Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 6

Ooof late update is late. Apologies and thanks for all your patience everybody! We should be returning to regular updates now that I’m finally on break, uhuhu.

Here’s the answer to that mini cliffie from last chapter, haha. This chapter was longer than the last one, and man, translating some of it was pretty hard. Many thanks to my smol HB translation help team once again!

Also, a short thing, I received an email way back about including some fanart of HB here to share with you guys and then I forgot to reply, oops. Anyway, replying here! I’m always happy to share fanart here, but the thing is, I need to have the artist’s permission! For the picture inserts I use, I either have the artist’s permission or they’re stock photos! So if you have friends who draw HB fanart or if you draw it yourself and would like them to be pic inserts feel free to tell me, but otherwise, I can’t use the random fanart you find on weibo ahaha. Thanks anyway!

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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  • Hey um i can’t seem to read this chapter? Literally tried so many times, but i still can’t open it. Nothing is wrong with my internet, I’ve check. So, can you fix it? I really want to read this novel.

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