its environment. Strictly admonishing him, she forbade him from coming to the again.

After he turned fifteen, becoming half an adult, Hua Che had shed his mortal body and changed his bones. When he came to the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern again, he was already a bright, young man. 

Hua Che had the handsome glow of a man, but also the flirtatious charm he had inherited from Hua Mei’er. All the girls in the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern weren’t able to recognize him. They thought he was the servant of someone’s fiancé who came here to make a fuss.

“After not seeing each other for some time, you’ve truly become someone to be admired. The former poor kid has now become an immortal master.” The lady boss waved her circular fan, smiling strangely.

If it wasn’t for this brat, why would her money tree leave?

Hua Che lifted his eyes to look at her as his lips curved into a perfect smile. “The same to you, the same to you.”

Hitting a soft nail2, the lady boss felt somewhat uncomfortable. She snorted coldly and said, “Sure enough, as Mei’er’s flesh and blood, you aren’t a little fish in a small pond. For people living in this world, isn’t everything we do for money?” 

“Little Immortal Master, are you living well at your sect? Do you have enough food and clothing? If you ever lack anything, do not hesitate to come to my Utterly Intoxicated Tavern. Big sister will save a spot for you, you definitely won’t make less than your mother did in those years.”

The lady boss ridiculed him with a smile, “You tried eking out a living with your mother all over the place. Spending poor, miserable days, this big sister still remembers it all. Say, what do you think your father does? Causing your mother to become pregnant, and then throwing away mother and son without a care. Big sister has mingled in the jianghu for so many years, so I do have some connections. If you want, this big sister can tell you some news about your birth father.”

Hua Che’s expression became cold. He set down his tea cup with a heavy thud, causing the pale liquid inside to splash out.

“The few hundred mouths in the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern aren’t enough for Mama to manage? Stretching your hand out so far, aren’t you afraid of inviting trouble?”

The lady boss’ smile stiffened. She didn’t know why, but she became a little afraid of this young youth who still hadn’t been crowned.

Hua Che suddenly smiled. The hint of malice at the bottom of his eyes scattered cleanly, once again restoring his former bright and lively appearance. However, the words he said next were incomparably frightening. 

“May I offer a bit of advice? Don’t try investigating him, and don’t think you’re clever and have grasped everything in your hands. It wasn’t easy for you to build the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern, so you don’t want it to become bloody, right?”

The lady boss was scared into fleeing.

Hua Che laughed the incident off. Watching people come and go through the entrance hall, he became even more gloomy. 

Today was already the fifteenth of the seventh month. Even if those people still didn’t come, he’ll have to return to the Ling Xiao Temple tomorrow.

“Hey, isn’t this Young Lord Qian?!” The lady boss yelled in a throaty voice. Looking over, Hua Che saw a scene filled with dazzling gold. 

The lady boss happily collected the silver taels. “Young Lord Qian, you haven’t come for such a long time. Pink Peach has missed you so much, she washes her face with tears every day. She’s even a whole circle thinner now, you……”

“Go away!” Young Lord Qian swept away the lady boss. His fox eyes took in the entire lobby before his gaze suddenly sharpened. With a grin, he said, “Let her give me a cup of tea!”

Hua Che blanked out for a moment.

Lady boss: “Nanny Jiang, Young Lord Qian wants you to make him tea. You’re still not hurrying over?!”

“Yes,” Nanny Jiang answered. Setting down her cleaning rag, she went to the kitchen to retrieve their first-rate West Lake Longjing tea.

“Mm, old woman, your hands and feet are pretty nimble ah!” Young Lord Qian was very satisfied. He fished out a slip of a hundred silver taels from his bosom. “Take it to use, this lord rewards you.”

The lady boss was so jealous, her eyeballs nearly fell out.

Chu Binghuan stealthily walked over to the lobby. He thought to himself, those two guys were truly kinesthetic learners. He had just taught them this method, and they were already putting it to use.

Nanny Jiang said sincerely, “Young Lord Qian, this old slave only carried over some tea. I do not deserve such a large tip.”

Young Lord Qian said impatiently, “If this lord gives it to you, just take it. Why say so much nonsense?”

Nanny Jiang looked awkward. “But……”

“Young Lord Qian.” Hua Che reached out to take Nanny Jiang’s silver taels. With a gaze that was as light as a feather, he sized up Young Lord Qian from head to toe.

Smiling, Hua Che said, “You’re not a cultivator from an immortal sect, right?”

Young Lord Qian raised his eyes. “Who are you?”

“Why do you want to tip her?”

“Does it concern you?”

Hua Che said in an even tone, “If she doesn’t accept it?”

Young Lord Qian slapped the table and stood up. “Hey! Who do you think you are, ah? The money this lord rewards, why wouldn’t she accept it? Again, it’s none of your goddamn business.”

“I only said five words, why did you become so agitated?” Hua Che slapped the silver taels onto the table. “Who told you to do this?”

Young Lord Qian’s gaze began to drift. “What nonsense are you blabbering about?”

“Don’t want to say?” At the bottom of Hua Che’s eyes, a hint of severity was revealed. With a guilty conscience, Young Lord Qian turned his head and fled.

Hua Che was just about to turn around and chase him when Chu Binghuan suddenly waved his sleeves. Immediately, all the candles in the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern suddenly went out, turning the entire place pitch-black!

Even if the eyesight of cultivators were different from ordinary people, they still needed time to adapt to a situation like this. Besides……the people in the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern had been frightened, so the entire place became a chaotic mess.

Hua Che didn’t panic at all. In the shortest time possible, he casted an open flame spell and set all the candles in the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern aflame again.

This entire event didn’t last ten seconds. Catching sight of Young Lord Qian running past the front doors, Hua Che had only taken two steps in chase when a large group of brightly-coloured butterflies suddenly poured through the front door. Once again, the lobby was in an uproar. 

By the time Hua Che finally managed to run out, Young Lord Qian had long fled.

Following Hua Che closely, Chu Binghuan said, “Stop chasing him. Nanny Jiang is still inside.”

The brightly-coloured butterflies weren’t real. They had been transformed by True Energy, so they disappeared after a while. After confirming Nanny Jiang hadn’t been affected by the disturbance, Hua Che sighed.

Then, he decisively looked at Chu Binghuan. “You couldn’t have been the one behind this, right?”

With a guilty conscience, Chu Binghuan looked away. “You’re thinking too much.”

“Is that so? Then what a string of coincidences! First, the candles went out, then, a bunch of butterflies transformed with True Energy appeared.”

Hua Che crossed his arms over his chest. Lips curving into a faint sneer, he said, “That Young Lord Qian is a famous person in Hangzhou. As long as he doesn’t die, I’ll find out the truth sooner or later.”

Hua Che deliberately paused for a moment before continuing, “If a certain person wants to stubbornly resist until the very end, the best way would be to go and kill the person to silence them.”

From the moment he first made a move, Chu Binghuan already knew he couldn’t conceal this any longer. “It’s me.”

“Heh.” Hua Che chuckled lightly. Leaning back onto the round table, he said, “Give me an explanation ah! Young Lord Chu, I am indeed poor, but not to the point where I don’t have enough to eat. Is it really necessary for you to use so many ways to support me financially?”

Hua Che didn’t know what he should feel.

Should he be moved that Chu Binghuan gave a lot of thought to this?

Or angry that Chu Binghuan took pity on him?

In his past life, Chu Binghuan had disdained him. The first reason was because Chu Binghuan was completely focused.

His heart only had the Dao and his medicine. Since his family and his Dao had already completely filled his heart,  he couldn’t even leave half a crack for Hua Che.   

The second reason was because Hua Che’s origins were too humble.

One was from a rich and powerful immortal sect, the other was the son of a prostitute.

Hua Che was self-aware. He felt Chu Binghuan looked down on him, and this wasn’t limited to just Chu Binghuan.

After all, how many people in the world didn’t look down on him ah!

Seeing through Hua Che’s front and knowing he was currently belittling himself, Chu Binghuan felt a sharp pain in his heart. With great difficulty, he resisted the strong urge to step forth and hug the other man.

Instead, Chu Binghuan tried very hard to make his tone less stiff, “You’ve misunderstood. I’m not pitying you, let alone using this as a way to scorn you.” 

Hua Che blanked out.

“For you, Nanny Jiang is as close to you as your real grandmother. I ought to help you take care of her. After your mother departed from this world, Nanny Jiang stayed by your side loyally and didn’t abandon you. She even took care of you so well. I’m very grateful to her, so those silver taels have nothing to do with you. They’re something I want to give to her.”

With a deep and profound gaze, Chu Binghuan looked at Hua Che. “Also, don’t call it financial support. You and I have long been engaged. There’s no distinction between our assets, so what’s mine is yours.” 

  1. This is an idiom which means to get someone else to do your dirty work for you.
  2. This is an idiom meaning a tactful retort.

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