I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 41

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Onto chapter 41, and I’ll like everyone to thank and bid a farewell to Rei, who had edited my chapters from chapter 1 to 40! He’ll be moving onto greener pastures now (aka his own projects lol), so I’ll try my best to make these chapters as uh, readable as possible on my own! <33 No editor = faster releases anyway most of the time lolol.

In addition, I started an original story on webnovel! Here’s the synopsis:

How many deaths does it take to corrupt a person?

Alfonso, praised as the textbook example of a knight by his peers, would never have dreamt of being a villain. But when his family is destroyed and he is left with only his ailing sister, he has no other choice but to join the second most powerful mafia family in the world. In a twist of fate, he ends up becoming the personal attendant (or for the lack of a better word, the babysitter) to the boss of this family, an eleven-year-old boy with the face of an angel and the heart of a demon. Could things get any worse?

And just when Alfonso begins to truly care for him, his baby boss dies.
In an attempt to save his boss, Alfonso goes back in time, only to witness his boss die, again and again.
How many times must this happen?
How many times must he watch this happen?
And how far will Alfonso fall?

Basically, this is a story where an upright, honourable, knight-type character gets bullied by a cute, black-belly brat and forced to be the brat’s nanny. And this upright knight slowly blackens into a black-belly character who has a heart more blackened than that brat, LOL. It’s a happy ending story, with a good dose of comedy and angst!

I really love this story and well, if you guys are interested in supporting me as an author or just in general, please come over here and give it a read!! For those who have an account on webnovel and for those who are willing to make one (seriously it takes like one minute to make one QAQ), I would be forever grateful if you could vote up my story! If you’ve always wanted a way to support me without using money, here’s your chance. ;;w;; You get a power stone for free everyday, and you can repeatedly vote up the same story!

Of course, this wouldn’t really interfere with my translating haha. Each chapter is pretty short and I’ve written more than that for fun while translating daily so…just wanted to share my original writing this time ^^.

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3


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  • Do you have a link or at least the name of your story? I can’t seem to find it :'(

    • Ah its linked above!! But it’s called Rewound by Sakhyu if that helps!

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