I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 36 April Fools 2018

WARNING: There is some R18 in this chapter! I’ve marked them down. If you want to skip it, just head to the [R18 Finished] part! Happy reading! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


Xu ZiRong glanced in the direction of Lei Hu’s disappearance. His expression looked extremely somber.

That person…… was actually this sensitive to blood……

He could not stay!

Xu ZiYan was completely unaware that the little brother he thought to be kind and obedient was currently pondering how to kill that guy from before. Instead, he was mulling over the words Lei Hu had just told him.

Anything related to his little brother must be handled seriously. Thus, Lei Hu’s words that came out of the blue really made things hard for Xu ZiYan.

Although he had been determined to find Lei Hu again to ask what he meant, time was running out. In addition, Xu ZiRong seemed to dislike that person.

After hesitating for a while, Xu ZiYan still gave up his plan in the end.

The two brothers followed the path as they rapidly neared the meeting location. There were other people on the path who were waiting to ambush them, but with Xu ZiRong’s prior warnings, Xu ZiYan only needed to glance in their general direction to warn them: we already know where you are hiding.

Lacking the necessary element of surprise, not many people would be able to win in a fight against Xu ZiYan, who had mastered the Qi Condensation Stage of cultivation. With the addition of Xu ZiRong, who was at the eighth layer of the Qi Condensation Stage, the two brother’s combined intensity was even greater than Wei Qing’s or Xiahou Lian’s.

In reality, although Xu ZiYan was included amongst the popular candidates for the top position of the inner-sect competition, compared to the backgrounds and forces backing Wei Qing or Xiahou Lian, the remote Xu family was just too inferior.

For this reason, not many people thought highly of Xu ZiYan, even though his cultivation wasn’t any worse when compared to Wei Qing and the rest.

When selecting persimmons, one must target the softer ones. In addition, it was quite obvious that Xu ZiYan was the sole pushover among those ultra-talented geniuses. Thus, Wei Qing, Xiahou Lian, and the other geniuses had an awfully undisturbed trip. Only Xu ZiYan encountered an ambush.

Of course, after making an example out of that slaughtered chicken, other people would quickly realize that Xu ZiYan was definitely not some kind of soft persimmon. If one wanted to take a bite out of him, they need to be prepared to lose one of their teeth.

The meeting place was set up at a clearing in the forest. On a protruding bump of dirt, a woman dressed in Taoist robes held a horsetail whisk and sat there quietly. The air surrounding her was calm and peaceful, and it seemed like she blended together with the forest itself.

When Xu ZiYan arrived there, he noticed that the atmosphere felt extremely strange. In addition, a sweet flowery scent filled the air.

Everybody there sat on the ground in a relaxed manner. However, the closer Xu ZiYan got, the more he realized something was definitely wrong. Although everyone should already be strengthening relationships and pulling stray talents into their own groups during this crucial time, not a single person was speaking.

In fact…… Xu ZiYan’s back felt as if it was doused in cold water as he took a closer glance at the nearest person. The sitting teen was staring at nothing with completely blank eyes!

“Big brother!” Xu ZiRong suddenly yelled. “The air——”

In a split second, the sweet scent disappeared as the Heavens and Earth spun. Xu ZiYan immediately felt his vision going black. The next time he opened his eyes, he was already lying on a soft bed.

It was only that his wrists and his ankles had been secured to the bed and a piece of cloth was stuffed in his mouth, making it impossible for him to move or speak. Xu ZiYan’s gaze sharpened when he realized he could not even circulate any spiritual power. Was it because of his binds?

“Oh, you’re awake.”

Suddenly, a low voice sounded beside his ear. It was a voice both familiar to the extreme yet unfamiliar to Xu ZiYan. Jerking his head up a bit, Xu ZiYan’s eyes widened at what he saw: the person who had walked in was someone who looked like the older version of his little brother.

However, Xu ZiYan’s heart skipped a beat. Why did ZiRong look so much like a devil??? Was this the previous ZiRong, or…… had he failed in the end?

Older Xu ZiRong walked over and caressed Xu ZiYan’s cheek. He sighed a bit. The innocent and his well-behaved look was completely gone as his other hand began to pull on Xu ZiYan’s clothes. “Big brother, you look a bit uncomfortable. It’s okay. Later, I’ll make sure you’ll feel really good.”

Finally realizing that something was very wrong, Xu ZiYan began trying to struggle as Xu ZiRong got to his pants. The Blood Devil Lord didn’t hesitate at all as he rid Xu ZiYan of his clothes. When he saw how Xu ZiYan tried to close his legs in embarrassment even though was unable to do so due to the binds on his ankles, Xu ZiRong smiled.

“Yo, big brother, why are you covering that up? It’s such a tiny thing. Are you really afraid of letting ZiRong see it?” Xu ZiRong broke into chuckles before horridly flicking Xu ZiYan’s little ZiYan in a teasing manner.

Xu ZiYan: “………..”


In the short moment Xu ZiYan used to ponder where exactly he had gone wrong raising this younger brother of his, he felt the coolness of a finger at a place that shouldn’t be touched. It was wet and cold, but every place it touched left a sensation of burning. Before Xu ZiYan could even dodge that thing, it was already slipping in. With the final prize so close, Xu ZiRong didn’t waste any time and easily found the place that made Xu ZiYan see stars.


“It’s here, right?” Xu ZiRong hummed a bit, looking completely nonplussed as he kept pressing that one area. His other hand started toying with the red jewels on Xu ZiYan’s chest. Simultaneously stimulated like this, tears sprung to Xu ZiYan’s eyes as he rode out the unceasing waves of pleasure. Suddenly, the cloth blocking his mouth was loosened as his muffled groans was released into the open air.

“Ah! …Ah! Zi……Ah! Ahn! Rong…… W-why…… Mm!”

Instead of waiting for Xu ZiYan to finish asking his question, Xu ZiRong bent down to kiss him, swallowing all of his words and moans. Xu ZiRong’s free hand leisurely released those poor red cherries and began reaching down to take off his own pants……


[R-18 Finished!]

And then Xu ZiYan combusts from overstimulation and from his thousands of questions as your translator/bad smut writer dies from shame.

The end.

















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