Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 1

Surprise!! This was the new BL project I was talking about. Heaven Official’s Blessing is one of my favourite BL novels of all time, and when it first came out I had been wondering if I should try TLing it (I wasn’t a translator back then haha). But then it got picked up and the newbie me decided to give up that idea.

Anyway, a while back I noticed that the previous TL Snail Translations seemed to be inactive. I asked around a bit and found out that a new TL took HOB up after Snail went inactive, and after negotiating with them, I became the new TL for this project! Am so happy! In any case, that TL and I sent Snail around three emails in total for the past month or two with no reply, so we’re reasonably sure they’re inactive now. It’s been over three months and just in case, I decided to TL this from the beginning so there won’t be any problems if Snail does come back~ I plan to update this at least weekly (though I might miss the next week or the week after rip sorry guys, its exams ORZ) so please look forward to it!

LOL though spent over 10 hours on the first chapter……the author writes in such flowery prose sometimes it hurts my brain to decipher it haha. The real MVPs are KagamiTL and eik, who are my go-to helpers when I get stuck on a phrase!!

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Here’s the first chapter!


0 thoughts on “Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 1

  • lol thank you for picking this up! A new project that seems great 😀

  • Thank you! I’ve read the first two chapters and this novel seems really good! 😍

  • Omgggg thank you so much for picking the novel up, I was so sad when the previous translator was inactive ;;
    You made my day <333

  • Thank you for picking up this novel 😍😘will wait for next updates 😆

  • Oowwh thank you thank you so much for taking over this one.. I’ve been wanting to read all works from this author ever since FoD and i think Imma like this one too….I’ve been asking around too in NU pick-up thread if anyone wanted to take over this,so I’m glad u finally do^^

  • OMG

  • Woah !!! Thanks for picking this up. I have been mesmerized by Its beautiful fan arts for quite sometime, but my Chinese is way too limited. I’m so happy that someone finally commits to translate this novel, and to release in the regular basis. I just finished chapter one, and I couldn’t thank you enough. You have done a very good job translating there. Your next coffee is on me. Best.

    • Whaaaa I’m glad you like it!!! My Chinese ain’t that great but I’ve been double-checking with a bunch of advanced translators and Chinese readers to make sure I can be as accurate as possible. Very glad you enjoy it as it’s one of my favourite Chinese BL novels of all time! <3

  • I was scared of picking this up cas of the hiatus. I only finished reading up to the 2nd chapter by Snail and didn’t notice that it was re-translated (my bad for not looking closely on NU). But I’m looking forward to more updates from you.

  • So I’ve done some calculating and considering your translation speed of 16.3 days per chapter and 248 (extras included) chapters you’ll need, by only 229 chapters left, around 10 and a bit more years to finish this novel…………….. that’s.. a long term project definitely! Good luck!

    • Ahahaha the translation speed there is slightly inaccurate since it takes into the account the time I was working alone + the time before I picked the project up after the previous translator dropped it. Our team is hoping to get most of it done before the anime comes out in a year or two! ;w;

      Now, Villain Astray on the other hand will definitely take me like 5 years+ to finish……

  • I will gonna read this finally! I’m a bit curious and also excited. I noticed this has also high rated novel and actually I read earlier the manga, what a nice pictures. I think I will like this. Thank you for picking this novel.

  • Hi, I just thought I should tell you that someone has taken your (or another translating groups) translation of this novel and begun posting it on Archive of our Own. I do not know if this was done with your permission or not, so I thought it prudent to notify you in case this person has stolen your translation.

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