The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 18 (I)

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This chapter was pretty long, so I’m splitting it in two! The second part is already translated and I’m just putting on finishing touches, so it should be up next week instead of in two.

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Also, I had a April Fools chapter ready for you guys, but I ended up missing it rip. If anyone had been interested in seeing what it had been, you can find it here! What happened was that I took the pinyin of the chapter and then gave it to my friend (who only knew limited Chinese vocab) and she ‘translated’ it word by word by matching the pronunciation to the words she knew LOL. In other words, it’s worse than mtl.

Anyway, for this time’s TLor and Editor theatre!

Little Theatre

3: our trio are dressed as a white lotus, an edgelord, and a second-generation rich boi
3: So forget what I said about DCX being dressed like an Oscar
3: He deserves an Oscar
Sakhyu: for his role in the Domineering Emperor and the Little Cultivator?
3: I’d also like to nominate He Lai for best female lead, in that case

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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