Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 11 (II)

Thank you to all the anon Somebody‘s, TeaAddict, Vydricka, Kale, and PTchan for the coffees (and tea, haha)! QAQ <3 They were literally what kept me up as I waded through my studies.

The beginning of this week had been super rough for me. I woke up on Monday morning to print my two reports due later, and right before I printed, my laptop blue-screened and wouldn’t go past the BIOS screen. It made me so stressed I swear my cortisol levels (remnants from my physiology midterm knowledge…) went off the chart AHAHAHA.

But now that’s done with, I can finally get a few days of sleep. My next midterm is on Monday for biology lol, wish me luck again…


Anyway, here’s the second part everyone’s probably been waiting for. The mystery is finally solved, although this chapter ends up on a cliffhanger, haha. Hope everyone enjoys it regardless!

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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  • Good luck! 🍀😄

  • Thank you for updates.

    From the beginning until now I am really looking forward to the entertainment ah … 😆😆😆

  • When will the chapter 12 be updated?

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