Hey guys! Most of you already know this from what I’ve been telling you guys before, but my final exams start tomorrow and end on the 27th ;;w;; And then I have two days to move out, so I’ll be pretty quiet until May starting from now. I didn’t drop any of my projects, but I’m a full time university student studying sciences (AKA, calculus, chemistry, biology, physics, psychology) so as much as I wanna go translate I really can’t until I get these exams out of the way.

I know my chapters has slowed down to practically non-existent so I’m sorry for making you guys wait and I promise I’ll make it up to you after school lets out! Thanks for the patience!! <3 ;;w;;

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  • Good luck with clearing tests instances one after another, they can be a little deadly to any other activities. Stay warm! <3

  • Good luck with everything 🍀 RL is a pain but you got to prioritise that 😛 it nice to know how your doing and I hope you get through it all ok 👍 thanks for all the work so far and hope to hear from you with good news with whatever your doing 😁

  • Focus on your tests don’t worry about us. I’d rather you do great and come back energized than do poorly and feel depressed and want to quit translating. Plus I think about 70% of your readers also read other BL so it’s not like we’re starving. That being said even though I am reading at least 25 other nov Kani still miss the this one

  • good luck on your exams and see you when you get back

  • Albedo's Ahoge says:

    “….calculus, chemistry, biology, physics, psychology”

    Ugu, my eyes are already spinning~!

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