The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 7

I’m back with the chapter everyone’s been waiting for! /o/ Many thanks to Somebody for the coffee! This chapter is a bit long so the coffee has been the only thing’s that keeping me going, aha. Only almost 2AM today….. ;;w;; maybe I can actually wake up tomorrow morning…..

Anyway, good news for you guys. This time, there aren’t any cliffies, ha ha. So rest assured! This is one of my favourite chapters, and it can also be seen as the conclusion to the ‘introduction’ arc. I hope you guys enjoy!

BEFORE I FORGET! A new editor has kindly volunteered their time to help me with this story! /o/ Please welcome element.number.three to our team~ element.number.three has already edited the first five chapters, though I haven’t fixed them yet on the site. //sweats// I’ll slowly fix them in the next week or so after I revamp the site, I thought you guys would rather get chapter 7 first haha. ALSO! Thanks to  ResidentialPsycho and Senethari for the nice reviews /o/. <3 Love you guys!

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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  • Editor-chan, Welcome, so nice of you to join the team! Edited chapters are so nice to read & lessen the burden on the translator, so thank you!

  • We welcome you with open arms.

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