Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 13

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OK, like before, my TLC/editor Maru is still in NYC so they haven’t gone through this yet! I asked a friend (love you friendo!! QAQ) to speed TLC it for me so I’m confident about the accuracy, but word choice might not be as perfect as it usually is, please forgive me for that! Maru said they’ll be back TLCing chapter 14 (they’ll also catch up with part two of Chapter 12 and 13 by then) so please check back later for the nicer versions if you have time!

Ugh, I’m currently typing this at near 3AM. This would have been up a couple of hours earlier had my suite-mate not blasted her radio at 1:30AM and I had to try and ask them to not??? This university residence and its customer service is terrible. This roommate of mine blasts her music so loudly that you can hear it loud and clear through 2 closed doors and 3 walls down (according to the suite-mate living furthest away from her — I unfortunately live right beside her and I swear the decibel levels are like a rock concert) at odd hours like 2AM and 4AM and 5AM etc, but the manager told us we needed to ‘compromise’ and stuff (compromise what?? my sleeping time???) and now the manager went on vacation for two weeks so I can’t even contact him to complain. They make us pay $2600 per month for a tiny room and an apartment suite I share with 3 people, and this is the customer service they give me?? SCREAMS.


Anyway, enough about my horrible suite-mate and my lack of sleep. This chapter, we meet a certain special someone! Hope everyone is excited for it~

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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    And aah that sucks with your suite-mate ;w;
    Have you tried investing in noise cancelling headphones or at least earplugs/earmuffs? They wont help much with the noise but at least they should protect your eardrums a bit more.

    But really, Thank you so much for the hard work!!! You guys are awesome!!! XDDD

    • Did try them once but then I ended up missing my alarm. 😂😂 The only other ones I can consider getting are the super pricey electric ones where you can devise an alarm into the earplugs, but I’m paying this much for rent just so I can get somewhere to sleep so I would probably try to terminate my contract before going with that route…Thanks for the suggestion though!!

  • Thank you soooo much!! Ive been spoiling myself on the spoilers thread 😖😖 but I always look forward to your updates. Your suite mate problems are too relatable ugh our neighbours are just the same. Take care of yourself Sakhyu~

  • Ahahah that sounds like my neighbors like, idI be in my room, just chilling with my roommate (which is my sibling so :v) and suddenly–an off-tune singing and a fu–dge ton of some random music comes up… And it goes on until, like, 3 AM… And theydt hit the qall so many times while screaming and jumping around and I’d be like ‘SHUT THEFUDGEUP AAAAAHHHHHHHHH’ and they know I’d tell them that but they won’t stop. What’s worse is that they do that in midterms and finals and the me who’s getting my brain rot from coding is just– Xox

    Some people don’t know the meaning of personal space, and I’m starting to think that it includes sounds too… Thanks for the chapter Sahkyuu~~

  • That really sucks that you have to deal with it. I chose to commute an hour to get to school. I have to pay for parking ($450 for year) and gas plus drive an hour each way, but overall it’s not too bad. The worst part is watching out for other driver’s, especially since winter’s here. Back to your situation, hopefully with enough complaints the dorm manager will get his s*** together and tell her to turn off the music. Thanks for the chapter!

    • My commute would have been 1.5-2 hours if I had decided to commute which isn’t the worse but longer than what I would like to stay on the bus and subway everyday. At this rate though I might get more sleep at home even if I have to get up early to make my ride. Thanks, me and my other (nice and sane) roommates are working on it rip.

  • Thank you for translating this!

    This chapter is my favorite so far. From the beginning where XL says that, “without debt, XL’s body felt light & free,” to when he realized that he’s practically like some elderly are both light-hearted with hidden sadness. What happened to this good God to be able to cherish every little goodness that happens to him? How jaded is he? My heart felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. But then he get used to it, and I felt evening more depressed.

    Then author suddenly brought out ML. The imagery is so vivid, it’s like I watch a moving pictures intend of rows of words. So thank you translator-sama for translating it so beautifully that I can imagine it so easily.

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