HOB Chapter 25 + MXTX Free Merch Giveaway!

I was just about to post this when my friend told me the legal versions of the novels just came out?! Shocked lol! Not sure what I should do now, do readers have any advice? I’m thinking about linking to the official right now and leaving my fan-translations up until September before taking them all down, but hmm…

This last chapter has been in my folders since 2019. I wanted to fix it up to post to end off my time translating HOB.

Thank you to all the readers who supported me back then, and I’m sorry I couldn’t manage to finish the entire thing. Special, special thanks to my team Lily and Maru, especially Maru who slaved over this chapter for the entire month to make it as pretty as possible!

That being said, in celebration of reaching my 4th year of translating + the legalization of the books, I’m holding a MXTX free merch giveaway! I actually printed all of this in 2019, and brought it along with me as I moved in and out two residences lol…hope they can finally find good homes! For more information, please visit the tweet or the post!

Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 25

Thanks again everyone, and I hope you’ll support me in my future (and current lol) translation projects too!

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  • Sakhyu!!!!! 😭 Thank you for all your work throughout the years…. I still have memories of you being here in the fandom with me wayyyy back in the day 🥺🥺 ❤️
    (I’m also in the middle of figuring out what to do with my fan-tls! If you happen to be interested in some catching-up and screaming together, just shoot me a message on Discord or Twitter!!)

    • K!!!! WAIT I HOPE YOU SEE THIS LOL i got locked out of my old discord so I couldn’t reconnect with you again, do you think could shoot me your discord id?

  • Hiii!

    • Hello! 💖💖

  • Hi, I stumbled upon this site from a Twitter rt. I read your translation of Chapter 25 and thought that it was pretty good. In this stranger’s amateur and morally questionable opinion, I can’t imagine a need for your translations to be taken down. On jjwxc, chapters 1–20 are available for free, and you translated those (and a few more) for your own non-profit-making use, and before 7seas even finalized its business decision, suggesting that the publishing house already determined that pre-existing fan translations are unlikely to significantly affect the profitability of venturing into this niche.

    25 chapters out of 244 is just under 10% of the original work that was modified—if it could be considered modified—anyway. If your readers want more beyond chapter 25, they can buy the official.

    Personally, I think it’d be a shame if this sample of your team’s talent had to be stowed away just because the big shots rolled into town. You could be missing out on being talent-spotted or on other opportunities that might’ve come by if you hadn’t.

    • Thank you for your suggestion! I’ve shared it with the TLOR of MDZS too. I’ll probably talk to the others and we might do something uniform, but this comment is super appreciated!

      • Glad you managed to find value in my ramblings 🙂

      • Also, from what I’ve picked up on while tumbling through the wild west of the internet, it would seem that, historically, fanworks have a tendency to attract legal attention. So it would certainly be understandable if you (all) decide to err on the side of caution.

        Considering that, one option for you would be to look into moving your works to AO3. Apparently, they’ve got a great legal team backing them up, and their project Open Doors specialises in sheltering and preserving fan-ish projects.

        • Yup, legal attention is something I’m concerned about, particularly since keeping up a fan TL when the legal one is out goes from the grey zone of fan TL into the illegal faction…Never thought of AO3 though! I’ll mention it to the others and see what they think. Nonetheless, thank you so much for all your suggestions!!

          • Oh one more thing just came to mind just now: if you’re ever in need to prove that you posted your translations before 7seas came onto the scene, there’s the Wayback Machine there for you (https://archive.org/web/). Websites come and go; they get changed or taken down. The Wayback Machine can take timestamped snapshots of webpages, preserve them, and display them as they originally were. The only thing is that if your code is too fancy, your re-displayed page will be shown with a wonky format. Best of luck!

          • Thank you again], I didn’t know it existed! Hopefully it wouldn’t come down to this, but I’ll be prepared now thanks to you!

  • Thank you for posting this! Tbh, if you hadn’t I’d have been left in the dark about official releases I could buy until who knows how far into the future. I’d have come across a post somewhere about someone having their book and I’d’ve been like “what? since when?” Anyway, I’m glad you’re posting your last chapter, you and your team have my utmost appreciation! I can only hope the official releases are anywhere near as polished as your translations. I somehow doubt they’ll include the explanations and image links you’ve been kind enough to include which have really helped in explaining the world to me (clothing is not my forte, nor is etymology). I’m a student of Chinese, so explanations on colloquialisms and other turns of phrase was really nice. Best of luck in your other projects! I’ll be sure to check them out now that my life as calmed down enough to grant me the time to do so!

    • Glad to hear that! I’m not sure how the official TL team plan to deal with what us fan-tlors can easily do in footnotes, but I’m sure it’ll be great because the books are in great hands!

      Excited to have you on board for my other projects too, thank you for all the support!

      • Does anyone know where we can buy the official version? Thank you so much for translating this <3

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