Chapter Ones for 3 New Projects (+ I’m alive!)

Hello I am still alive.

Long story short: it wasn’t food poisoning, and I ended up having to take a long break from school. This was also the time I had the “Hey mum, dad, I translate BL!” talk because I needed someone to help me maintain the site. They ended up striking a deal with me: I’ll focus on recovering and finishing my studies, and they’ll keep Sakhyulations running.

Fast forward to today, after my break I started taking 120% course load (thanks to everything going online) and will be miraculously graduating on time despite all the lost time. After finishing my final exam, my parents actually encouraged me to start translating again. So here I am!

For my old readers and friends who had been so worried about me, I’m so sorry for leaving without a notice. I don’t know how many of you guys will see this, but thank you so much for supporting me up till now. I really can’t express how grateful I am to have you guys accompany me on my journey, and although I didn’t manage to reply to everyone, all your comments and words of concern gave me a lot of hope during my time away! 

Anyway, since all my previous projects have gone to better homes, I decided to pick up new ones. The first was recommended by a friend, while the other two are actually projects I was hoping to do before my hiatus. (Summaries can be found on both the index and novel menu!)

Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage Chapter 1

Ghost Bridegroom Chapter 1

Former Sweetheart Chapter 1

Update schedule will be once a week (for each novel), probably during the weekends, at least until I get into the hang of things. I hope everyone will enjoy these novels as much as I do! And hullo to any new faces! 🙂

(Also, I’ve forgotten literally all my login credentials for everything so I probably won’t be able to respond too soon if anyone wants to connect with me via social media, but feel free to leave a comment if you wanna reach me!~) 

Once again, thank you guys and here’s to a new beginning!