I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 8

Ahh…hi…I feel a bit depressed ORZ. I did reeeeeally bad on my chemistry midterm, and I know there’s always a few times you where you fail in university so it isn’t a huge deal, but usually I’ll be able to get a comforting hug from my parents afterwards in high school. But now I’m living in residence so I feel so homesick ajhdakhjhdjhsdj. ;;;; //sniffs//

In any case, thanks again for the coffee from last week!! Used all of that up to keep me up through midterm hell, so it was much appreciated. Like always, if you want to support Sakhyulations please consider buying me some coffee! Though I think I can up my updating speed now I still got one more exam next week rip aaaaa…

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Before we get to the chapter, please give a shout out to BitterSweetTea, Blique, and ChronoH0 for their awesome reviews! Got my first one-star review before them (and I don’t agree with them but welp, that’s where differing opinions come in) so I’m very grateful that there’s more positive reviews for potential new readers to see. You guys are terrific, thanks!

And here’s the new chappy <3 Poor Xu Zi Rong…

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  • I feel your pain. There will always be another test. Don’t let it get you down.

    • Thank you so much! ;;w;; Yeah, I feel a lot better after binging on sweets, crying, and going to sleep early aha. I’ll try my best next time!

  • Best of luck with school from now on! I got a 40% on my math midterm one time and then still ended up with a B? I didn’t question it though… XD

    • RIP I need a 90 to get into medical school, and I dunno if I even got a 40 this time…I’ll have to work harder aaaa.

  • You need any help, I have a Chemistry degree and am currently on my Master`s, so I could help you out ;D
    Thank you for the awesome chapter

    • !!!!!! ACTUALLY?? I’m pretty sure I got below 50% on my organic chemistry midterm. //sobs// IF I COULD ASK YOU Qs FROM TIME TO TIME THAT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

      • Send me an e-mail at: [email protected] (totally my alternative e-mail, not putting my real one here kkkk) and I’ll help you out with it ;D (I just happen to have a roommate who is doing her Master’s in Organic Chemistry, so you are in luck)

        • //spews blood// I’M GONNA HIT YOU UP BEFORE MY NEXT MIDTERM LOL. Thanks so much cry.

  • Send me an e-mail now so that you can have my real e-mail and contact me easily, my wordpress account does not show me when my comments are replied, I come here just thinking you might have said something >_<

  • Hear is a virtual hug I hope it helps and sorry it’s late (^-^)

    • !!! QAQ Thank you it helped a lot! Been pretty stressed lately ORZ…

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