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HOW TO…(now complete with a ‘Run Away From Your Death Flags’ version!)

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Step 0: Finding Your Used Ticket To Hell (aka, realizing that you’re dead)

The first thought I had after waking up in my stifling hot bed was:

“Did I hand in my English Paper yet?”

After being swamped with university work, I uncharacteristically ran out of time to write one of my essays. Usually, I was really good at making sure I finished all my work in an organized manner but I had been caught off-guard at how different university was compared to high school. Thus, with no other choice, I toughened up and pulled an all-nighter just to finish that stupid paper…

“Ojou-sama!” A young teenager girl cried out tearfully beside my bed. “You’re finally awake!”


Yeah, no. I probably never got the chance to hand in my essay. Such a pity, though it was interesting (and slightly depressing) to see that this was my first worry after going belly-up.

“Stay here, Ojou-sama!” My personal attendant Edna all but leapt off her seat as she scurried to the door. “I will bring the doctor!”


Huh. This was weird. On one hand, I clearly still remembered who I was. Youngest daughter of the Kingdom’s Prime Minister, at ten years old I was the second youngest child out of four. I had an older brother and an older sister, fraternal twins who were two years my senior. In addition, I had a younger brother only a year younger than me. Because of the small gaps in our ages, all of us siblings had been extremely close.

On the other hand…I was the only child of a middle-income family who had loved me dearly. I had no siblings, though I had always wanted an older brother. At eighteen, I was only a few months into my new life as an university student, and…


“Ah,” a young man walked into the room and immediately made a delighted expression. Walking over to me, he waved around a small staff before he began talking to an attentively-listening Edna…

And, I died, didn’t I? I couldn’t really remember the exact details, but I did remember the blaring horn that rippled through the air as a flood of white seared into my eyes. The university student who I had once been was no more, and only the youngest daughter of the Prime Minister was left.

My mother…my father…all my friends.

They were all gone now, right?





Ignoring the frantic questions from poor Edna, I buried my pounding head into my knees and cried.

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