I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 26

Hullo!! Surprise update!!!

First off, many thanks to Vannie for helping me edit this chapter! I was feeling too tired to so Vannie agreed to help me do it~~~ Or else you’ll probably get this chapter much later aha.

Second, when I asked for more reviews/ratings last time, I didn’t mean so many one-star ones ORZ…the novel rating dropped again. //clutches heart//

Third, akdhskajdha YOU PPL WHO BOUGHT ME COFFEE?? THANK YOU QAQ. Many thanks to Puppet, Kelly, and Magamaga (thanks for supporting me even if you can’t turn off adblocks, I really appreciate the coffee and your message)!!! Holidays are coming up so this is much appreciated ahhhh~~~

Fourth, ufufufufu. There’s a 99% chance I’m taking up a new BL project!! It’s actually my dream project, but when I first started out it was already taken by someone. ;;w;; But I got the permission from the previous (awesome amazing gege) TL who is thinking of dropping it and AHHHHH I FEEL SO EXCITED??? AIFHASJHFDAS. Will most likely start posting when I finish TLing the third chapter!! Of course, this new project won’t affect the updates for Villain Astray, no worries~~~

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0 thoughts on “I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 26

  • Ignore those 1 star ratings. I’m pretty sure it’s those people who don’t even read the novel or hate this genre~

  • Most of the one stars are trolls. Now I’m curious which project you’re planning on taking🤔

    • >< You can try guessing hahaha, I won't confirm anything though!!

  • maybe they just dont know how to rate..im once my self..then i know how, just maybe 😃

    lookin foward f d new project 😤

    • Thanks, I am too lolol <33

  • Is it the system novel? With world hopping? I actually read your post on that in NU but can’t remember what novel it is. I’m looking forward to the project! Yay!

    • Not that one actually! It’s one I knew of before I started this TL website lol. That one’s still on my maybe list, since I’ve been reading the spoilers and it’s something I would rather read instead of TL myself…… <– is a lazy sak

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