Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 11 (I)

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What a late update rip. As some of you already know since we’ve been spamming you guys on Sakhyulations’ official Twitter, I recruited a new TLC and editor who’s absolutely incredible! Please give a warm welcome to Maru, we hope to maintain a more constant weekly release for everyone from now on!

This is the first half of chapter 11 since its quite long, and you guys shall see the second half next week! I managed to find a, uh, wonderful place to split it up halfway through, so please don’t chase me with pitchforks after ahahahaha. Also, small warning for a semi-graphic (?) horror wise picture in the chapter!

That being said, my human physiology midterm is going to be this Friday, so don’t be surprised if I don’t respond to any comments until then QwQ. Wish me luck pls, gonna need to go through another 3 days of cramming all-nighters…….

(Also if anyone’s wondering, White Lotus Halo chapter should be done translation-wise today. I’ll probs pass it off to my editor today or tomorrow so you guys should be able to see it this weekend as well!)

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